Best App For Creating Logos On Mac

Twitter has a bird, Nike a tick, McDonald’s the golden arches, and Apple an apple. All of these are instantly familiar icons.

Your logo is one of the most recognizable things about your business. That’s why it needs to be simple, striking, and professional.

You could work with an agency to create your logo, but that route often proves expensive. Luckily, there are now great marketplaces like Upwork and Designhill for freelance logo designers. If hiring someone is completely out of your budget, however, you’ll need an affordable alternative—like an online logo maker software.

Read on to understand the various logo making options available, and click here to learn how to create your own logo animation.

Logo Makers 101

Nowadays, you don’t need to download software at all—you can create a perfectly professional logo with an online app. As it happens, Gravit Designer is available both online and on desktop. But out of all the online options we reviewed, this program has the most features and tools to support custom logo design. Adobe Illustrator is an integral part of Adobe Creative Suite having plenty of features that lets you create brilliant logos in no time. You can create logos, drawings, and icons with available powerful features. Adobe Illustrator is used for vector design applications. Thus, by far the best vector graphic editor. Sumo paint is another wonderful logo making application for Mac. It offers tools that will help you reach new ideas and take them to certain lengths. Operating this software is very smooth process. And the image processing is immensely optimized for fast pace editing and creation. Logo Maker is a fully loaded Logo Designer App to create Professional, Unique and Impressive logos on your windows phone and Desktop. Logo Maker is fast and easy to use app with tons of Arts, Colors, Background & Textures. Logo Designer App comes with all professional photo editing tools to create a professional LOGO.

A small design budget is no excuse for not having a logo. There are plenty of low-cost logo makers that organizations can use to create custom, memorable logos.

A logo maker is a software or web-based application with stock design templates, fonts, images, and more, so you can create a logo in minutes.

Logo makers vary widely, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a program to meet your design needs.

  • User-friendliness: How easy is this logo maker to use? Consider your design skill level to make sure you pick a logo maker that you can use.
  • Professional: While saving money with logo makers is optimal, you don’t want to settle for a low-quality logo. Make sure that a logo maker has professional-grade designs to avoid downgrading your brand.
  • Customizable: With generic templates, you can’t create a memorable, stand-out logo for your brand. A logo maker should offer enough customization options to help you create a unique image.
  • Cost: While a logo maker is less expensive than hiring a designer, it’s important to check their fee structures to make sure the tool fits your budget.

To help you find the right logo maker, we’ll break down 16 tools by each of these factors. With this framework, you’ll be able to clearly assess each logo maker and decide which tool is the best fit for your brand and organization.

16 Best Logo Makers and Creation Tools

When it comes to their logo, every organization has different design priorities. A more formal company, like a law firm, might care most about achieving a professional look, while a fashion store is going to focus on unique stylization.

Considering what your organization is looking for, you can assess each logo designing software based on our criteria. Each factor—user-friendliness, professional, customizable, and cost—is given a rating of 1, 2, or 3 (with cost, it’s the same but in $ symbols). The factor’s quality is higher as the rating value increases.

Using this framework, find design tools with strengths that align with your organization’s priorities. Once you’ve chosen the best logo maker, you’ll be set to create a logo that fits your budget, enhances your brand, and draws people to your organization.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator —part of the Adobe Creative Suite—remains the kingpin of graphic design software and for good reason. It packs a punch with a host of features that give you control over every aspect of your logo design.

  • The pixel grid makes it easy to cleanly align objects.
  • The precise shape-building tools, brushes, and advanced path controls give you the freedom to create almost any graphic you can think of.
  • Perspective grids can help create realistic depth and distance.
  • When color needs to be used sparingly, gradients can be very effective. Illustrator enables interactions with gradients directly on an object. Users can even apply gradients to individual strokes while still controlling placement and opacity.

However, Illustrator, with so many advanced design tools, can be intimidating for beginners. It’s also a bit more expensive than most logo makers at $20.99 per month. If you’re new to graphic design, a more basic, low-cost program may be more up your alley.


2. Tailor brands

If you want to make minimal design choices, Tailor Brands‘ logo maker takes care of the work for you while still giving you plenty of professional logo options.

