7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

Holiday season is when most people relax and let their hair down. For content marketers,it is quite the opposite. They have the arduous task of convincing consumers to spend big on their own product/ service and not on their competitors’. They also have to compete against all the big brands with their emotional videos and witty social media campaigns. Content marketers tend to have a lot on their hands trying to achieve all this. Here are 7 ways you can beat the holiday crunch as a content marketer:

  1. Tips For The Holiday Season
  2. 7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Seasons
  • Understand and Satisfy your Customers’ Needs

Nov 09, 2018 10 Creative Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season Months ahead of the holiday season, retail stores start decorating shelves with tinsel, candles and festive lights. It seems that every year, the holiday prep starts earlier and earlier. Last Minute 7 E-commerce Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season. 2 Community on Facebook Business 2 Community on LinkedIn Business 2 Community on Pinterest Flipboard Business 2 Community. Dec 17, 2020 In all of your marketing to customers during the holiday season, remember to appeal to emotions. Connect your products to the emotional payoff that happens when they’re given as gifts. And next year, the joy (and sales) will continue to spread as an even larger group of previous customers will share that same feeling with others they love. Pinterest is one of the hottest places on the internet during the holiday season. According to Pinterest, “87% of Pinners say the platform helps them find the right products for the holidays and 66% of Pinners say Pinterest provides last-minute holiday ideas.” As both a Pinterest user too, I can attest to that!.raises hand. AsContinue Reading.

Of course, success depends on every single aspect from upgrading your website to optimizing order fulfillment to improving marketing, you have so much to do if you expect to thrive during the holiday season. Let’s take a sneak peek at 7 ways to foster you make a fortune this year. 7 Sure-Fire Ways To Grow Ecommerce Holiday Season Sales.

A successful content marketing campaign always requires research. Understand your audience and create content that they can relate to. Your content must also solve their problems – help them save time/money, cross things off their to-do list, reduce stress or in general, makes their holidays more enjoyable. You could share recipes, decoration ideas or create lists. If you’re a business blogger this is going to be harder to do as you can’t post general topics. This is when you have to get creative and find ways to combine your niche with the holiday season. For example, you can suggest tools they could use to get their tasks done easily, or services that could help them in any way. List posts are recommended as they’re more popular and also easier to create.

  • Keep It Short

During the holiday season everyone prefers to spend time with loved ones or take a vacation, no one has time to sit and read essays. Keep your content compelling yet short. Get to the point and don’t waste time sugar coating content. The key to this is to start early and prepare your content beforehand. This also helps as you have to be aggressive with your marketing during this season. You can then use content scheduling tools like DrumUp to schedule content ahead of time.

  • Be Prepared
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Look at what holidays are coming up and create content that is suited for that audience. Start early and test what works for your audience. If you have a list of Christmas posts then start posting parts of it early and gauge the audience’s reaction. Go through previous years’ post and see what was a hit and what was a miss. Run experiments by posting pictures or headlines to discover what combinations work best.

  • Reflect and Give Back

Everyone reflects back on the year gone by during the holiday season – capitalize on this. Make lists about the trends that were big, reflect on viral content, tools that were amazing or anything else pertaining to your niche. Make content that can bring your community together and make them reminisce and consequently, share. You could also give updates about what is coming up next year for your company/niche/industry.

  • Make Content for Causes

Something about the holiday season, makes everyone more giving – this should also apply to your business. Make content related to causes that you and your company care about – it could be world hunger, breast cancer awareness or even climate change. Write about everything that your business has done for the community and let your audience know what you’re passionate about. Remember to include call to actions so that your audience can also join in on your community projects. This will help them relate to you as more than just a name/brand and make them trust you.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency

Your customers probably have offers coming at them from everywhere so you have to create an appropriate sense of urgency in order for them to buy your product/service. Give them a reason to pick you over your competitors. Audiences are more susceptible to overt marketing during the holiday season, use this to your advantage. Make content that shows off your product/service in a positive light and have attractive offers. These offers need to have an expiry date so consumers feel the urgency and take action. Create content that is appealing, addictive and convincing.

  • Target Specific Audiences

Identify your target audience and dedicate your content toward them. Although big brands usually target a broader audience, for small businesses targeting a specific demographic is a must. For example, if you’re a content marketer for a web app, you can use titles like “10 apps that are perfect for holiday content marketing” or something along those lines. Make sure to combine your niche with the holidays such that it appears as a solution to your audience’s problems.

Use these tips wisely and your holidays will become a whole lot more joyful. Another good way to market your content and still relax during the holiday season is to use apps like DrumUp, that let you schedule posts ahead of time. You could also hire external content writing and marketing services, in case you really need to take a breather.

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Pinterest is one of the hottest places on the internet during the holiday season. According to Pinterest, “87% of Pinners say the platform helps them find the right products for the holidays and 66% of Pinners say Pinterest provides last-minute holiday ideas.” As both a Pinterest user too, I can attest to that! *raises hand*

As a blogger or online business owner, you might think Pinterest marketing during the holidays is just for big retailers or online businesses. Think again! From October through December is the most traffic-driving time of year for many bloggers!

If you're looking for Pinterest marketing ideas that are actually easy to implement, give these holiday marketing tips a shot.

1. Share holiday pins or boards with your email list.

Got an email list? Why don't you show them some things on Pinterest they might want to save for later?The idea is that you're not telling them to read those posts right now. After all, it would be annoying to click to Pinterest only to click to your website when you could have sent them straight there. Instead, you're suggesting they SAVE the pin to read later. Saving a pin is a lot easier to askof someone, then “hey read this long detailed post about x right now!”

The caveat: only share pins that lead to your content or boards with a lot of your content on them. Don't waste this opportunity sending them content to other peoples' websites.

