5 Web Design Trends That Will Still Be Trendy In 2018

Without further ado, here are the top 5 trends to follow to best represent yourself on the web–on mobile just as much as desktop. 1) Bright colors and gradients This year, Pantone's choice for color of the year was a very bold one: Ultra Violet. Are you thinking about hiring a web design firm in 2018? Core website features, like responsive web design, social integration, WordPress functionality, and client usability, still matter. But you may also be interested in these 5 new and interesting web design trends. Each has the potential to help your business improve your bottom line.

The web design landscape is ever-changing.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to stay on top of the most popular web design trends.

Staying on top of trends isn’t just for vanity’s sake. Keeping your website “trendy” will help improve user experience and eventually lead to more conversions.

So what trends do you need to watch for? Keep reading to find out the top 5 web design trends in 2018.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism- you’ve probably heard of it in reference to home and office design.

In 2017, the minimalist trend started seeping into web design, and this trend is showing no signs of stopping in 2018.

5 Web Design Trends That Will Still Be Trendy In 2018

But what does a minimalist web design even entail?

5 Web Design Trends That Will Still Be Trendy In 2018

A big part of minimalist web design is the use of negative or white space. Instead of bogging down your site with a bunch of colors and flashy graphics, you should be looking to get rid of the clutter. Only add things to your site that have one purpose: To increase conversions.

2. Creative Typography

Even though the web design trends of 2018 are headed towards a more minimalist approach, typography is the one area that seems to be getting more expressive.

Instead of focusing heavily on images, more web designers are placing emphasis on typography that is colorful and playful.

Getting rid of unnecessary images and placing more emphasis on typography allows your CTAs and other important buttons to stand out more.

3. Virtual Reality Video

2017 saw a huge rise in the use of video on websites. It seemed like nearly every site you went to, there was an introductory video waiting on the homepage.

5 Web Design Trends That Will Still Be Trendy In 2018

In 2018, web designers are ready to take it one step further by introducing virtual reality videos.

What seemed like science fiction practically yesterday is now becoming reality- users are able to immerse themselves in a video that feels like the real deal.

Virtual reality is particularly awesome for those in the real estate market. But really, they’re a great tool for anyone looking to sell an “experience” and not just a product.

4. Chatbots and AI

When chatbots first started becoming popular, many feared that they would be an impersonal, ineffective substitute for human interaction.

Yet, the technology is improving rapidly in this domain. In 2018, we can expect to see more websites making use of chatbots and we should also see them producing a more seamless line of communication.

Chatbots can help take your customer service to the next level as they improve in accuracy and efficiency in 2018.

5. Security

It seems like nearly every day you read the news, you hear a story about a major company or website that has been hacked and had their customers’ information compromised.

Web designers are taking note of this issue. And in 2018, we should see designers incorporating extra measures to make sure their customers’ information is protected.

Make sure customers know you are making their security a priority by keeping your security badges updated on all of your pages.


Ready to Implement these Web Design Trends?

You’re probably more than ready to get cracking on implementing these trends on your site.

5 Web Design Trends That Will Still Be Trendy In 2018

But, not so fast. Remember that when making big changes to your site, you need to keep in mind the site’s load change.

The trendiest website in the world doesn’t stand a chance if it doesn’t load at fast speeds! Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help your site stay speedy!