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EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION FOR - CLAN DONNACHAIDH PACIFIC NORTHWEST BRANCH William Wallace 'Clyde' Reid - President, Clan Donnachaidh Pacific Northwest Branch - [email protected] To maintain spaces to allow new members to join the clan we periodically identify and kick inactive clan members from the clan. At times when this is due to happen a list of clan members who have not gained any experience in the last month will be posted here. Players who are under consideration for being kicked from the clan are given the chance to retain their place in the clan.

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The Clan Scott Scotland society aims to attract members from all parts of the world and become a focal point for all members of the Clan as well as interested visitors who wish to learn more about the contribution made by Scotts over the centuries. Being located in Scotland itself means that we are closer to many resources and can illustrate our pages and information with lots of appropriate graphics. All Members can contribute to the development of Clan Scott Scotland and have the right to vote on the important decisions of the society at the Annual General Meeting.

Regular newsletters and information sheets alert members to what has been recently added to this Web site. Membership is open to all those who have the surname Scott (or Buccleuch, Balwearie, Geddes, Laidlaw and Langlands) or have an ancestor with one of those surnames. We welcome members who are interested in their Scott heritage. Our annual membership cost is modest and in addition to all the pages available to all, there is a special password controlled 'Members' Section'.

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In the last three years our expenditure has been: Web site hosting 54%, Postage and stationery 23% and New Members Welcome packs 22%. Members can also contribute to this Web site and our genealogist is always glad to look over the results of Members' family tree researches.

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To join Clan Scott Scotland see the Membership Page