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Install and set up Kodi with ease with the Complete Kodi Setup Wizard.

Kodi is a media player that you can download as source code, so that you can edit and compile it yourself, and as a precompiled freeware application. It’s an ambitious media player that seeks to combine all of your content into one app. This content can include over-the-air channels, programming from cable and satellite providers and content from streaming services like Netflix. It also provides access to movies, shows and other content from a wide range of other online content providers.

Installing Kodi isn’t necessarily difficult and it has gotten easier as the program has evolved, but it can all be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. Kodi configurators, of which this app is one, were introduced in order to simplify the process for beginners. The program installs Kodi in a manner that’s appropriate to the widest possible audience. It will also work with SPMC, which is an offshoot specifically geared toward Android. Once users become more familiar with Kodi or SPMC, they can then customize it further based on their particular needs and preferences.

As users become more familiar with Kodi, they’ll undoubtedly want to add add-ons. Add-ons add features, enhance features and provide access to many free services. Complete Kodi Setup Wizard can install those add-ons, which can also be tricky for novices. It can also help users manage them whether that means removing unneeded add-ons or updating them to the latest versions.

Take a look at the best Kodi builds for december and take your experience to a next level with the best kodi builds 2018 complete kodi setup wizard. Complete kodi setup wizard is recently updated compete kodi easy kodi setup application by gnoga, that can be used for various wizard kodi purposes. Its latest version 1.60 has 69 downloads.

  1. Download Complete Kodi Setup Wizard 1.0 for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of Complete Kodi Setup Wizard 2016 for Android.
  2. How to Download Configurator for Kodi - Complete Kodi Setup Wizard for PC or MAC: The first thing is, you'll have to download either Andy os or BlueStacks on your PC using the download button provided within the beginning of this site. Soon after the installer finishes downloading, double-click it to begin with the set up process.
  3. Search for Complete Kodi Setup Wizard using the Bluestacks search tool and click on the install button to automatically download and install the app. Once the app has been installed, go to My Apps in Bluestacks homepage to open Complete Kodi Setup Wizard.

Complete Kodi Setup Wizard is more than a configurator. It’s also collection of Kodi tools, and even though it was initially made with newbies in mind, it has become a staple for many intermediate and advanced users as well. You can use the wizard to back up and restore Kodi installations, and you can also use it to manage different Kodi installations on the same machine.

This program also helps by keeping your Kodi up-to-date. This is, of course, helpful for basic users, but it becomes even more powerful for the person who’s tracking various Kodi variants. Complete Kodi Setup Wizard also offers a library of reference materials, which includes tutorials. This aspect is really nice since it lets the motivated user move beyond relying on the wizard to do everything.

Complete Kodi Setup Wizard offers a lot of other features. It serves as a Kodi remote control, for instance. Kick back and relax while you use your Android smartphone or tablet to select movies, play music, rewind a television show and much more. It works with smart TVs and other DLNA devices, and it can even help you troubleshoot issues as well as maintain your Kodi installation.


  • A free Kodi configurator
  • Simplifies add-on installations too


  • None
Configurator for Kodi complete kodi setup wizard, based on our last experience this is the best application that can fully setup and maintain your kodi in only few seconds, it's supported with all the tutorials for beginners who do not know how to setup kodi, just follow the tutorials so that you can use the application ' Configurator for Kodi' correctly and with ease. There's much more options to backup and restore Kodi for all versions of media player. Now you can play your kodi on your android phone with only one click. First install Kodi, then open ' Configurator for Kodi' in order to install addons and kodi builds, and finally enjoy the media player streaming. Enjoy this popular media center which allows you for streaming all kind of content such as Tv shows and movies.
Setup kodi for all versions
Exodus Live for kodi, SMPC, CINC
Install from URL
Install and remove addons
Switch build for Exodus live
Change Boot screen
Kodi error logs

Complete Kodi Setup Wizard For Mac Download Windows 10

Backup Kodi
Factory reset kodi media player
Clear cache
Restore Kodi
Buffering fix
Auto Boot
Open Kodi

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Complete Kodi Setup Wizard For Mac Download Free

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Plenty of tutorials to fully setup Kodi.