2014 Forest River Flagstaff Mac 207 Users Manual

How To Set Up a Flagstaff Camping Trailer


The most value possible into our Mac series. Flagstaff by Forest River owner's manual! I called Forest River, and they're mailing me an owner's manual for my 2005 Fleetwood Flagstaff by Forest River owner's manual 2014 Forest River Flagstaff 246D - RV America INC - Description: This brand-new tent camper made. 2014 Forest River Flagstaff Mac 207 Users Manual. GE MAC 5000 ECG - User manual.pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online.

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Hitch - Unhook the camper

  1. Chock both tires to keep the camper in place.
  2. Unlock the hitch coupler (from the ball).
  3. Unhook safety chains and unplug wiring.
  4. Reattach dolly wheel to the dolly jack.
  5. Crank dolly jack down to remove trailer from the ball.
  6. Pull tow vehicle away from the camper so the beds will have room to slide out.

Jacks - Stabilize the camper

  1. Use the dolly jack to level the camper.
  2. Crank-down the corner stabilizing jacks until they hit the ground. Give one extra turn to make the jacks snug against the ground. (Do not lift the tires off the ground with the stabilizing jacks.)

Hook-ups - Hook up power and water

  1. Plug in camper to a 110V outlet, if available.
  2. Hook up water hose to spigot if pressure water is available.
  3. Unplug sink water drain cap.

Roof - Crank up the roof

  1. Unlatch four corner latches.
  2. Insert roof crank into winch and crank clock-wise until height indicator cable (green or red cable in the front corner of the box/attached to roof) becomes taut. (Do not over-crank!) Place the lifter-arm supports in place (if applicable).

Beds & Poles - Pull out the beds

  1. Position bed support poles in their appropriate brackets (on the frame and box rim).
  2. A: Pull bed out from the camper box (the slide hits a stop when the bed is out all the way).
    B: Pull slide-out dinette from the camper box (if applicable).

Canvas - velcro everywhere!

  1. Place side canvas flap around bed corner and attach velcro under the bunk where appropriate. Place second flap of canvas over the first flap to seal corner.
  2. Attach velcro at the corner and up the side (where the lifter-arms are).

Galley - Lift galley into place

  1. Inside the camper, pull galley into upright position.
  2. Locate water pump switch (typically near the power converter) and turn the water pump on (if the campsite does not have pressure water).

Bed Bows - Set up the bunk ends

  1. A. From under the bed, take the rafter pole and place the long end into the bed bow bracket. Push bed bow into place and hook the short end of the rafter pole into the roof hook.
    B. Repeat this process for the slide-out dinette canvas and the bay-window canvas (if applicable).

Dinette - Set up the table

  1. The dinette table can serve as a bunk or a dinette table. On some models the table legs are free-standing; other models use pedestal legs.

Stove - (LTD Series only)

  • On the LTD models, the stove is movable and may be placed inside or out.
    1. Lift stove and pull back away from the rail that holds the stove in place on the floor.
    2. Place stove on the counter-top to use inside or on the rail outside.
    3. Pull quick-connect coupler ring backward to allow the stove-end hose to be inserted.
    4. Slide ring up towards stove-end hose and then turn the safety in line to permit the flow of gas. Stove must be re-lit for each use.

Door - Set the door in place

  1. 2-piece door (LTD series):
    1. Close lower door.
    2. Turn clips holding the upper door to the ceiling 90 degrees and slowly let the upper door swing to its down position.
    3. Place the two black tabs into the rectangular boxes on each side of the lower door frame to complete the frame.
    4. Push the upper door flat against the side of the ceiling and turn those latches 90 degrees to hold the upper door in place.
    5. Turn latch at the mid-point of the upper door to release the door from the door-frame.
    6. Latch upper and lower door together.
  • 1-piece door (MAC, SE, Classic, and HW series):
    1. Remove or use hold-back to retain lower door (travel door).
    2. Turn clip holding bottom of the 1-piece door 90 degrees to release from the ceiling bracket.
    3. Unsnap the two straps holding the door to the ceiling.
    4. Lower door into place and turn 6 latches (2 at the top, 4 below).
    5. velcro the sides to seal.