  • Based on which type of logo you want (image-based, text-based, etc.), Tailor Brands asks you a quick set of questions about your style preferences. From your input, they offer a variety of logo options.
  • Their templates look quite professional with uniquely designed fonts and a variety of colors.
  • You can access the logo with a basic $2.99 monthly plan or a premium $10.99 monthly plan.
  • You can only customize the logo if you’ve purchased it.

For those with little design experience, the professional templates and easy questionnaire process of Tailor Brands makes it an ideal option. However, it’s slightly limited for those who want more design capabilities since you can only customize once you’ve purchased.


3. Logomaker

If your main logo priority is creating the design quickly, Logomaker could be just what you need. Even those without any previous design experience can create a brand new logo in minutes using this online wizard.

  • There’s a huge selection of artwork to build on—more than 10,000 icons and images, all created by professional designers.
  • Customization is somewhat limited. Once you’ve created a logo with a template, you can change the font, text, and colors, but the main template design remains the same.
  • Once you’ve created and saved a logo, you can pay $39.99 to download the original artwork.

For someone who’s interested in quickly making a logo at a reasonable cost, Logomaker is a decent solution. However, the tool’s limited customization makes it a poor choice for creating highly stylized, unique logos.


4. Laughingbird

Like Logomaker, Laughingbird’s Logo Creator requires minimal design skills and investment with built-in templates and a reasonable one-time price.

  • Laughingbird comes with over 170 logo templates and over 200 elements to drop into logos. You can also upload your own graphics to customize your logo further.
  • There’s a range of special effects and text options to apply to logo templates.
  • The design software costs $37 as a one-time fee with unlimited logo edits.
  • The style of the logo templates tends to be bold and loud, so the software is best for informal companies.

Affordable and easy to use, Laughingbird is a great option for those who want to quickly create a logo with a fun, less conventional look. If you’re going for a more traditional aesthetic though, it’s best to go with a tool that has more formal templates or more customization options.


5. Logo Design Studio Pro

Summitsoft’s Logo Design Studio Pro combines the best of both worlds with advanced design features and an affordable one-time cost.

  • The logo maker has vector graphics and tools that allow you to change your logo to any size without losing sharpness or clarity.
  • It has over 2,000 customizable templates and over 6,000 vector shapes, images, fonts, or graphics. If you want even more designs, you can purchase an expansion pack for more templates.
  • There are plenty of special effects, such as lifting your logo from the canvas or adding a 3D bevel technique.
  • The one-time cost is $49.99.

Logo Design Studio Pro comes with the rare combination of advanced design tools and a reasonable price tag. With that said, its features aren’t at the premium level of a tool like Adobe, so the designs look a tad unpolished and bare compared to top brands’ logos.


6. LogoYes

LogoYes is one of the simplest platforms features-wise on this list. With preset graphic icons and fonts, the program allows you to create a basic logo in no time.

  • The tool is very straightforward. There’s a drag-and-drop canvas where you add text and make small graphics tweaks, such as rotating, resizing, flipping, or repositioning elements.
  • There are no special effects, and you can only use one graphic icon per logo.
  • LogoYes only charges $0.99 to download a logo’s design files, including high-resolution versions.

If a very clean, basic logo is all you need and you’re on a small budget, this could be the option for you. The lack of special effects and other design features in LogoYes though makes it a poor choice for those who want a more intricate, stylized logo.


7. Sothink

Sothink’s Logo Maker Pro offers a lot of customizability for a one-time, reasonable price. There are plenty of features for creating a unique logo to fit your brand image.

  • You have the choice of building on 300+ free templates and editing an existing logo or creating your own from scratch.
  • Sothink has advanced coloring tools—choose a dominant shade and it will list relevant palettes for you to use.
  • It has several vector drawing tools and a few dozen special effects, which can be applied to individual text letters.
  • It costs $59.99 as a one-time fee to download the software.

For a one-time fee of roughly $60, you get a fair amount of logo design features with Sothink’s tool. The coloring tools, especially the palette suggestions, are particularly useful. Overall though, the effects of Sothink aren’t quite as advanced as Adobe Illustrator, making the designs looking a bit flatter.


8. Designhill

The Designhill logo maker is an ideal solution for someone who doesn’t want to handle individual design choices but wants a lot of logo options to choose from.

