3d Resistivity Inversion Software Downloadslastevil

3d Resistivity Inversion Software Downloadslastevil

The 3D inversion of the data indicated a complex subsurface electrical resistivity distribution conditioned by lithology, water content and tectonic structures. The results indicate that the subsurface consists of different geologic units such as gravel and sand, sand, clay and limestone. Most freely available resistivity inversion software, such as R3t (Binley and Kemna, 2005) and RESINVM3D (Pidlisecky et al., 2007) employ some aspect of least squares optimization, so adapting them for LEERT is a logical step forward to allow the method to be used by more practitioners. Seamless inversion of very long survey lines using sparse inversion techniques (RES2DINV only license includes limited used of RES3DINV 3D inversion program) RES2DINV software is designed to interpolate and interpret field data of electrical geophysical prospecting (2D sounding) of electrical resistivity (conductivity) and induced polarization.

IX1D inversion software determines a 1D-model of subsurface resisitivity corresponding to the apparent resistivity measured by a vertical electrical sounding, or the changes in the secondary magnetic field measured by a TDEM sounding. 1D inversion of SEV and TDEM sounding. 2D interpolation of 1D-sounding with IX1Dv3 software version. 3D ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY TOMOGRAPHY INVERSION SOFTWARE Multi-Phase Technologies LLC 420 South Rock Blvd. Sparks, NV 89431 775 356 7844 www.mpt3d.com [email protected] Geostudi Astier srl Via Aiaccia 16/B 57017 Stagno (LI) –Italy +39 0586 943356 www.geoastier.it [email protected]

Resistivity measurements rely on expanding the electrode separation in order to achieve ever deeper measurements, leading to a larger volume of the subsurface material being sampled for each successive depth level. As a result the each resistivity measurement represents the bulk resistive properties of the ground- referred to as the Apparent Resistivity. The recorded Apparent Resistivity is represented as a point measurement in the dataset. In order to interpret variations in the electrical properties, and create a ground modal, it is necessary to mathematically calculate the subsurface conditions required to produce an equivalent dataset to the one recorded by the instrument- this is called inversion.

RES2DINV is one of the most common inversions packages for calculating 2D Resistivity and Chargeability models. The software package is fully automated and advises the user on what modal and inversion parameters are applicable for the dataset, or how parameters should be adjusted.

A least-squares routine is used to perform the inversion and RES2DINV permits the user to adjust the style of the inversion routine as well as key parameters like the dampening factor.

RES3DINV is capable of inverting 3D apparent resistivity volumes measured using a regular grid of surface electrodes and is a powerful tool for resoling complex buried structures.

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The software has a number of features for optimising the least-squares routine for faster completion on large datasets.


  • Finite element and Finite Difference models.
  • Optimised damping factor.
  • Optimised Qusi-Newton least-squares method (for large datasets).
  • Borehole, floating and underwater electrode arrays are also supported.

Technical Specifications

RAM Memory:Minimum 1Gb
Operating System (OS):Windows XP-10 (32 & 64bit)
Processor:Optimised for Multi-Core Processors

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Data Sheet

  • RES2DINV & RES3DINV Datasheet (PDF)


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  • Geotomo Resistivity Notes (2015)(PDF 10MB)