Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Website

What is conversion rate optimization? Conversion rate optimization (CRO), is the process of tweaking, testing, and improving your website and content to increase conversions. A high conversion rate means your website is well-designed, optimally formatted, and appeals to your target audience. To uplift your conversion rate, all you need to do is just three simple words: Conversion Rate Optimization. If you are unfamiliar with this the term, here is the best way of phrasing it: “ Conversion rate optimization, generally referred to as CRO, is the process of optimizing your website to convert more visitors into customers or any other.

When website visitors land on your website and went back without interacting with the content, they cost you money. And, at the same time, negatively impact the Google rankings of your website, because by not engaging with your content they increase your bounce rates.

The massive flow of traffic that lands to the website doesn’t always translate to conversions. And, the reason behind this is several website owners do not take advantage of website conversion optimization. Failing in acknowledging the value of conversion rate optimization is one of the main reasons behind failure in converting the traffic coming to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Website
  1. But it is not easy to decide the good conversion rate for every business. If your traffic comes from different sources and you have different relationships with customers, even by serving in the same industries, there are chances that conversion rates would be different. Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization.
  2. Your conversion rate is one of your most important metrics, and this eCommerce conversion optimization checklist can help you improve your score. By taking time to set the stage on your website and through your marketing efforts, you can engage with customers, showcase your products in the best light and create a website that’s designed to.
  3. Giving people too many options creates information overload and buyer paralysis – two things that can destroy your website’s conversion rate optimization. Limit yourself to one conversion goal per page and focus your CTAs appropriately. Remember: Goal conversions don’t have to be purchase decisions or demo requests.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization is Important?

Website conversion rate optimization is crucial because it let you gain profit through the website traffic you already have. With conversion rate optimization, you:

  • Convert website visitors
  • Increase sales
  • Generate more revenue
  • Generate more leads

And, all this without any advertising cost because through conversion rate optimization you use the traffic you already have. Hence, Customer Rate Optimization cuts down the cost of Customer Acquisition and improves Return on Investment.

Here are Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of your Website:

1. Create a Unique Value Proposition (UVP):
A UVP is one of the crucial conversion triggers that are overlooked by most of the marketers. It describes the advantages of why consumers should buy your offers. Unique Value Proposition separates you from your competitors by explaining how your products or services can cater to consumer’s needs.

Unique Value Proposition lets your customers understand why they should buy your product and pay for your services. It is important to note here that your UVP should appear noticeably on the landing page of your website. Try adding an offer that is difficult for your customers to replicate. Unique Value Proposition motivates customers for buying from your website, which makes it one of the effective conversion marketing strategies.

2.Use Contrasting Color to Display CTA:
In online marketing lingo, a call to action refers to a button that compels visitors to take certain actions like “Register Now” or “Add Cart”. One way to potentially improve the conversion rates is to experiment with different types of call to action. Not only vary the position of your call to action button but also try new CTA text or button as well.

Optimizely experienced a 27% increase in the conversion rate on the homepage by changing their call to action button from “Get Started” to “Test it Out”. They applied the strategy that action words could perform better than non-action words.

While adding a CTA, also make sure that your CTA button should stand out for visitors to notice and click. Here is where using a contrasting color comes to play. Use colors that enhance the view of your CTA button, it plays a crucial role in increasing your conversion rate.

3. Experiment with Layout, Style and Content on your Landing Page:

Landing pages mainly play the following roles:

  • They inform the user what your company has to offer
  • Landing pages make it clear and simple for the user to follow your offer (i.e convert)
  • They explain to the user what makes your company different.

In other words, through landing pages, you can tell users what your business is all about, and motivate the users to convert. The design of the page, its layout, style, and functionality are all a part of this. Here is how hiring a graphic designer can give a boost to your business and help in improving the conversion rate of your website.

Remember, a page with too much content might confuse the users, while the page without enough content might not motivate them to convert. Try to vary the text and images and experiment with the position of page elements.

4. Adjust your Navigation Bar:
User-friendly is a paramount feature of a well-designed website. But according to some research, the amount of information included in the navigation bar can sometimes have a deleterious effect on the conversion rate of your page. The navigation bar can be the cause of distraction, which can take users away from your landing page.

Adjust your navigation bar in such a way that it doesn’t move your visitors away from landing pages and CTAs. You can also try removing the navigation bar from the landing page entirely.

Either you can consider removing the navigation bar if it is an immediately noticeable feature or you can make the navigation bar interactive. With interactive navigation, you can make users at least hover over the items to make them view able.

5.Add Social Proof:
If you have not added social proof as the part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on effective business opportunities. You can consider adding testimonials on the landing page of your website to improve brand credibility.

The other benefits of adding social proof include: it increases buyer decision; add trust to your products and thus increases leads and drive sales. Customers trust online reviews while making a purchase, hence adding social proof can aid in boosting your conversions.

Research reveals that 80% of buyers trust online reviews and about 90% of buyers read online reviews before making a purchase. Hence, social proofs are critical marketing components that aid you to boost conversion rates and drive sales.

Wrapping Up

Although there are various methods to increase the conversion rate of your website, the tips shared above will boost your conversion rates dramatically. Apply these strategies correctly to your sales funnel and make sure you test each strategy to determine the best conversion marketing strategy for your campaign. Remember, to get in touch with skilled web developers to integrate these conversion strategies into your website.

Here is also a handy checklist to follow:

  • Create a conversion rate optimization strategy based on existing data.
  • Optimize conversion funnel based on human behavior
  • Figure out if you giving the right offer to your audience
  • Test what’s working and what’s not
  • Test different form styles
  • Run A/B tests on page variations
  • Publish videos to increase engagements
  • Remove unnecessary distractions from the page
  • Speed up your website
  • Add testimonials to your landing page and home page

Implement these tips to boost your conversion rate and optimize your conversion funnel.