  • You select logo design styles, colors, and icons, and the tool generates a wide selection of custom logos based on your preferences.
  • There aren’t many customization options—mainly altering the colors and size shapes on the logo template.
  • The logomaker charges $20 for a low-resolution file of the logo and $65 for a high-resolution file.

With few customization options, Designhill is best for those who have little design experience looking for a quick, easy logo creator.


9. Canva

Canva is a graphic design-tool website that’s used for logos as well as many other design projects. Its easy drag-and-drop editor along with its sleek, professional layouts make it a great choice for non-designers and professionals.

  • Canva has over a hundred templates to build and design logos easily.
  • Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to arrange elements—either Canva’s elements or your own uploaded graphics—within your logo template.
  • The templates are high-quality, so logos made with Canva tend to look professional.
  • The logo creation process is free if you use your own elements or Canva’s free elements. Additionally, they offer premium elements for $1 each.

Canva simplifies design, so it’s an especially great logo maker for those without experience. While it has less customization features than more advanced programs, the logos you create with Canva’s high-quality templates are bound to look stunning and professional.


10. Looka (formerly LogoJoy)

Looka combines your design preferences with AI to create a custom logo. The program uses AI to determine what logo designs users might like based on their color, style, and icon preferences. Looka also offers marketing asset design and website building capabilities.

  • Looka generates a wide selection of custom logos based on your listed color, style, and icon preferences.
  • Customization is limited. Once your logos are created, you can mainly just alter the colors and size shapes on the logo template.
  • Looka charges $20 for a single low-resolution file of the logo and $65 for multiple high-res files and color variations. The company also offers an enterprise option for $90 that includes brand guidelines, social media kit, and business card designs

If you’re deciding between this platform and Designhill, one slight differentiator is that Looka’s designs tend to be a bit more bold with additional intricate designs. Looka is best for those looking to immediately create a logo with little design work plus the added capability to design a complete business system based on the logo.


11. Hatchful by Shopify

When you’re on-the-go, Hatchful is the ideal logomaker. Designed for mobile devices, this app uses machine learning to create brand assets for you.

  • The app comes with a wide selection of templates, so you can build a logo in minutes.
  • Using machine learning, Hatchful suggests logo designs based on your selected industry and other custom factors.
  • The app offers both free templates and premium templates for up to $8.99 each.

Designing on mobile can be restrictive. With a smaller screen, it’s difficult or impossible to create the complex logos that many professional brands have. At the same time, designing on mobile with Hatchful is great for convenience. If you need to create a quick logo for a last-minute project—a social media graphic, event design—it’s nice to be able to quickly do so from your phone or tablet.


12. Squarespace logo maker

In addition to providing website building software, Squarespace also offers a bare-bones logo creation tool. It’s one of the simplest tools on this list, so it’s a great choice for those with limited time or design skills.

  • Arrange text and icons in a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Text and icons are customizable by color, shape, and style.
  • Customization is limited since the only available elements are text and icons.
  • Low-res, watermarked versions can be downloaded for free, or you can download a high-res version for $10 (free if you’re a Squarespace member).

The strengths of Squarespace’s tool are immediacy and cost—you can quickly create a logo for little to no money. With that said, customization is challenging since the only elements are text and icons, and the lack of templates make creation a challenge for non-designers.


13. Graphicsprings

GraphicSprings‘ logo maker offers both ease and convenience along with a few advanced features. You can easily create a logo in minutes, or you can spend more time customizing and refining the logo if you’d like.

  • GraphicSprings automatically creates a logo for you based on the business name you enter and the industry-based graphic you select.
  • Once your logo is created, you can adjust more detailed effects—stroke, shadow, glow, and more—to create a more polished look.
  • There aren’t templates, so it can be difficult for those with little design experience to readjust the logo elements’ arrangement.
  • Once the logo is created, you can download the file for $19.99.

GraphicSprings is great for quick, affordable logo creation, and the fact that it has a few advanced design tools is a nice plus. But with no templates and few design elements, GraphicSprings is a poor choice for those who want to see and experiment with a variety of logo looks.


