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It such a good day😃that we launch our new products for supporting us to create awesome videos to our fans😎 We hope you enjoyed our videos as much as we enj. Pong Krell, a Force-sensitive Besalisk male, was a Jedi Master during the last years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, he held the rank of Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Although the clone troopers under his command sustained the highest casualty rates, Krell was recognized as a successful general due to his victories on the battlefield. In addition to his. King Ping Pong 3D: Rebounce: Solarsaurs: Lightning Pool 2: Prison Throw: Monkey Kick Off: Turtle Shot: Bloons: Stinky Bean Fling: Critter Cannon: Frat Boy Beer Pong: Penguin Skate: Cool Pool: Snowboard Stunts: NBA Spirit: 1 on 1 Soccer: 4 Way Pong: Horse Race: Flight of the Hamsters: The Lord of the Harpoon: Jurassic Putt: Xtreme Cliff Diving. The point of this game is to destroy the opponent. To do so, you must hit the shield behind your opponent while protecting your shield. The position the. Battle Pong is basically Battleship and Beer Pong.

  • We do not support those playing on private or unofficial game servers.
  • Please check that our ping lowering program supports your game. If it does not, you can ask us about your particular game.
  • Please try our free trial before purchasing to ensure our lower latency service can help you.


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If you play on one computer and then move across to a second computer you just need to deactivate BP first on the one you have finished playing.You will then be able to re-activate BP on the one you intend to play on.

Also if you go to reformat your machine deactivate BP first. Then re-activate it when ready to play again.If you do need to get a new ID, you can request one in your member's area.

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