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2017Maps for iGo 2020.Q2 HERE Australia and New Zealand Multilingual

Maps for iGo 2020.Q2 HERE Australia and New Zealand Multilingual. September 1, 2020 September 1, 2020 rukenxui Application Torrent. Maps for iGo 2020.Q2 HERE.

Maps for iGo 2020.Q2 HERE Australia and New Zealand Multilingual 656 MB Language: Multilanguage

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  • Copy the map to the igo8/content/map directory. Copy the 3dl to the igo8/content/building. Copy the POI file to the igo8/content/poi. Copy the speedcam.txt file to the igo8/content/speedcam. Reboot and enjoy your Igo8 If you want to use Leet's Launcher to run igo and avic software together follow leet's tutorial.
  • Maps for iGo 2020.Q2 HERE Australia and New Zealand Multilingual 656 MB Language: Multilanguage Maps for iGo 2020.Q2 HERE Australia and New Zealand Multilingual 656 MB Language.

Go R3 HERE Australia and New Zealand 2020.Q2 (.fbl, .fda, .fds, .fjw, .fpa, .fsp, .ftr, .hnr, .poi, .3dc, .3dl, .spc, .ph)

Assignment files
content / building
* .3dl – display of model building (optional)
* .3dc – mapping attractions models (optional)

content / map
* .Fbl – the cards (required)
* .Fpa – house number (optional, but it is better with them)
* .Fda – warnings of dangerous areas on the road (optional)
* .Fds – (! New!) Warning of dangerous curves and winding roads (optional)
* .Fjw – vector version of 'review crossroads' (optional)
* .Fsp – plug (optional)
* .Ftr – information for trucks (optional)
* .Hnr – for fast route calculation between countries (optional)

content / poi
* .Poi – interest places: gas stations, parking lots, ATMs, hospitals, etc. (Optional, but with them it is better)

content / phoneme
* .Ph – phonemes for TTS – literacy of pronunciation of street names (optional)

Release Date: 7/22/2020
Version: 2020.Q2
Developer: Here
Developer website:
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Tablet: Not required
Type dispensed file: Maps
Platform: iGO8 / Primo / MyWay / Amigo (Android, WinCE, WM)
Coverage: Australia and New Zealand.


Different navigation devices are compatible with different updates and extras. This is why needs to know your device model number in order to show you the available free and pay updates. Australia Map For Igo8 Update 2016. Australia Map For Igo8 Update Maps. Each night, I'm generating five sets of maps for Australia, and now also for New Zealand, plus the OSM extract files for both countries.


Hi Guys, Don't kill the newbie here. I have tried looking everywhere on this site to try and upgrade my Ford Sat Nav. Lots for handheld devices, but not too much for in-car systems. I have tried using the handheld maps, but that doesn't seem to work very well.

(Hey, thought id give it a go. You never know I guess) Anyhow, listed below is currently what my Sat Nav is running, (according the Sat Nav information screen) and I do believe that R18 for Australia has been released. Info: Nav'n'Go iGo 8 ( (August 13 2009 to be exact) Current Map: Australia R17 (Whereis data map 100211) Basemap: 2009.09 (090930) Whereis Map Data: Nxx R5 (090708) Note: This is all off a HiTV Touch screen unit. Can anyone help or possibly point me in the right direction.

Maps, information, how to update. Anything would be appreciated! First of all, if your device is using a legally licensed copy of iGO8, you won't simply be able to update the maps unless you can legally obtain them from NNG.

Any maps that you download from the internet won't work on a legal copy. However if your copy of iGO8 is a hacked version (which it probably is if it's a Chinese unit) then it is just a matter of replacing the existing R17 map with the R18 version. So you just need to source a copy of R18 and give it a try. If it won't work you will need to acquire a hacked version of iGO8 to replace the version on your unit. Driver fighter product key. Thanks for the reply Ian.


I have been looking everywhere to try and update this unit and have had no luck. I have managed to source a version of R18 (Australia) but they its a version for hand-held GPS units. I assume they (the versions for hand-helds) are different to in-car GPS systems as I have tried to just copy the maps across and that didnt work. I would then have to believe that it is a legit copy of R17 on my unit and IGO from NNG. I don't know where I'm supposed to be looking for any hacked versions of iGO to replace whats currently on my unit. Thanks for the heads up. I know this may sound like a dumb question, but.

What do you mean access Windows CE? Noobie question I am sure, (dont kill me. I am slowly getting my knowledge up) but do you mean as I have a copy of Windows CE? If need be, I can get my hands on a PDA that runs Windows CE if thats what you are asking? My GPS is not a hand held (though Im sure you know that), it is an in-car GPS system. Now, Its not a ford proprietary device.

I had it installed 'after market'. The only thing proprietary about it I guess, is that it plugs directly into the Ford screen.

Igo8 manual download

I can eject the SD card from my device, load via an SD reader from windows and access all the files on the SD card. It does have a folder on the device 'dev_wince_core_runtime'. How can I find out if I can select the path from which to run the navi? I dont know if its unlocked. I would love to give you that info, however, I dont know how to check that? It does have a file called WP_NAVI.exe which wont execute under Windows XP as it says its not a valid 32-bit file. Possibly a windows CE file?


Australia Map For Igo8 Manual Unbound 2017

I am a noobie. Thanks for this guys. Very much appreciated. Many heads is better than one! The below link is my dir structure that I see when the SD card is in my laptop. Now, one thing i did try (although Im not sure if i did it correctly) was to just copy across maps from a hand-held device to my in-car system.

Australia Map For Igo8 Manual Unbound Version

It didnt like that at all. But again, not sure if i was doing it right. Lucky for me I have a habit of backing things up, so that wasn't an issue. PS Hope the image upload worked correctly. If not, let me know and ill do it again. PS I think the 1wp_navi folder is the older maps that were originally on the SD Card if i remember correctly.

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I have had it once updated legitimately. Hey guys, was just reading your conversations regarding R18. I have just acquired a cheap chinese system running Windows CE v5.0 loaded with Igo8 satnav. When I set it up I had to click on the.exe file to set it up so Im guessing its not locked. Does anyone know where I can download the R18 maps?