14. Logoshi

If you’re looking for a unique, custom logo at an affordable price, Logoshi is worth considering. Beyond generating logos from traditional inputs—like color preferences and business names—it will also generate logos from your own sketch.

  • Logoshi will generate logos from a variety of inputs—your business name, initials, color preferences, and a custom sketch.
  • The suggested logos look professional with unique icons and fonts—especially when they are designed to match your custom sketch.
  • Once the logo is created, you can customize each element’s color, position, size, and more.
  • Logos can be purchased from anywhere between $5 to $30. At the premium price, you get a wider selection of logo downloads with different colors and backgrounds.

Logoshi offers a lot of pros as a logo maker—it’s affordable, requires little to no design experience, and offers high-quality, custom logos. Even if you’re looking for a tool with more design capabilities, Logoshi is worth trying out since there’s no cost to having logos generated.


15. Logaster

Like many of the other input-based logo makers, Logaster’s strength is speed and convenience rather than design capabilities.

  • After entering your company name and industry type, Logaster suggests a variety of logos with different fonts, colors, and icons.
  • Each suggested logo is customizable with several layout and color options.
  • Logos are offered for free in a small, low-quality size and range from $10 to $25 for larger, high-quality sizes.

Being able to create a logo so quickly and easily with Logaster is a big plus for those with a busy schedule and minimal design skills. With that said, Logaster’s designs look somewhat unprofessional with generic fonts and icons. If you have the ability to put more time and energy into your logo, other advanced logo makers may be better for creating a more polished look.


16. Logo Design

If you’re looking for drag-and-drop features with the flexibility of custom graphic design software Logo Design is for you.

  • Create your logo automatically or search for your desired symbol from over 5000 designs. Then customize your symbol by adding text, shapes, and effects like drop shadow, shine, gloss, stroke or opacity.
  • The tool lets you customize symbols without logging in or payment. It’s only when you want to download that it asks for $39. You can also download low-res versions for free.
  • Logos are $57 for two and $97 for three.

For those looking for a quick and easy fix, offers value for your money. With a long list of modern fonts and a variety of illustrative symbols, you are bound to get a logo that will match your business needs.


17. Wix Logo Maker

If you have sharp taste and are looking for a professional logo design, you may want to consider the Wix Logo Maker. Wix’s complementary drag-and-drop website builder can be bundled with the logo tool, making it a great choice for anyone building a brand from the ground up.

  • Start by sharing info like your business name and line of work, and the logo maker will automatically generate a range of logo to choose from. Then, customize the text, icon, and color palette to your liking.
  • If you have a more specific vision, or want more customization, you can also use the tool to get matched with a professional designer.
  • The tool learns from what you like to create your design. It asks you to vote on a series of logos to better understand your preferences and taste.
  • It costs $49 to download basic logo files, or $99 to download all versions (including vector versions). That price drops to $11-$24 per month when you sign up for one of Wix’s premium website plans.

Wix Logo Maker is a fantastic solution for anybody who lacks design skills, but knows what they like. The wide-ranging, but not-too-broad options for customizing your logo makes it easy to quickly create a professional-grade design.


A Quick Refresher

Can’t remember each of these logo makers? Here’s a quick recap of the tools we covered:

Logo MakerUser-FriendlinessProfessionalCustomizableCost
Adobe Illustrator233$$$
Logo Design Studio Pro223$$
Hatchful by Spotify311$
Squarespace Logo Maker211$
Tailor Brands231$$
Logoshi 332$
Logaster 311$
Wix Logo Maker 332$$$

Boost Your Brand with a Dynamic Logo Maker

Logos aren’t just for large corporations. Thanks to online logo makers, any organization, big or small, can create logos that stand out and convey their style and mission.

We created this breakdown of 16 online logo makers so you can find the tool that’s best for your organization. Consider your own situation—your design skills, budget, and more—so you can find a logo maker with strengths that align with your specific needs. Have this design tool on hand, and you’ll be set to create a meaningful, appealing logo that attracts audiences to your brand.

About Vyond

Once you’re done creating your new logo, it’s time to animate it! Vyond allows people of all skill levels in all industries and job roles to create dynamic and powerful media. With features that go beyond moving text and images, you can build character-driven stories or compelling data visualizations that engage audiences and deliver results.