Difficulty with the set-up? Please check out the Troubleshooting Set-up & Tear-Down

Appliances - for LTD, MAC, SE, & Classic Series

(Skip to High Wall Series fridge )

  • On the furnace thermostat (usually located on the galley cabinet or under a sofa/gaucho (if applicable), set your temperature control to your desired temp with the top slide-control. You must have at least 12V power for the heater to work. The furnace will cycle on and off automatically until you slide the top slide-control all the way to the left to the 'Off' position.
  1. Place grill rack on the exterior rail on the side of the trailer.
  2. Place grill on the rack (certain grill models use pins to hold the grill to the rack).
  3. Open hatch and pull grill hose from the side of the camper.
  4. On grill hose, pull quick-connect coupler ring backward to allow the hose to be inserted onto the grill's quick-connect fitting.
  5. Slide ring up towards the grill and then turn the safety in line to permit the flow of gas. Grill must be re-lit for each use.
  1. On the fridge vent (outside of the camper) turn the two black turn-screws 90 degrees to remove the fridge vent(s).
  2. For 110V operation turn the green switch to 'On.' and set the 110V control knob (1-7, 7 is the most powerful)
  3. For propane operation turn the propane control to 'High.'
    1. Push and hold the gray propane control while pushing the red igniter button at the same time.
    2. Push the red igniter button in two or three-push bursts for maximum effectiveness (keep holding down the gray propane control knob).
    3. Look for the blue flame at the bottom of the flue (the right-hand side of the fridge vent compartment); moving the metal shroud to get a better look may be necessary.
    4. Once the flame is visible, keep holding down the propane control knob for 10-15 seconds to allow the thermocouple to heat up. After that, if you let go of the knob and the flame stays on, you've lit the fridge properly!
    5. Set the control knob (High, Medium, or Low.)
  • On the 2.5 cu.ft. fridge, the propane controls are separated into two knobs: one to control the flame (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) and one to turn on/off/start the propane. For this fridge, hold down the on/off/start knob (with the red dot) to light the fridge on propane.
Water Heater
2014 forest river flagstaff mac 207 users manual download
  • Very simple for newer Flagstaff campers: locate the water heater switch inside the camper (on a wall panel near wherever the water heater is installed in the camper) and turn the switch to 'on'. An orange light will appear that indicated the water heater is attempting to light. When the light goes out the water heater is on.
  • For manual-light water heaters, all instructions are printed on the water heater plate on the exterior of the camper.

High Wall Series

4.0 Cu. Ft. Fridge
  1. On the inside of the camper, at the top of the fridge, locate the fridge control panel.
  2. Press the 'on' button.
  3. If you have 110V power, press the 'auto' button and the 110V light will turn on.
  4. If you don't have 110V power, press 'auto' again, the fridge will automatically switch to gas (the 'gas' light will turn on).
  5. Press the temperature control (1-5).

Tear-Down Tips

Folding down a camping trailer is relatively straight-forward. Just follow the set-up instructions in reverse. There are a few things that will be different during tear-down, though, so here's some tips:

  • Before tear-down, make sure the water pump switch is turned off and any water pressure that was built up in the water lines is relieved by opening a faucet until all water pressure is gone.
  • Most important tip when folding down a camper: DO NOT push the beds in if the roof is not up all the way (if the roof is down partially the canvas will be slack; the canvas could then get in the way of the bed slides as they are pushed in and the canvas can be torn--make sure the roof is up all the way before pushing in the beds!)
  • Second most important tip: even with the roof up all the way, the canvas on slide-out dinette models will be in the way of the bed slides once the slide-out dinette is pushed in. So:
    1. Push in the slide-out dinette and secure it with the slide-out latches (or knobs on older units).
    2. Pull the slide-out dinette canvas back out of the dinette area and hang it over the side of the camper.
    3. Push the beds in like usual.
    4. Put the slide-out dinette canvas back inside the camper (it will now be on top of the mattresses instead of mangled underneath the bed/bed slides).
  • Crank the roof down until about a foot gap remains. Push in the canvas all around the perimeter of the box. Crank down again until the roof stops falling. There will still be a small gap because the canvas and mattresses are holding up the roof. Use this opportunity to make sure all canvas is tucked into the box and then push down on the roof to latch it down.

