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Learn how to install and manage new Photoshop plugins using the Marketplace in your Creative Cloud desktop app
  1. Copy the custom plugin files to the Plug-ins folder located in your Photoshop software installation folder; Go to the Edit menu in Photoshop and then to PreferencesPlug-ins; Tick the box next to Additional Plugins Folder and select the “Plug-ins” folder located in the Photoshop installation folder and click OK.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Plugins free download - Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop Extended, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and many more programs.
  3. The Adobe Add-ons website features hundreds of plug-ins and extensions from Adobe and third-party developers for Adobe products. The Add-ons site features Photoshop plug-ins and extensions (both paid and free) that can help you create special image effects, create a more efficient workflow, and use many other handy tools.
  4. Some Photoshop plugins come with setup files. Those can be easily installed by running the installation wizard. When downloading plugins from Adobe Exchange, make sure to have the Creative Cloud app installed on your computer to integrate the plugins with Photoshop. Find a plugin from the list below to improve your workflow. Pexels Photoshop Plugin.
Adobe cs6 plugins

Check out hand-picked plugins from our Editor's choice and Essential Plugins Collections in the Plugins Marketplace in addition to thousands of plugins and integrations from our amazing community of developers all in one convenient place.

Adobe Plugins Photoshop

Find and manage your plugins right in the Creative Cloud desktop app

Easily install Marketplace plugins for Photoshop in these three steps:

  1. Choose Plugins > Browse Plugins, or Plugins > Plugins Panel and click the Browse Plugins + button.

  2. In left panel of the All plugins section of the Marketplace, you can filter by products and search for the name of a plugin.

  3. When you find a plugin you'd like to install, click the Get button in the plugin card that is displayed to start installing the plugin. Some plugins will require Photoshop to quit before installation can take place.

    During installation, you will be asked to input your computer's administrator password to provide the Creative Cloud desktop app with installation permissions.

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Adobe Photoshop Plugins Free

You can find the installed plugins in the Manage plugins panel of the Plugins Marketplace.

  • To manage your installed plugins, choose Plugins > Manage Plugins

Use this panel to Disable or Uninstall currently installed plugins.

You can Disable or Uninstall Photoshop plugins within the Plugin Marketplace in two simple steps:

  1. In the Manage plugins section of the Marketplace, click the three dots for a plugin you'd like to Disable to Uninstall. Note that disabling or uninstalling a plugin will remove any plugin customizations.

Easily find and use all of your installed plugins using Photoshop's Plugins menu.

With the new plugins launchpad in Photoshop, all of your plugins are right at your fingertips.

The Plugins Marketplace lets you install or manage:

  • UXP plugins such as Slack for Photoshop, and Trello for Photoshop.
  • Classic CEP Extension Panels, previously Add-ons (ZXP), also available through Adobe Exchange

Plug-ins available outside of the Plugin Marketplace:

  • Traditional plug-ins created by third-parties

These new plugins are built using a modern extensibility platform granting plugin developers many benefits and will be managed using the Plugin Marketplace. Previously, legacy plug-ins and extension panels for Photoshop have been created using various technologies like CEP, and going forward, plugin developers can work to migrate their plugins to the new model.

To learn more about the new extensibility platform, see Photoshop Extensibility Enters a New Era.