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Watch and learn how to animate your logo in Vyond:

Whether you are an amateur graphic designer or an experienced digital artist, using the right tools can multiply your talent exponentially. A well-built graphic design software provides intuitive controls and flexibility that can be easily understood by a beginner but also has vastly superior tools for an experienced user.


The best way to know which software would suit you best is to get hands-on with the tool and experiment with them. Each of the software is characterized by its features, ease of use, performance, cost, and availability. Many paid graphic design software provide a free trial for users to give them a better understanding of the product.

We have researched and put together a list of the best graphic design software in the field today. These tools are tried and tested and can help you create spectacular custom designs that will leave your clients spellbound. Graphic design can be used to take your portfolio website to the next level. Do check out our list of the top 25 Online Graphic Design Courses that will help you improve graphic design skills. And while you are honing your graphic design skills, don't forget to create your graphic design portfolio website to showcase your work. Your design portfolio represents a window for the world to view your work and judge your talent, skills, and experience. So, if you haven’t built a website to showcase your design portfolio, start today with Pixpa. Here are some great examples of graphic design portfolios created on Pixpa for your inspiration.

Get ready to express yourself in stunning new ways and create awesome digital art with ease and efficiency!

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most popular software for graphic design and is used by millions of artists around the world. Whether you are looking to create banners, posters, websites, or logos, this best graphic design software can do it all for you. From small edits to sophisticated designs, Adobe Photoshop has tools for every level. If you are someone who works with illustrative designs, you can even draw or paint anything you like.

Along with image editing, you can create naturalistic artwork and composition in this software. You can define the size of your canvas, isolate elements from backgrounds, create custom brushes, work in 3D, do much more.

Platform: Windows and Mac


Sketch is a Mac-only graphic design program that focuses mainly on digital design. These digital designs are used to create websites, apps, and interfaces. Unlike Photoshop, Sketch isn’t built for photo editing or print work. With Sketch, you can create a prototype by collaborating with other designers on the platform itself. The program has a smart layout feature in which the component will automatically resize based on the content. There are hundreds of plugins in the software which will let you do vector editing and other design work with precision down to the pixel. Digital icons are another thing that can be created through this software. Sketch, on the downside, is not great for print design or illustrations.

Platform: Mac

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a design software that is centered around vector design. You can create artwork, icons, posters, etc. and the designs created in Adobe Illustrator can be used in business cards or billboards and from smartphones to 8k screens. You can use this software to draw, mix, and refine designs to create something spectacular. Adobe has made a mobile version called Adobe Illustrator Draw, which is one of the best graphic design apps out there.

To draw, you can use the shaper tool and create vector shapes. Geometric shapes can be added to other outlines and can be moved, reshaped, and scaled. Even the fonts in the software can be manipulated according to your needs by adjusting their weight, slant, or width. For beginners, Adobe provides professionally designed templates to save time. The user interface of the program is helpful, but there is a steep learning curve to get good at illustrator.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Affinity Designer

The Affinity Designer is a cheaper alternative to illustrator, which is especially suitable for someone who is in the early stage of design career. The software is known to work smoothly, which can improve your workflow and make you express your creativity more freely. You can move and zoom your artwork at 60fps; see the gradients, effects, and adjustments changing live along with the transforms and curve edits.

Affinity Designer lets you work on both vector and raster workspaces, and you can switch between them easily. This software can work on any device, and you can create unlimited artboards within it. Affinity designer provides a graphic design app for the iPad with the same features offered on the desktop versions. Advanced color controls are provided where you can work in RGB or LAB color spaces with up to 32-bits per channel. You can find a wide range of toolset in the program which can be used to achieve a high level of accuracy and productivity. The grids and guides are fully customizable, where you can change the spacing, sub-divisions, gutters, angles, etc. Another powerful feature of Affinity designer is that you get floating-point accuracy by zooming your artwork, even by more than a million per cent.

Platform: Windows, iPad, and Mac

Adobe InDesign

Another software by Adobe that can be used to create designs is the Adobe InDesign. This graphic design software is used primarily in the publishing industry because you can design magazines, info sheets, books, posters, interactive PDFs, brochures, etc. with it. With the ‘adjust layout’ option that InDesign provides, you can change the text of your document, and the graphic will adjust accordingly.

