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Big Summer Read Summer Reading Guide 2016 String up the hammock, it’s time for a summer full of reading! You’ll find books about science and nature (from the ocean depths to the moon), picture book biographies, kid detectives (solve one mystery using coding!), ABCs, poetry, books built on wordplay, audio books, and much more. When I was growing up, summer was a time for reading. I would spend hours reading at our family cabin. In recent summers, I have not made reading a priority. This summer I would like to change that. I have a list of books that I want to read this summer. As I considered posting about the books I plan on reading this summer, I had a few books in.


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Resume database with free resume forwarding system. Jobs database organized by country with daily forwarding of job openings via email upon request. Career tips and advice, teacher training database, newsletters, health insurance available for purchase and, member discounts. All services free to potential employers and job seekers. Summer reading has a long history as an excellent pastime, but people may not realize that it’s also good for their health! Summer reading has a long history as an excellent pastime, but people.

What do the words “school’s out” bring to mind? Hopefully, stress-free days, fewer lists, more family fun time, and lots of time to read! Summer reading is not a chore; it is an essential part of maintaining our desire to learn and keeps our students from succumbing to summer learning loss. We tackled the reasons why you should plan a summer reading program and how to keep smiles on your kid’s faces in the process in the last article. Now, for the fun part, we are going to share our best summer reading lists! When considering how to get your student to read during their summer break, it is critical that you choose a summer reading list for your homeschoolers that is age appropriate, engaging, and fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started on building the proper summer reading list for your homeschooled children.

How to Choose a Summer Reading List using these 3 rules.

  1. Level their summer reading list so that it is appropriate for their ability, but mix in a few challenging books along the way. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to tackle a book you are just not ready for, especially for a young reader. So ensure that each book on your homeschooler’s reading list is geared towards their level.
    Unsure of their level? Have your student complete this reading competency test. To keep your bookworm on their toes, be sure to challenge them with a few selections that are above his reading level. But, stay close by in case he has any questions or read them aloud together!
  2. Have your reader choose at least 75% of their summer reading. We are all more likely to participate and enjoy an activity when we feel ownership. So, share power with your kids and allow them to create their summer reading list based on their interests. Do not give into the desire to cover topics you missed during the school year! Keep it fun and based on their passions.
  3. Build fun into your summer reading program. Reading a book about animals? Plan a trip to the zoo or aquarium once you have finished. Tackling the “Little House” series? Make time to visit a frontier historical location or a living history farm. Read outside, by the pool, in the car. Take frequent trips to the library and be sure you’re checking out books as well. Create a family reading time followed by journaling or drawing illustrations that go with the reading selection. Reading is fun, so hype it up and take an interest in what your kids are reading! And, when at all possible, make it a group activity to model a love of reading to young readers.

The Best Summer Reading Lists by Level and Interest

You know why and how to create an awesome summer reading list; now it is time to put what you have learned into action! Here are the best summer reading lists by level and interest.

2016 Summer Reading..thoughtfull English Dub

  • Know your student’s reading level? Check out this extensive list from Booksource.com.
  • Don’t know your student’s reading level? Level them using the A to Z method then choose from this A to Z reading list.
  • Have a classic literature lover? Fill their summer with these 40 must-read classics from Goodreads.com.
  • Graphic novels are an excellent way to engage all ages! Check out this graphic novel reading list that’s leveled by grade.
  • Read only the best by selecting from the Caldecott Medal Winners reading list or the Newbery Medal Winners reading list.
  • Find something for everyone by choosing from the top topical reading lists here.

Now slap on some sunscreen, grab your hammock, and get out there to read!
What are the top books on your summer reading list? Share them in a comment below!

There’s nothing worse than heading back to school in the fall and realizing that you did approximately zero reading for English class over the summer (to be fair, Netflix wasn’t going to watch itself for 1,300 hours). Luckily, we’ve created a ton of free online resources that’ll help you understand your English assignments, no matter what book your teacher wants you to read. We also picked five of the most SparkNote’d titles and created brand new videos that discuss and explain important topics like context, theme, motif, and more. All of our new resources are listed below—check ‘em out, and we promise that by the time school rolls back around, you’ll be relaxed and prepared (instead of soaked in a procrastination-induced flop sweat, which definitely won’t look cute in your yearbook pic).

Full Texts, For Free!
For the first time, SparkNotes is offering the complete published text of Pride and Prejudiceand The Odysseyonline, completely free! So if you leave your book on the bus, or you throw it at your crush in a desperate ploy to get his attention (we’ve all tried it), don’t worry—you can come to SparkNotes and read the entire book online, right here. Over the summer, we’ll roll out 60 more Full Text titles, so keep checking back with us!

2016 Summer Reading..thoughtfull English Dubbed

Resources for Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
New! Full Text

New Video:Reputation As A Theme in Pride and Prejudice
English teacher Lauren Cavarra discusses whether Jane Austen’s novel critiques the social structures that constrain women, or accepts their inevitability.

2016 Summer Reading..thoughtfull English Subtitles

New Video:Students Talk About Pride and Prejudice
Students rate the various couples in the novel and weigh in on whether it’s fair for all the Bennet sisters’ reputations to be tarnished by Lydia running off with Wickham.

Resources for The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

New Video: Blackness and Identity as a Theme in The Hate U Give
English teacher Lauren Cavarra discusses main character Starr’s efforts to reconcile her two worlds—the primarily white Williamson Prep and the primarily black Garden Heights community—and find a way to honor her whole self.

New SparkNote: A study guide for Angie Thomas’s popular novel about a teenage girl who grapples with racism, police brutality, and activism. Click here to read an in-depth character analysis of Starr Carter, a plot summary,important quotes,and more.

Resources for A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

New Video: Contrast As a Motif in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Teacher Lauren Cavarra discusses how the juxtaposition of extraordinary differences emerges as the most important characteristic of the play’s surreal and magical atmosphere.

New Video: Students Talk About A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Students discuss the meaning of the quote, “The course of true love never did run smooth,” and respond to other questions about Shakespeare’s great summertime fantasy.

Resources for The Crucible by Arthur Miller
New Video: The Historical and Social Context of The Crucible
Teacher Lauren Cavarra explores how the witch-hunt hysteria in the play functions as a direct allegory for the anti-communist hysteria that took place in America in the 1950s.

2016 Summer Reading..thoughtfull English Subtitle

New Video: Students Talk About The Crucible
Students discuss the role of class and race in the play, and weigh in on whether John Proctor is really a hero.

2016 summer reading..thoughtfull english subtitle

Resources for The Odyssey by Homer
New! Full Text