A Cyber Monday Campaign That Works

A Black Friday email campaign (and/or Cyber Monday email campaign) is a great way to cash in on all this spending. However, with thousands of emails to compete against, it can be difficult to get your audience’s attention. With these Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing tips, you’ll be sure to stand out inside the inbox.

  • Types of emails campaigns. Before we jump into the the meat of the post, it’s important that we briefly go over the two types of email campaigns: Batch campaigns. These are the type of campaigns that most people are used to because they essentially work in the same way as a typical email.
  • What it is: Everlane uses Black Friday Cyber Monday as a platform to raise awareness and money for workers in China. Why it works: The subject line is strong and piques curiosity, encouraging people to open the email to learn more. You don’t often get emails on BFCM letting you know that “this is not a sale.”.
This J.C. Penney website displays an ad for a Cyber Monday sale. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The term 'Cyber Monday' was dreamt up in 2005 by a marketing team at Shop.org, a division of the National Retail Federation. The idea was to provide online retailers with a catchy hook to match the brick-and-mortar shopping frenzy fueled by mention of Black Friday savings. At the time, Cyber Monday wasn't the busiest online shopping day of the year -- it was more like the 12th -- but it's become a very popular day to shop since then [sources: National Retail Federation, Hof].

A Cyber Monday Campaign That WorksA Cyber Monday Campaign That Works

Lots of consumers were already taking part, shopping through the Black Friday weekend and into the next week, and the media seized on the Cyber Monday concept in a big way the first year it was introduced. Many online retailers saw an unexpected jump in sales, likely as a result of these free marketing efforts. By coupling the catchy phrase with sales and promotions, Cyber Monday has since served to push sales up and boost increased online shopping throughout the holiday season.

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Online shopping on Cyber Monday hasn't just caught on in the United States. In the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Portugal and New Zealand, among other nations, Cyber Monday has become a promotional event as well.

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Still retail shopping isn't dead yet. In 2018, e-commerce sales made up only 14.3 percent of all retail sales.