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  2. Bowman 2 Game Objectives. Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse! Click on the game 'settings' link in the main menu to alter game parameters. Please note: 'Show Index' displays the angle and power of your shot when you pull back an arrow. 'Critical Hit' doubles the damage if the shooting angle exceeds 45 degrees.

Most games in the Internet quickly make us disappointed with same old features and perks and we stop paying attention to them. However, Bowmasters developers have shown that you can invent something interesting and without the help of plagiarism and other tricks. The game is very cool, it really makes you worry for your character, and laugh at his sharp hits on the enemy. True, you have to train a lot and learn to get to the opponent at a great distance, but it’s not so difficult and brings a lot of pleasure. So let’s look at what our experienced athlete is capable of and how easy it will be to beat the opponent on the other side of the virtual map!

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Bowman 2loads Of Cool Games

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