Comprehension Games

Fun Reading Games for Kids

Check out these fun reading comprehension games for kids. Find an awesome range of free English activities and practice exercises that are perfect for students.

Learn about poetry, non fiction book publishing, map directions and how to use a dictionary while improving your reading comprehension. Enjoy the following educational games for children and have fun learning English online.

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Following Directions

Complete a number of different challenges related to reading directions, following instructions and understanding map routes.

Read the instructions and find the shortest possible route on the interactive map. Move between the park, school, café and other locations as you complete the tasks.

Poetry Activity

Answer questions related to a variety of poetry verses. Read the verses carefully and think about the mood of the poem and what is being described.

Learn about metaphors, similes, alliteration, rhyming and other important English terms that are often used in poetry.

Design an appropriate layout for a toy catalogue, news story or children’s book. Think about the kind of title, text and picture that will best inform your readers and match your chosen topic.

Enjoy this great learning activity for kids and have fun learning English online.

Get hints and tips from the word machine to help label products found inside boxes. Use the dictionary to find words that best fit the descriptions you are given.

Search through the alphabet, complete the challenges and have fun with this great reading comprehension game for kids.

Comprehension Games

ComprehensionComprehension games online
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Comprehension Games 5th Grade

Comprehension is a fun grammar exercise for kids. It is designed to help kids build, practice and improve their basic reading and writing skills. In this, kids have to read stories and answer questions based on them. Kids can choose from a wide range of fun and interesting stories to practice on.

Comprehension Games Online

  • So these free printable reading comprehension dice games are perfect little way to make working on reading comprehension a bit more exciting. About these Free Printable Reading Comprehension Activities This free printable includes four different reading comprehension games that target a variety of skills such as inferences, WH questions, and more.
  • Our reading games and activities expose children to a variety of skills and reading strategies that will help to create better overall comprehension. To help make reading more engaging, we put options in our reading games that allow for teachers and parents to focus on specific educational standards.
  • offers 1,314 reading comprehension worksheets that are sure to help your students stay engaged in their reading, by providing interesting stories and effective exercises. We as teachers don’t always have the time to make up our own stories, or go through books to pick out excerpts to present in our lessons.
  • Reading Comprehension. Charles Dickens. Ernest Hemingway. As a reading teacher, those names bring up enjoyable pastimes or absorbing intellectual debates. Fond memories for people.