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The best free and affordable brand-building tools AI-powered logo generators. Your brand logo is a simple but powerful graphic that immediately identifies your brand to. Font pairing tools. The right font can enhance the meaning of the words you write and the overall theme of your website.

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7 Essential Tools for Easily Building Your Personal Brand Online 1. You cannot afford to miss out on conversations about your brand. It’s nice to know when you get a. Canva makes digital designing a cinch. Want to build a custom Twitter header or a high quality slideshow? This is what branding can do for your business. We developed our suite of tools to provide your brand with a consistent presence which helps increase visibility among your customers. Your brand will be easily identifiable across all platforms, differentiating your business from the competition. Our professional branding tools help focus your efforts on visual branding and social visibility, establishing a strong and sustainable brand. Buy custom made branding iron with your logo, initials, or company name and get free shipping with orders over $100. Available in electric or torch models. Custom Woodworking Branding Irons, Electric & Torch Styles. 7 Branding Tools to Effectively Establish Your Brand 1 — Audio Branding. The latest path to branding is audio branding. Audio or ‘sonic’ Brandin enables a company to have a. 2 — Video Branding. After the invention of the camera and then the internet, video branding is the most used tool of.

Welcome to Branding Tools, Inc.

Branding Tools For Wood

We are the largest engraver for CUTCO products in the world. We specialize in diamond drag and laser engraving on CUTCO products specifically for CUTCO Closing and Business Gifts.

Engraving Turn Time

Branding Tools, Inc. will be offering additional options for engraving and packaging. These options will be exclusive to Closing Gift Consultants.

  • We will now offer a yellow, blue, red, black, and white gift wrap options at $5.00 per item wrapped. (If you would like a sample of this new blue or yellow paper contact Nyla)

  • Branding tools will still staple your business card to the use and care book as we always have. Please contact Nyla if you are not already using this service.

  • All orders will be insured that ship from Branding Tools. (Thank you Cutco!)

  • Nyla can be reached at [email protected] or 360-719-2482

*Included ground shipping is on orders with 5 or more engraved items
*Swap stock items will be shipped along with engraved orders at no additional charge.
*Personal inventory orders, RLT or Biz orders with less then 5 engraved items, orders containing wine boxes, orders containing woodblock sets or an excess of residential non-engraved product will be billed at $8.00 per engraving plus actual shipping. This is not to say if the customer adds on a knife or 2 for their home. This is designed for orders with excess volume and or weight that this inclusive shipping program is not designed for.
*Any variance in engraving bill will be paid within 30 days. Anything older than 30 days will be billed to CC on file. If CC does not authorize Cutco will charge your rep account what is owed to clear your bill. If for some reason you have a credit with Branding Tools this can be requested via Venmo or Check at any time. (please allow 5 business day if requested by check)(Email these requests directly to Tony at [email protected]
Please call or email me with any question you have. I am excited for these improvements to Branding Tools offerings.

New Reps

New reps must have the backup credit card form completed and on file at Banding Tools, Inc prior to the first order being engraved.

CC Backup Form

Please complete the CC Backup Form

Once complete, you may either:

Email it to [email protected],
Fax it to: (360) 859-4526
Mail it to:
4707 NE Minnehaha St
Suite 307
Vancouver, WA

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If you’re like the average business owner, your doesn’t reflect the hard-earned reputation you’ve built in real life. There may even be a dramatic difference between your business’s digital footprint and your own.

“I can’t worry about all that,” you say. “I have a business to run.”

But your customers aren’t solely interested in your business. They want to know the people that run it. When potential customers look you up online, are they earning your trust or turning away in frustration? Is your online brand gaining you business or losing it?

doesn’t have to be a full time job. Here are 7 tools that make it easy to monitor and improve your online brand.

1. Alerts.

You cannot afford to miss out on conversations about your brand.

It’s nice to know when you get a shout out, and proactive monitoring could mean the difference between effectively handling a crisis and completely dropping the ball.

The bottom line is you need to be the first to know when you’re mentioned online.

Craft aGoogle alert alert to stay on top of your mentions or those of your competition. Decide how often you want to receive the updates and the rest will handle itself.

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Canva makes digital designing a cinch. Want to build a custom header or ahigh quality slideshow? Maybe a bespoke Pinterest pin or abeautiful Infographic?

The sky's the limit with Canva and you don’t need any design skills. With so many awesome templates, you can strategize visual elements and colors without stressing about the quality of the result.

Once you’re happy with a template, you can use it again and again to deliver visual content that your audience can come to expect and enjoy.

Canva is free with the opportunity to buy some templates and features for $1 each. I’ve spent a few dollars here and there but you can develop amazing designs without spending a cent.


If you’re looking to improve your chances of getting hired or getting leads, then you’ll want to keep an eye on your online presence. And BrandYourself’s DIY tool is the one you’ll need.

With BrandYourself’s tool, you can track the movement of your search results over time. You’ll be notified when things change, get tips on how to improve your online properties to be SEO-friendly, and learn what to do to help things rise in search results over time.

The free DIY tool lets you track three online profiles while the $99 per year subscription gives you unlimited ability to track and improve your search results.

If you’re going to spend any money improving your online brand, BrandYourself’s DIY tool is the way to go.


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4. & Twitter Notifications

Branding Tools

LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful networks with huge opportunities to grow your organic audience and get more eyeballs on your content.


Don’t let those opportunities slip through the cracks.Take a few minutes each day to keep tabs on your notifications.

In five minutes, you can quickly respond to questions, thank people for sharing your content and follow up on potential leads.

Make a special effort to engage with people who like your content. If they took the time to read or comment on your article, you owe them a response. And who knows -- an innocent conversation today could lead to more business tomorrow.

5. Track Twitter mentions.

Staying current with your notifications is good, but consistently tracking your Twitter mentions takes it to the next level. With this kind of data, you can revisit your list at any time to see who mentions you the most and interact with the users that deserve your attention.

I like to keep track of this info usingIFTTT, an service that lets you automate actions relating to your online properties.

The service works like an input/output machine. If X happens, then do Y.

I made my ownIFTTT recipe (feel free to use it!) that adds a row to a Google Spreadsheet every time I’m mentioned on Twitter.

Use it to find the people who consistently mention you so you can interact with them from time to time. You’ll be pouring fuel on an already crackling fire.

6. Comment alerts.

If you publish blog content on your , then you should keep tabs on your comments.

People might be asking you follow-up questions or giving you great feedback, but you’d never know if you don’t receive notifications.

A commenter who gets a response is much more likely to interact with your content again in the future. It makes sense, right? Getting ignored sucks and getting a response feels great.

It’s incredibly easy to get comment alerts. If you’re using Squarespace, then you’ll automatically get notifications about new comments via email.

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If you’re using WordPress, go into Settings —> Discussion, and check off “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment.”

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7. Google Analytics.

Have a website? Then go ahead and install Google analytics right now. With just a few clicks, you can track the most important growth metrics and compare them to previous months. Find out how many people are viewing your content, and determine which pages are the most popular.

Branding Tools For Woodworking

See what social profiles refer the most traffic, find out where in the world your users come from, and learn what pages are causing people to bounce.

Branding Tools Crossword

The amount of insight is incredible. The challenge is to take that data, figure out the key takeaways, and determine how you can improve the user experience.