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Content of Video Games

The content of video games is very broad as there are many different genres or categories that games can fall under. There are millions of games out there so it would seem impossible to compare all the content of every single game. The genres of games that are being made currently can possibly be racing games, first-person-shooters, action/adventure games, sports games, mmos (massive multiplayer online), rpgs (role-playing games), puzzle games, stealth games, etc. the list goes on and on. The content that happens with the individual games should be very self-explanatory for what genre it corresponds with. For example, a first-person-shooter, such as Black Ops 2 is going to be very violent because you are shooting people within the game, it is more of a military based game than anything else; in a rpg or action/adventure it may be more like Skyrim, where you have a vast world to explore and can experience a lot in the game as you make your own choices and decisions, they game will never be played the same way twice.

Within the content of the games, depending upon the style of the game, the graphics can be near realistic as most games today are. With the developing technology of today, the graphics of games are becoming more and more realistic than ever. The processes involved to make 3D graphics are constantly evolving, becoming better and better over the years. Now we don’t just have pixels, we have texture mapping, highly advanced render programs, video game engines. Because of all these advances in the graphics and games can become more realistic, games are probably more influential on the players. In certain games the blood and gore may be more realistic and taken more seriously. That is a big deal, on one hand you have a great gaming experience because you have a world that you can immerse yourself in and on the other hand any violence in a game such as a car crash or defeating a boss may have a negative impact. Many of today’s titles and basically the best games, have extreme scenes in them due to the advancement and graphics and the stories. I do believe that without some form of violence in games wouldn’t be as nearly as successful. It seems if wouldn’t attract the attention of most people if the game was pacifist.

Issues in Video Games

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Since video games have come out, the content of the majority of games varies quite a bit with so many games that have been made. The content of the games may be very diverse when compared to one another but when it comes down to the issues with the content, violence seems to be a controversial topic. When you think about it, games usually have some type of violence within them. If you think about Super Mario Bros., Mario usually tends to jump on the heads of his enemies in order to defeat them, even though the violence is not all that severe, it’s still there. Violence happens in almost all games and has become more of an issue over the past years with some of the top games involving a ton of blood and gore.

Violence in video games has been blamed for many things, even going as far to be blamed for school shootings, particularly the one that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. But is their potential evidence that violence in video games can potentially cause such a tragedy? There are two sides of the issue, since violence in video games has been happening for years, there are experts who believe that the violence is not linked to video games and there are those that say otherwise. Due to the lack of research in trying to prove a link of aggression to violent video games, there can be no definite answer.

Congress has been constantly trying to prove a link to violence from video games for years, bashing the video game industry for making games that involve the killing of people. There are experts on both sides of the issue constantly debating what causes what. There are those that believe just because a shooting has happened and the person has played them, that there is an automatic link and the issue should be debated. There are those who disagree and say how can this possibly be the cause. It is true that video games are violent and we are possibly “desensitizing” ourselves, the issue is important enough to be aware and have a more insightful view.

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