3 Tips To Maximize Your Weebly Website

Follow these steps to add a Weebly poll to your site:

You can use Weebly Promote and the 'Newsletter Form' element to create a sign up form on your site in just a few steps. Keep signup simple. Don't ask for too much information right away. Your readers aren't interested in an interrogation. Help them take the next step by making your signup form frictionless and highly visible. This tutorial explains three ways to increase the loading speed of a Weebly website: cleaning up extra CSS/HTML, Arranging content on the page, and compressing images so that they load faster. Weebly offers basic elements to start building your website. These basic elements are no more sufficient to have a trendy site. Plugins and widgets are additional piece of code that enhances or adds a functionality of your Weebly site. Weebly themselves offer apps as enhancements to the base site builder. Tips for creating a Weebly Poll Keep it short. Try to make the question and answers as short & simple as possible to make it easy to vote and increase the conversion rate. Use Images / Visuals. Integrating an appealing image can dramatically increase the poll participation rate. You can integrate an introduction image and also an image for each answer. I am also highly skilled in SEO strategies and I am happy to empower you to maximize your website SEO rankings. The Weebly software is easier to use than any other platform and this gives you the power to learn to edit and manage your website yourself, or I can manage your website for you!

1. Create a poll using the Poll Create Form

2. Locate the poll you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button and then copy the code from the Script tab

4. On your Weebly dashboard, select the EMBED CODE button, under “MORE”

5. Drag and drop the button onto your page

6. Paste the Script code you previously copied and your content will be shown on Weebly automatically

You’re done!

Following is an example of a Weebly Poll:

To view live poll examples, view our Examples & Templates Page

Tips for creating a Weebly Poll

Keep it short


Try to make the question and answers as short & simple as possible to make it easy to vote and increase the conversion rate.

Use Images / Visuals

Integrating an appealing image can dramatically increase the poll participation rate. You can integrate an introduction image and also an image for each answer.

3 Tips To Maximize Your Weebly Websites

Make it easy to vote on your Weebly poll

Verify that the answers include all the relevant options and that there isn’t overlap between answers. Offer the user to add his own answer whenever relevant.

Locate in a prominent location

Locate the poll on top of the fold in an article or in an entry/exit popup to maximize participation rates.

For more information, refer to the poll maker page

Weebly is a renown website builder powering over 40 million websites. The platform now provides advanced eCommerce tools at the most competitive prices.

Weebly Ecommerce provides great value features for online stores, which makes it a solid choice for dropshippers. If you already have a store or plan to start one with Weebly, this guide will teach you how to start dropshipping on your Weebly site.

Some of Weebly’s pros and cons include:

Weebly pros

Easy to set up.

Weebly is a powerful tool for eCommerce entrepreneurs. It has a user-friendly interface, which means you can set up and start running your store on Weebly even with zero technical knowledge. The process is much easier compared to alternatives like Shopify and Wix.

Friendly pricing.

Weebly is considerably cheaper than its rivals. You can sell your products from Weebly for just $8 a month. This competitive pricing makes it greater value for money for beginners and small-scale businesses.

Easy customization.

Weebly has a range of easy-to-use, well-designed templates that you can adopt to adjust your website’s look and feel.

Marketing automation.

Weebly allows you to create email campaigns easily. You can do so by dragging and dropping content from your site into an email template. Then, customize how to send them and who to send them to. The program also suggests when to send emails.

Easy migration.

By uploading a CSV file, you can easily migrate a store you have already created onto the platform.

Weebly Cons

Limited eCommerce tools

When compared to other eCommerce platforms, Weebly offers less functionality. It has fewer eCommerce tools and introduces upgrades much later than its rivals.

Limited integrations

Weebly does not integrate with major platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Integrations help to streamline operations, which saves time and money. The majority of dropshippers source from Amazon, so the absence of integration can be a limiting factor.

How to dropship with Weebly

Step 1

First, you must identify the products you want to sell. Then, find the appropriate dropshipping suppliers for those products.

