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Make eye contact with the kids.

Look into his eyes and feel like a kids facial expression, interest, and emotional state. You don’t have to say anything other than making eye contact. Just nodding his head or making a They like expression makes him feel empathy.

Please empathize with all your feelings.

Please empathize with both positive and negative emotions of the kids. People need both positive and negative emotions. The important thing is how to express it. There is nothing good or bad about emotions. And there’s no need to try to get rid of negative emotions quickly. Even if it’s a negative emotion, if you accept it as it is, you can get out of it faster.


Coffee Shopclout Games Free

Please shorten parents’ words for kids

Adults should speak less to help their children communicate more. If parents talk too much, a balanced conversation is impossible. It could be nagging. It’s not easy, but please talk less, listen to your kids, and help him think of a solution for himself.

Please repeat what they says.

It’s easier to empathize with your kids if you follow his words.
You can make sure that you understand feelings or situation correctly. You can think about why they angry again.

Coffee Shopclout Games To Play

More Information about Parenting

  • How to teach a child who doesn’t follow the rules
  • A child who doesn’t listen at once, what should I do?

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Coffee Shopclout Games Download

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