Printable reminder sheet (for rentals*):

*This is the instruction card we include in our rental campers. It applies to the rental models we use. It does not cover some systems like the hot water package or toilets. Hopefully it will help new camper users with the basics; we are sorry it is not comprehensive for all Flagstaff models.

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2014 Forest River Flagstaff MAC / LTD 176LTD

42of 117
2014 Expandable Trailer RV's
Quality & Reliability
Overall Value
  • MSRP:$6,602.00
  • Financing:
  • Type: Expandable Trailer
  • Insurance:

2014 Forest River Flagstaff Mac 207 Users Manual 2016

2014 Forest River Flagstaff MAC / LTD 176LTD Specifications

Wheels & Tires:
Wheels CompositionSteel
Number Of Axles1
Rear Tire (Full Spec)12 Inch
Spare Tire LocationExterior Mounted
Technical Specifications:
Length (closed) (in/closed) (ft/closed) (mm/closed) (m)144 / 12 / 3657.6 / 3.7
Length (ft/ft)17
Length (ft/in)1
Height (closed) (in/closed) (ft/closed) (mm/closed) (m)56 / 4.7 / 1422.4 / 1.4
Dry Weight (lbs/kg)1344 / 609.6
Payload Capacity (lbs/kgs)683 / 309.8
Hitch Weight (lbs/kgs)190 / 86.2
Number Of Fresh Water Holding Tanks1
Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal/l)11 / 41.6
Propane Tank (s)Standard
Number Of Propane Tanks1
Total Propane Tank Capacity (gal/lbs)4.7 / 20
Body MaterialAluminum
Sidewall ConstructionTent Fabric
Number of Doors1
Sliding Glass DoorNo
Number of Slideouts0
Expandable Bunk MaterialSoft Shell
Number of Awnings1
Leveling Jack TypeRear Manual
Roof VentsStandard
Generic Type (Primary)Expandable Trailer
Manufacturer CountryUSA
Regional AvailabilityAll Regions
Display NameFlagstaff MAC / LTD 176LTD
Smoke DetectorStandard
Propane AlarmStandard
Emergency Exit (s)Standard
Number Of Emergency Exits1
Battery Power ConverterYes
Battery Converter Amps25
Cable PrewiringNo
Phone PrewiringNo
Heat PrewiringYes
TV Antenna PrewiringNo
Satellite PrewiringNo
Washer / Dryer PrewiringNo
Ground Fault PlugsStandard
Kitchen / Living Area Flooring TypeVinyl
Kitchen Table ConfigurationBench Seats
Kitchen LocationCenter
Living Area LocationCenter
Number Of Oven Burners2
Overhead FanNo
Number Of Sofas0
Number Of Recliner / Rockers0
Max Sleeping Count6
Number Of Bunk Beds0
Number Of Double Beds0
Number Of Full Size Beds2
Number Of Queen Size Beds0
Number Of King Size Beds0
Number Of Convertible / Sofa Beds1
Sink / FaucetStandard
Paint & Finish:
Interior Wood FinishYes
Curtains / ShadesStandard
Structure Warranty (Months)36
Roof Warranty (Years)3
Basic Warranty (Months)12
RV Insurance

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Insurance Quote

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Brownstown, MI
  • Floorplan - 2014 Forest River RV Flagstaff MAC LTD Series 228D
Length17 ft 2 inExt Width7 ft 1 in
Ext Height4 ft 9 inHitch Weight313 lbs
Gross Weight3044 lbsDry Weight2380 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity20 galsTire Size13'

The Flagstaff MAC/LTD 228D folding pop-up camper by Forest River offers a single slide. In the rear you will find a 60' x 80' tent bed and a 70' x 80' tent bed in the front.