The properties panel has been redesigned to give you more intuitive control over the tools. The Sensei technology integrated into InDesign makes the automatic arrangement and resizing of images. Beginners can quickly learn this graphic design software because it has a low learning curve. To work with other members of your team in creating a design, you can use Adobe InCopy. The Creative Cloud Libraries can help you share text, colors, and graphics with other members.

Platform: Windows and Mac

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

CorelDRAW was earlier built only for Windows OS; it is now available for Mac as well. With this graphic design program, you can create professional vector illustrations. There are powerful design tools to help you work faster and smarter. You will find numerous customization options, whether you are working on logos, web design, or print projects. CorelDRAW now uses AI technology to provide you with LiveSketch, which converts sketching into precise vector curves. The suite contains tools for graphic design as well as layout. It has Photo-Paint and Corel Font Manager for photo editing and font management.

The software has web graphic tools and presets to develop creative web content; you can publish directly into your Wordpress site through it. The file compatibility is also overwhelming; the program supports over 100 file formats.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer is built for both bitmaps and vectors. The program can handle desktop publishing, graphic design, illustration, photo editing, all in one place. The graphic design software provides you with hundreds of template layouts, design elements, and over a million archive photos to get you started quickly. While drawing any shape, lines, or curves using vectors, you would not face any loss in quality when you scale it up. You can create custom design elements and use them in any of your designs. Tools like gradients, outlines, and transparency in the software will give your artwork a special touch.

Platform: Windows


GIMP is a free graphic design software that works on many platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. GIMP is an open-source program that allows you to change its source code and distribute the program. There are many customization programs and 3rd party plugins that can be used in GIMP to improve your productivity and create better designs. GIMP can also be used to retouch images, wherein you can even make creative composites. Interface components and mockups can also be designed, along with print designs such as icons and logos.

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

Gravit Designer

This is another free graphic design software that can be used to create vector-based designs. You can create logos, edit photos, and create animations and illustrations in this program. Gravit does not have an offline version in the free plan. The software is fully customizable according to the user’s needs. The pro version of Gravit is paid and has more advanced features like advanced export options, offline version, more color space, etc.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS


Visme is an online design tool that goes above and beyond basic design capabilities, without requiring you to learn any complex software. It has an easy drag-and-drop editor, which lets both businesses and individuals create stunning and interactive visual content. There are hundreds of templates to choose from across 40+ categories, from presentation and infographics to press releases, reports and social media images. With a free Visme account, you can use some of these templates, but you get full access to millions of stock photos, videos, icons, animated graphics, fonts and graphs to customize these templates as much as you want. If you want to access premium templates and features like the brand kit, you need to upgrade to a paid account. There are multiple download formats available in Visme, from image to offline web. You can also publish your projects online and share them with a live URL. The unique thing about Visme is you can bring your content to life with advanced animation and interactivity features. For example, you can create a custom animated character, or add links, hover effects and pop-ups to your designs.

Best App For Creating Logos On Mac Computers

Platform: Web Browser


Free graphics software, Vectr can be used to create vector graphics. These vectors created won’t lose their quality when scaled. Vectr doesn’t use pixels to create the design; it uses mathematical equations. This free graphic design software is available both online and for desktop. Vectr provides you with an easy to use platform which you can use to create any 2D graphics. It can be business cards, logos, posters, brochures, etc.

Vectr provides you with detailed guides on how to use the program, which you can use to learn and create anything with your imagination.

Platform: Windows, Web Browser, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS


Colorcinch is a fan favorite! It’s a simple-to-use free online photo editor that is rich in features. You can quickly and easily edit photos using the array of editing tools to adjust exposure, contrast, color, etc, or crop and rotate images, but Colorcinch goes much further than basic image editing. It can be used for creating all kinds of graphic design projects too. You can use their specialty effects such as the cartoonizer to turn any photo into a cartoon with a huge variety of cartoon styles, and they have the most extensive libraries available on the internet for filters, effects, overlays, masks, graphics, and icons.

