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  • Regardless of what happens on the field, one of the best things about the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is the french fry bath the winning team delivers to its winning coach. It’s exactly how Nevada.
  • Jumpers for Goalposts 5 is the soccer game in which you take on the soccer world as a striker trying to create his legacy in the beautiful game. Start from the very beginning as you prove your skills to sign a professional contract with a soccer team. This will allow you to compete in real matches and start making a name for yourself.

The year of the potato-less Taco Bell is finally coming to an end! When Taco Bell restaurants around the country shifted to drive-thru only dining in response to the pandemic, the fast food chain had to simplify its menu. This resulted in the removal of potato-based items, many of which were fan-favorite options. Fortunately, Taco Bell is now looking to add those items back to its menus in 2021.

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On Thursday, Taco Bell announced that potatoes were returning to the national menu on March 11th. This means that you'll finally be able to order Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and the Spicy Potato Soft Taco. Taco Bell made the announcement with a video that was shared to its social media channels.

And now, an announcement from our CEO. pic.twitter.com/JHHJMrPEJH

— Taco Bell (@tacobell) January 14, 2021

'Last year we had to shift entirely to drive-thru, which created longer lines for our customers and way more demand for our team members,' Taco Bell CEO Mark King says in the video. 'So in order to create a better experience for both you and our teams, we had to simplify our menu, and unfortunately, removing potatoes was part of that. But it's a new year with new possibilities. And you know what? We're bringing them back! As of March 11th, potatoes are officially back at Taco Bell. Give us a minute to get them back to most restaurants, but know that we're working hard to make things right.'

In addition to the return of the beloved potato items, Taco Bell is going to be adding more vegetarian options throughout 2021. This includes a new partnership with Beyond Meat.

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'The return of our beloved potatoes is just the first step in showing our fans the strong continued commitment to vegetarian we are making this year,' said Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer. 'We have long been a leader in the vegetarian space, but this year, we have more meatless options in store that vegetarians, veggie-curious and even meat-eaters will love.'

Are you looking forward to the return of potatoes at Taco Bell? Let us know in the comments!

Who needs a Gatorade bath when you have a bucket of french fries? That’s what Ohio football coach Frank Solich was “doused” with following the Bobcats’ 30-21 win over Nevada on Friday in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Despite the Wolf Pack’s comeback attempt with 12 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, Ohio held on for the win to finish the season with a 7-6 record. Bobcats quarterback Nathan Rourke went 9-for-17 for 144 yards, along with 87 rushing yards and a touchdown. Running backs De’Montre Tuggle and Julian Ross each ran for a touchdown and finished with 97 and 57 rushing yards, respectively.

And with about 30 seconds left as Ohio prepared to take its final knee of the game, players dumped a Gatorade jug of french fries on Solich, who did exactly what you’re supposed to do in that situation and ate one.

Solich said afterward, via ASAP Sports:

“No idea where they came from. I did get one and ate it. Very good. I’m sure it’s an Idaho potato, you know.

“That’s a lot better than water on you. Over the course of the years, I’ve had some water on me. I will take those potatoes any time.”

Kent State celebrated its Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl win with a smoothie bath, Arizona State gave Herm Edwards a Frosted Flakes bath after winning the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl and, of course, there were plenty of traditional Gatorade baths all around. But Ohio’s french fry bath has to be the best this season.

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The video of it is great and all, but the photos capturing the moment frame by frame are even better. So here’s a look at Solich getting covered in french fries in nine awesome photos.