For example, if you have a few pins of great ornament crafts to do with kids, tell your subscribers to pin them for next time they have a rainy, cold day. Or if you have a pin leading to a list of the best non-fiction books of the year, same thing. Or maybe a board of incredible travel ideas for winter.

I have a post for free holiday fonts that always drives traffic back to me this time of year. So, I might tell my email subscribers to save this pin for later when they're ready for making Christmas cards, place settings, or even writing a letter from Santa to your kids.

Your To Do: When you write your next email to your audience, include 1-3 pins that are highly relevant to the topic you're covering. Remind your subscribers to save the pins to read later when they have more time. It's pressure-free!

2. Encourage friends, family, subscribers, or customers to GENUINELY add a comment or Tried It photo to your pins.

Pinterest weights a pin more favorably when there are comments on the pin or photos uploaded to it. Great engagement boost! Don't be shy about asking people to engage with a particular pin of yours. Just be specific and don't be spammy.

For example, if you sell products you could ask customers who bought that product to leave a comment on your pin saying why they like it. They could also leave a picture of the product in use as a “tried it” comment (“tried it” isn't JUST for recipes or crafts)!

Or you could share an article of yours within your email list, then ask people to leave a comment on its corresponding pin if the article helped them.

BE GENUINE. Please oh please don't try to “trick” Pinterest on this one. I've seen bloggers have people add random photos to their pins in hopes of boosting engagement. Or they give people the same image and ask them to upload it as a comment. Both look terrible and can get you banned from Pinterest for breaking their terms of service for “attempts to artificially boost views and other metrics.”

Your To Do: Ask someone to comment on one of your pins in a way that's genuine. Asking someone in this way isn't artificial. Just don't turn it into a contest or offer a reward for doing so. When done right, it's no different than a company asking for a review!

3. Use popular, seasonal keywords.

If you only work on ONE thing to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest, it's this: include relevant keywords in your pin descriptions. From holiday sales to winter photography, Pinterest fills up with a wide range of holiday content. Remember Pinterest works like a search engine, not a social media platform.

Even if you don't write about the typical holiday season topics like home decor and food, there are plenty of opportunities to drive traffic back to your blog or website. In fact, grab this Pinterest holiday keywords guide for ideas.

Your To-Do: Click above to grab the keyword guide, then work relevant keywords into your pin descriptions.

4. Use Tailwind's SmartLoop to pin seasonal content on autopilot.

Ever since BoardBooster went away, bloggers have clamored for a way to automagically schedule pins. Luckily, Tailwind's SmartLoop came out of a closed beta program and is now open to everyone! (referral link)

With SmartLoop, you can save pins to certain boards over and over and over at a pace that you set. Tailwind works with Pinterest to ensure these aren't seen as spammy. You can even turn loops off and on, like for seasonal content!

While you might spend a little time setting up your pins to loop, it'll make the rest of your holiday season easy peasy.

Your To-Do:Sign up for Tailwind and give SmartLoop a try (there are lots of videos to walk you through).

5. Create a gift guide.

Gift guides are not only a great way to boost traffic to your website – they can also earn you passive income! Often times a holiday pin may take off even better the following year so don't get discouraged if your post doesn't skyrocket this year!

A few tips:

  • Simple gift guides work best. Just use product images along with links to purchase the product. Please don't do those PDF or e-Reader type gift guides. People will hit the back button rather than download something or flip through an online magazine.
  • Get specific with the audience you're trying to target: a gift guide “for her” isn't good enough these days. Go deeeeeeper like a gift guide for women who love nature.
  • Don't list too many products. No one is gonna scroll through 50 stocking stuffer ideas. They'd much rather browse 7-15 more specific ideas.

If you want to see a gift guide example, see my Practical Gift Guide for Female Entrepreneurs.

Your To-Do: Make a list of potential audiences you'd like to target, then build a specific gift guide that fits your niche! If you need templates for your gift guide pinnable image, our Pinning Perfect course comes with seven of them right now!

6. FOR SHOP OWNERS: Redirect old products to a new page.


As a Pinterest user, I'm sure you've had this happen. You see a pin of a product you want to check out, then click only to go to a dead 404 page. The worst!


If you're a shop owner, especially of physical products, then make sure old products direct someone to another product. Otherwise, they'll hit the back button and be gone for good. Depending on your tech level and the platform you use, the way to do this can differ.

For out-of-stock products, consider adding a link within the product description that links out to a similar product. If you can customize your 404 page, then add a link to your shop home page with a note so it sounds personal (ex. “Darn! The product you were looking for is no longer available, but we're sure you'll find something else that's perfect for you here.”) For those of you who can do more technical things on your site (or have someone who can), set up 301 redirects to redirect old products to a related existing product.

Tips For The Holiday Season

Your To-Do: If you're a shop owner, take some time to fix the dead links from products pinned on Pinterest.

7. Don't forget to pin content in the holiday season for January and February topics!

Yes, you should be pinning holiday content before Christmas, but don't forget that people begin saving ideas and making boards long before the actual event or holiday is here. If you need help remembering what trends in those first two months of the year, here are a few:

  • New Year's (resolutions, parties, organization, planning, etc.)
  • Weight loss
  • The Big Game (U.S., you know the one)
  • Valentine's Day
  • Spring break (starts trending in November you guys!)

If you want to see more detailed ideas for each of these, and other Pinterest-loving holidays, check out Pinterest's Possibilities Planner as well as my keyword guide linked below.

Your To-Do: Check out the planner to see what topics for January and February are trending now. If you have content for them already, go ahead and add them to your pinning schedule. Don't even worry about updating them until after the holiday season. Just pin them!

Seven tips. Seven to-dos. Pick 1-2 to tackle first. And don't forget to grab my free Pinterest holiday keyword guide for the holidays!

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Seasons

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

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