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As you enter the camper, to the left there is a gaucho/bed. To the right of the entrance you will find a cabinet or an optional shower/port-a-potty. The opposite side has a sink, three burner range, dinette slide, cabinet, and more!

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2014 Forest River Flagstaff Mac 207 Users Manual Free

  • Hickory Interior with 'Tile-Look' Linoleum
  • Two-Tone Fabric Interiors
  • Residential Style Kitchen Faucet
  • Electric Water Pump
  • Port-a-Potty (MAC: 206ST Only)
  • Shower Cassette Package Incl. Water Filtration System, Six Gallon DSI Hot Water Heater, Demand Water Pump, and Cassette Toilet (Opt. MAC:, 228, 228BH, 228D) (Std. 205, 246D, BR23SC)
  • Fold Over Galley with Upper and Lower Storage (Std. 425D Only)
  • Two Burner Free-Standing Range (LTD Only)
  • Swing Level Galley with Storage (N/A LTD)
  • Permanently Mounted 3-Burner Indoor Range with Stove Cover (N/A LTD)
  • Large Built-In Icebox
  • Free Standing Lite-Ply Table - High Pressure Laminate
  • Comfortable Family Style Dinette with 4' Cusions
  • Wood Drawers with Full Extension Metal Guides
  • TV Outlet with Cable and Satellite Hook Up (N/A LTD)
  • 30 Amp Detachable Power Cord with Storage Bag (N/A LTD)
  • 25 Amp Converter with Built-In Battery Charger (LTD Models)
  • 35 Amp Converter with Built-In Battery Charger (N/A LTD)
  • 12V Safety Breaker
  • Roof Vent (LTD Only)
  • 3 Ceiling LED Lights with Jacks for Accessories (2 Lights with LTD Models)
  • Additional LED Bunk Light (M: 228D, 246D, BR23SC, BR282TSC Only)
  • LP Leak Detector
  • Privacy Curtains (Std. LTD Models, Available with Convenience Pkg. with MAC models)
  • Quilted Top Bed Mattresses
  • Leaf-Spring Axle
  • Easy Lube Axles (N/A LTD Models)
  • Spare Tire, Cover and Mount (Std. LTD Models, Available with Travel Pkg. on Mac Models)
  • 13' Radial Tires (12' on LTD Models)
  • 15' Mud Rover Radial Tires, Aluminum Wheels (Std. M: BR23SC, BR28TSC Only)
  • Electric Brakes (Opt. LTD Models, Std., on MAC Models)
  • Sliding Storage Tray on All Front Trunk Models (N/A LTD)
  • 28.5' Front Storage Deck with 200# Weight Capacity (Std. M: 228BH Only)
  • 54' Front Storage Deck with 650# Weight Capacity (Std. BR23SC Only)
  • 105' Front Storage Deck with 1300# Weight Capacity (Std. M: BR28TSC Only)
  • Power Lift System (Std. M: BR23SC, BR28TSC)
  • Built-In A-Frame Mounting Provision for Equalizer Hitch Bar installation
  • Battery Box and Wiring Kit (Opt. LTD Models)
  • 20 lb. LP Bottle
  • (2) 20 lb. LP Bottles (Std. M: BR23SC, BR28TSC Only)
  • Diamond Plated Front, Rear and Side Skirt (M: BR23SC, BR28TSC Only)
  • Awning
  • Outdoor Gas Grill with Worktable (Opt. on LTD Models)
  • Patio Light (LTD: 206LTD Only, Available with Convenience Package on MaC Models)
  • Courtesy Light on Front (M: 228BH, BR23SC, BR28TSC Only)
  • 110V Exterior Outlet (LTD: 206LTD only, Available with Conv. Pkg. on MAC Models)
  • One Piece Screen Door (N/A LTD Models)
  • Folding Grab Handle (N/A LTD Models)
  • Exterior Graphic Design
  • Fiberglass Vacuum Bonded Radius Roof with No Center Seam
  • Steel Air Conditioner Vent Reinforcing Laminated Into Roof (Std. LTD Available with Convenience Pkg. On MAC Models)
  • CP 3-Stage Double Arm Lifter Posts
  • Lower Door Operational in Closed Position
