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  4. Directed by Thomas Ridgewell. With Thomas Ridgewell, Will Ryan, Chris Bingham, Edd Gould. A 2 minute sketch comedy show made by Tomska.

'ASDFMovie2' is shown on the screen Static Ice Cube: I like singing! Woody: I like dancing! Rocky: I like trains! A train runs over Rocky Static Blocky: Hey, it says 'Gullible' on the ceiling! Woody looks at the ceiling that have 'gullible' on it Woody: Oh yeah it do- ah you stole my lungs. Static Ghosty: Die Potato! Potato aims a gun towards.

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+441.aziwa commented 10 years ago

... not quite sure what to say...

-42.chrysbbb commented 10 years ago


-33.Farmer2011 commented 10 years ago

wtf??... I LIKE TRAINS TO!...ahHHHHHaHHH!!!!

+64.SmajlicekCZ commented 10 years ago

I just love these random videos

+25.joka232 commented 10 years ago

Asdfmovie 21

+106.spaz commented 10 years ago

asdfmovie2 deleted scenes:

+17.ruhk commented 10 years ago

ok, pie flavor is awesome, but this cut scene style is exactly how robot chicken is made, minus the claymation and stop motion.

-28.imagic commented 10 years ago

the black screen at 01:52 is the best, save yourself 2 minutes and skip this

+29.orion commented 10 years ago

What are you, a man or a mouse?
I lol'd.
40 Asdfmovie 2

+210.gringo commented 10 years ago

Asdfmovie 2
I like boobs

Asdfmovie 2 Wiki


-111.Kurisusan commented 10 years ago

My head is about to explode from randomness.

Asdfmovie 2 Fnaf

35 Asdfmovie 2008 cast

012.sirval commented 10 years ago

That is so like Robot Chicken style
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-513.Jamboree commented 10 years ago

My head is about to explode from the stupidity of it all.

014.ihateregistering commented 10 years ago

#7, Your point being?
ot. This is awesome.