All of this is wrapped up in one of the most polished and efficient UI’s of any online photo editor. Getting started on Colorcinch couldn’t be simpler - there’s no need to register with the site, and you can simply upload your image and start editing. When it comes to exporting your finished image, there’s a choice of export options to suit you.

Platform: Web Browser


If you have no previous experience in designing and you are looking for something very easy, then Canva is for you. This free online graphic design software allows you to create designs easily and quickly. There are a ton of templates, fonts images, many of which are free to use. Canva works on the drag and drop concept, where you only need to select the elements and drag it to your work area and customize it. This program does not provide you with advanced features like Photoshop. It, however, solves a beginner’s design need who doesn’t want to get into the process of learning and purchasing premium software. Canva is available as a graphic design app that can be used in Apple and Android devices. The basic features in Canva are free; you will, however, be charged if you want to use more features in it.

Platform: Web Browser, Android, iOS


PixTeller is an easy to use editor tool that can be used to create graphic images (downloadable in PNG, JPG, PDF format) and animations (downloadable in MP4, GIF format). Anyone can use it to make images, animated gifs & videos for personal or business use, with no technical or design knowledge. Creating graphics is a time demanding process, but with this design tool, anyone can make personalized visuals from scratch or by customizing any pre-made templates in minutes.

Best App For Creating Logos On Mac Computer

Platform: Web Browser

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is an online graphic design software, the pricing of which starts at free and increases along with the features. This graphic design software provides users with more than a million curated images, 15000+ templates. Another interesting feature of Design Wizard is its integration with Hubspot, Marketo, and Buffer.

Platform: Web Browser

Infinite Design

This graphic design app is built only for Android devices, which can be used to create vector graphics. The app can be used to create complex and eye-catching designs without much effort. As the name suggests, this app provides an infinite canvas where you can zoom, pan, or rotate. There are four types of symmetry that you can experiment with, and there are unlimited layers that you can work on. This app provides advanced features also like translate, scale, flip, distort, etc. The image you are creating on the graphic design app can be turned into a fully editable vector path. The advanced features in this app are accessible by purchasing it only.

Platform: Android


Best App For Creating Logos On Mac Os

Inkscape, like many other platforms, provides multi-purpose use. It can be used by designers, illustrators, or web designers. The software has flexible drawing tools, which make it easy for beginners to understand the software and create art without difficulty. As the text is an integral part of graphic design, Inkscape has a powerful text tool at your disposal. This software is open source and can be used with any platform. A designer has to spend some time to understand how to use this software. This software is best used to create images that are vector-based and needs to be required in SVG format. Inkscape provides a lot of filters and a helpful community for the designer to grow.

Platform: Windows, Linux, and Mac

Creating Logos In Photoshop Cs

Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp is a graphic design app designed to be used along with other Adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Designs can be created with the use of text and shapes. Adobe provides free fonts from Typekit library, which are the same as desktop. With Comp, you can convert your rough designs into crisp graphics and finish the designs on your desktop with other Adobe software.

Platform: iOS and Android

Graphic design software in the early days was hard to use. Technology has come a long way, and software is now intuitive and helps a user express creativity more freely. Selecting the right platform would depend on your work and what you want to achieve with the software.

Businesses are always on the lookout for good graphic designers to boost their business. Therefore, as a graphic designer, you need to present your work in a stunning way through a website. Your design portfolio is the prism through which your work will be evaluated by new clients and potential employers. A great design portfolio can propel you towards success, open up new opportunities and get you just the kind of work you want. However, failing at putting your best foot forward with your design portfolio can lead to rejects and spell doom.

Given that it can make or break your career, creating your design portfolio in itself becomes the most important design exercise of your career. With online design portfolio websites becoming the default medium of presenting your work to the world, its important to make sure that you understand the dos and don'ts of a successful design portfolio website. We had earlier put together a comprehensive guide on 20 pro tips that every designer needs to follow to create a successful online design portfolio website.

However, just following any guide is not enough. You also need to think out of the box, find your own expression and figure out how to present your work in the best way possible. That's where a bit of inspiration comes in handy. At Pixpa, we have witnessed (and helped) thousands of designers around the world create their design portfolio websites. We have curated a list of our favorite design portfolio websites for you to explore and learn from.

Disclaimer: The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the final product. All images are copyright to their respective owners.

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