  • Five Piece Sectionalized Vinolon Supreme Tenting
  • Tent Permanently Attached on Bunk Eds and Slide Out
  • Plywood Bunk Ends
  • Full Perimeter Aluminum Bed Frames
  • Easy Glide Scissor Pole Bed Supports (N/A LTD Models)
  • Powder Coated Rafter Poles and Bed Bows
  • Tinted Vinyl Windows
  • One Piece Undercoated Structure Wood Floor
  • Powder Coated Tubular Steel Frame
  • Rear Crank Down Stabilizer Jacks with Sand Pads (LTD Only)
  • (4) E-Z Crank-Down Stabilizer Jacks with Sand Pads (MAC Models)
  • Seamless, High Density Polyethylene Wheel Wells
  • 11 Gallon Fresh Water Tank (LTD Models)
  • Under Floor 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank (MAC Models)
  • 2000 lb. Tongue Jack with Swivel Wheel
  • 7-Way Pigtail Plug
  • 3 Way Refer 1.9 cu. ft.
  • Air Conditioner Wiring Kit
  • 20k BTU Forced Air Furnace with Electric Ignition
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Electric Brakes (Opt. LTD Models, Std. on MAC Models)
  • (4) Bike Rack (N/A M: BR23SC, BR28TSC)
  • Power Lift System (Std. M: BR23SC, BR28TSC)
  • Battery Box and Wiring Kit (Opt. LTD Models)
  • Dual 20 lb. LP Bottles with Cover (N/A LTD)
  • Automatic LP Regulator (N/A LTD)
  • Screen Room with Privacy Panels
  • Outdoor Gas Grill with Worktable (Opt. on LTD Models, Std. on MAC Models)
  • Hot Water Package (Incl. Water Filter, Outside Shower, Six Gallon DSI Hot Water Heater) (M: 206ST, 207, 208, 227, 228, 228BH, 228D)
  • Shower Cassette Package Incl. Water Filtration System, Six Gallon DSI Hot Water Heater, Demand Water Pump, and Cassette Toilet (Opt. M: 228, 228BH, 228D) (Std. 205, 246D, BR23SC)
  • Hanging Pantry (N/A LTD)
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heated Mattresses (Standard Option)
  • Create-A-Breeze Three Speed Fantastic Fan (Standard Option) (N/A LTD)
See us for a complete list of features and available options.
All features and specifications are subject to change.

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  • Perfect Pop-Up

    Mcintosh mac 4100 review. Page 1 THE MCINTOSH MAC 4100 RECEIVER Price $2.00 Reading Time: 48 Minutes.; Page 2 HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. The Mclntosh you have purchased is a Model MAC 4100. It has a serial number located on the rear panel of the chassis. Record that serial number here: Serial Number The model, serial number and purchase date are im- portant to you for. All reports should answer, of course, but the Mac 4100 receiver can be taken as be construed as applying to the specific samples tested, neither HIGH FIDELITY a positive sign of health in Binghamton. Page 2 The minimize noise pickup, RFI, and crosstalk. In all of these re- Mclntosh Mac 4100 Receiver Tuner Section Capture ratio 2 dB. The weight of the receiver must rest on a shelf in which there is a ventilation hole cutout 15' 38-1 cm Prepare the MAC 4100 for custom mounting by removing the wood cabinet and feet as follows: 1. Remove 4 screws 'A' see Fig. 4; two from each side panel. To remove the enclosure top panel, the receiver's metal top must be temporarily.

    Like most: Just a small note that say Thank You so much for helping my family and I find the perfect pop-up. We will use it and love to use it all season long. Thank you again.
    Robert from Garden City, MI
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