Step 2

Set up your Weebly store. If you already have a store, then start importing the products to your store. Take the time to create compelling product pages and descriptions. Also, include captivating product images to draw visitors’ attention. While at it, maintain SEO best practices so that searchers can easily find your content.

Step 3

After setting up your store, start marketing it. There are several effective dropshipping marketing strategies that you can adopt, like social media, influencer marketing, etc.

Step 4

Take customer orders. When a customer visits and purchases, you then place the order with your suppliers. With the details you provide, your supplier will ship the products directly to the customer.

Note that the dropshipping setup and management process can be quite a time consuming and hectic task on Weebly. Since the platform does not fully integrate with others, you must input all the data manually.

Here, you need a dropshipping partner like Wholesale2B. Wholesale2b has a Weebly app , which makes it easy to find the most profitable products and add them to your Weebly store without manual input. You can also manage all your sales and supplier orders within the platform. This automation gives you more time to focus on marketing your store and improving your sales.

Key features with Weebly

Although Weebly is not entirely a dropshipping platform, it has several useful features that facilitate your dropshipping business.

Shipping rates

Weebly comes with plenty of shipping options. These include;

  • Flat rates
  • Order totals
  • Real-time rate
  • Free shipping
  • Order weight

Weebly allows you to set shipping preferences by adding new rates, setting locational charges, etc. This shipping flexibility helps dropshippers who receive orders from abroad.

The platform has a “real-time shipping carrier integration” feature. The feature allows you to integrate your store with major carriers like DHL and FEDEX. These carriers’ charges tend to be cheaper and will therefore save you money. However, it is only accessible in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


Weebly pricing is more affordable than its rivals. Their plans include:

Free – $0

Starter – $8

Pro – $12

Business – $25

The free plan comes with limited features. You can only sell products on a paid plan. Furthermore, to sell more than 25 products, you need the Pro plan.

Weebly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, they charge a 3% transaction fee on the starter and pro plans.

Ecommerce tools

Weebly offers business solutions to small online merchants with their simple but top-notch eCommerce tools. For example, they have fully integrated shopping carts on the paid plans, which keep your customers in the store throughout the whole purchase process.

Other tools include an inventory tracking tool, a tax calculator, abandoned cart recovery, etc. Some of these features are currently not provided by Weebly’s main competitors.

On Weebly, you can also integrate with Google Analytics to get reports for your store.

Payment methods

Payment options available are Credit card and PayPal. The program can support visa cards like Master card, Visa Discover, Google Pay, and Apple pay. There are currently no offline options, so your customers must make an online payment.

The payment limitation may hinder some sellers. However, online options might provide better security for both buyers and sellers.

Tips to maximize your Weebly store

High-quality photos

“Pictures are worth a thousand words.” Be sure to include high-quality images that supplement your content. Captivating photographs are more likely to keep visitors longer and prompt them to return.

In contrast, random “fluff” pictures that do not relate to your topic or your product are more likely to put off customers.

Use email for marketing.

Contrary to common belief, email marketing is not dead.

You can prompt your visitors to sign up for updates from your store. These emails enable you to send marketing information to your leads, which helps drive sales in the short run. You could place a signup form at the top or bottom of your site. Alternatively, use pop-up forms.

Add Apps

3 Tips To Maximize Your Weebly Website Account

Weebly has a store of over 300 apps to help boost the performance of your site. They fall into different categories, like sales, social, traffic, etc. Sort through the various types and find an app that could help you, then add it to your store.

Apply SEO best practices

Weebly has integrated SEO assistance on their sites. It offers many avenues to optimize your store, starting with titles, meta descriptions, permalinks, etc.

3 Tips To Maximize Your Weebly Website Page

Additionally, look up trending keywords in your category that you can incorporate in the website content. These basic SEO tricks, alongside others, improve your chances of being found in search engines.


3 Tips To Maximize Your Weebly Website Builder

Weebly is a perfect drop shipping solution for small businesses that require fewer functionalities. It provides the best price points for the features it offers.

Weebly does not directly support dropshipping, but with platforms like Wholesale 2B, you can easily import your products on to the program and start selling.