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Home. It means very different things to a lot of people, all of us come from different situations. However, once you found your home, you know it right away. In preparation for what we thought to be a new beginning, 314 Collective was initially going to be based out of Louisville, KY after being officially founded earlier this year. Our team began the transition process, changes were made accordingly, and we went full steam ahead launching ourselves into a new market this past August. While Louisville was wonderful, filled with a lively population, surrounded on all sides by rivers, blue grass, and horse farms, there was something still brewing deep in the heart of our company.
The peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains dotting the horizon. Lake Keowee and Lake Hartwell calmly winding through the landscape. The farmland and rolling hills stretching for miles, intertwined with communities rich with Culture. The purple of the Paladin flag, and bright, eye popping orange of the Tiger Paw waving in the cool fall air. Nestled in the foothills of upstate South Carolina, the Reedy River gently flowed through the vibrant town of Greenville, SC… Yeah, That Greenville.
Before long, we knew we weren’t home. Whether it was the beautiful landscape, all of the amazing people we were able to meet and work with, or maybe just the fact it was getting harder and harder to find sweet tea, we finally decided to follow our hearts back home. Being able to jump right back into a wonderful wedding community full of eager couples and countless incredible vendors has reminded us of what we knew we were missing. 314 Collective belongs in Greenville, is Greenville, and will continue to be for years to come.

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On September 10, 2020, UA Regents voted to eliminate more than half the funding for the UAA ski team, and discontinue Alpine skiing events. On January 15th, the UA Regents REINSTATED Alpine Skiing. You did it!! Thank you!!

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To save our sport, preserve our Alpine events, and field a complete team, the UA Regents and UAA Chancellor asked us to raise two years of operating costs. A total of $628,000 dollars. Exactly half, $314,000 in cash, and the second $314K in pledges. Roughly three months later, with just 8 days to go, we did it! Our funds are confirmed, but we are still actively raising additional funds to ensure we don’t find ourselves in this place again! We are reinstated, and this major accomplishment is an incredibly positive moment in our path to a permanent presence at our university. THANK YOU!!!

We did this! Thank you to everyone, and especially our 314ers who stepped up to support a Whole UAA Ski Team.

What is The 314 Initiative?

We are asking for 314 individuals, groups, businesses, or interested parties, to invest $1000 or more this year, and pledge $1000 for the following year. This collection of distinguished parties will be The 314ers. A group of highly motivated ski racing backers who will not only save NCAA skiing at UAA, but save NCAA skiing across the country. We must demonstrate to college administrators across the country that an Olympic sport like Skiing has a place in collegiate athletics

Be a 314er! Be part of this movement. Be part of this solution. 314ers are recognized on our website and will receive an authentic sweatshirt once our campaign succeeds.

We need donations of all sizes and shapes. We need everyone’s help.
Everybody’s a Seawolf.


The Deadline: December 31, 2020

UAA Skiing needs to raise $314,000 in cash to fund FY 2022, and another $314,000 in pledges for FY 2023.

Time is running out!



314&& Try The Games


  • Percentage of Cash Reached100.00%100.00%
  • Percentage of Pledge Reached100.00%100.00%

NCAA college skiing is in trouble. Lost programs at New Mexico, Nevada, Whitman, Western State College, Brown, and others are the sad reality of institutions successfully amputating Olympic sports. The UAA Chancellor and the UA Board of Regents gutted the UAA ski team’s budget, offering to keep a Nordic-only grouping that can never be competitive in its quest for a National Championship.

We are now the canary in the coal mine. One domino left teetering, and our toppling could take down the entire Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association. Once the RMISA is gone, the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association is soon to follow. If you care about collegiate Olympic sports, Skiing in particular, you need to care about saving the UAA Ski Team. There is hope. We have a pathway forward, and we need your help.

To save our sport, and add Alpine back to our team, the UA Regents and UAA Chancellor are asking us to raise two years of operating costs. A total of $628,000 dollars by Feb 1st, 2021. Exactly half, $314,000 of the total, needs to be delivered in cash. The second $314K can be in pledges. It’s a steep hill to climb, but together we can do this.

Our ski racing community is strong, resolved, and stands together in solidarity for all of our programs. We are a sport like no other, and we have an opportunity to be better. By saving the UAA Ski Team, we are turning the tide. We show that institutions cannot cut or gut programs.

The UAA Ski Team serves the university’s mission.

We boost enrollment.

Many of our athletes pay their own tuition.

The ski teams recruit top minds who graduate and remain in Alaska, helping to grow and diversify the local economy. Our graduates create jobs and improve our community.

This value is immeasurable, but not seen directly by our Athletic Department or UAA Administration as direct revenue.

Our program’s impacts are far reaching long after the Student Athletes’ time at UAA.

Vital member of Anchorage.

The UAA Ski Team is a vital member of the Anchorage and larger Alaska community. The ski team is already doing the educational mission that UAA Chancellor Sandeen and the Board of Regents are seeking to do.

Skiing is an Alaskan sport.

Skiing is an outdoor Alaskan winter sport and is emblematic of Anchorage, a winter sports mecca. We are helping to promote healthier lifestyles throughout Alaska and fight our state’s growing problems of childhood obesity and drug use.

Top GPA of any UAA program.

The UAA Ski Team has perennially had the top GPA and Graduation Rate of any UAA program, athletic or academic. Each year we raise the overall GPA and Graduation Rate of the entire University.

314&& Try The Games

First athletic team at UAA.

The Ski Team was the first athletic team at UAA and has been providing opportunities and healthy examples for Alaska’s junior and high school athletes since 1978.

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Over 250 hours of community service each year.

The ski team serves over 250 hours of direct community service each year, and work tirelessly as ambassadors while competing against Pac 12 and Ivy League colleges and universities.

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Year in and year out we bring the Seawolf brand to a wide variety of potential students and expanding markets.

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We are some of your best advertising dollars well spent.