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Many businesses have realized with a lot of regret that an increase in web traffic does not necessarily translate into an increase in the organizations bottom line. Research and experience has shown that the major cause of this imbalance is usually the failure to recognize the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Most medium sized and small businesses tend to stop at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is usually geared towards making it easier for people to find a particular website. Conversion Rate Optimization on the other hand is specifically directed towards turning your prospects and visitors into customers who either use your services or buy your goods, if not both.

For those interested in coming up with a CRO campaign, here are some tips which will ensure that your CRO campaign is a resounding success. They include the following:

Know Your Market

Before you even begin with CRO, it is critical that you identify and study your competitors; know what they plan to bring to the market, what kind of promotions they are having and how their numbers are in terms of Conversion Rate Optimization. And if they are ahead of you, try and find out what is making them tick. If they are behind you in terms of CRO, clearly identify your competitive advantage(s) and ensure these advantages move you further ahead. Irrespective of your product or service offerings though, always keep in mind that no two websites are similar in terms of performance, so don’t strive to be like them, but try to learn the good things they are doing and apply some of these features to your site, such as more attractive and visible purchase buttons.

Another crucial thing to be aware of in terms of CRO is completely understanding what your target market wants or is talking about. In order to do this you can feel your prospective clients pulse by checking on the reviews they make about your services and products or comments they post on the various social media platforms and business review apps, including: Facebook; Twitter; Yelp!; Instagram; Google + Local and Monto.

You can also engage test groups using A/B (split testing) on different advertisements or landing pages, using tools, such as Unbounce and Qwaya to help you identify your target markets pain points and then come up with an appropriate strategy to not only to convert them into clients, but also maintain them for the long haul.

Strategize Accordingly

It is critical for any business keen on having a successful CRO campaign to spend enough time and resources developing a business strategy. This should include both long and short term goals and identifying the necessary metrics for success.

It is important to clearly understand how the entire business is functioning, going the extra mile to identify both strong and weak areas of the business. Clear reasons for each scenario should be noted and any remedial action should be undertaken where necessary.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Website Page

To fully understand how the business works, it is important for the business owner(s) to use their own services or products to get a true picture of the customer experience. This helps one to better understand what goes on in the clients mind when using your services or products; allowing you to make changes and improvements where necessary.

Know and Understand Your Traffic Sources

Doing this usually calls for the use of some digital analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Qualaroo and Unbounce, which will help you see where you are losing many potential clients. You should have real time, accurate data on who is visiting your site, which landing pages they are spending the most time on, which ones they are ignoring and in which order they navigate through your site

Armed with this data, you will be able to understand how your businesses complete conversion funnel is functioning and identify accurately the places at which you are losing customers. You can then go ahead and concentrate in the areas that show the highest potential of conversion success; saving you time and money in the process.

Develop an Appropriate Call to Action Mechanism

One of the most important aspects of Conversion Rate Optimization is the call to action. It is also one of the misunderstood items in CRO implementation. Many people tend to assume that ending your landing page with a “Call us now” liner will suffice. A good and effective call to action should not only prompt a potential client to take a particular action; it should enable him/her to do so fast and immediately.

For instance, let’s take an example of a local tour and travel agency Alaknanda River Adventure Camp from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. This firm has implemented numerous ways in their website via strong Call to Action stuff and wise designing to ensure potential visitors can engage and take actions almost instantly. The topmost things I liked about their conversion tactics is the following:

  1. Primary Business Contact Information (Phone no and Email Id) right on the top to grab the first attention of the visitors and ensure they don’t have to look out here and there.
  2. Secondary Contact Information (Postal Code, Address and other contact numbers) at the Footer of the Homepage
  3. Cool Price Tags like “Starts only at 2500/-“placed above the Large Background Slider and left to the Small Text Slider (that displays Tour Packages) right on the Homepage. The point to be noted here is, it loads extremely fast.
  4. Engaging content with amazing punch lines to describe the packages and a “Read More” button just below the sliced lines that opens up on the same page.
  5. Right Placement of Social sharing stuff – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.
  6. Responsive web design that delivers good on any gadget, may it be desktop, mobile , laptop or tablets.
  7. “Best Time to Visit” – a decent small Call To Action Banner placed to inform the visitors of the duration in which they should plan their trip so that they don’t delay in purchasing packages.
  8. All packages and Inbound Links to important webpages right on the footer
  9. A Detailed Contact page with large Google Map showing the exact location of their business and all information crucial to connect with them.

If you want visitors to book appointments for a visit if you are a doctor, make sure the website has a widget that allows for appointment scheduling. This will allow your visitors to easily commit themselves and schedule an appointment that fits their schedule without leaving the site.

In case you advise your clients to make contact either through email or telephone, make sure there is a well-planned and organized follow up mechanism. If you have automated responses, clarify that they are such and make a point of making further more personalized contact as soon as realistically possible.

Set Realistic Targets And Know When To Convert Your Prospects

In this particular context, target or goal refers to what the business defines as conversion. It is worth noting that for different businesses a conversion may mean different things. A website that deals in selling high end houses is unlikely to sell very many houses directly through the site, but they are bound to get client’s contacts and follow up from there. Their conversion is thus different from a company that sells software online. It is very important to define what a conversion is in your business context and come up with a number that is both realistic and achievable.


So depending on the business, a conversion occurs at different points in the customer buying process. It is important to identify such points and engage prospective clients accordingly; keeping in mind that if you engage a client too fast, he may be apprehensive and if you delay too much, he may be gone.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Websites

Shout About Your Strong Points

Knowing your competitive advantages and strong points is totally worthless if you do not make them work for you. Once you have identified factors or aspects of your organization that click with your target market, you should go ahead and identify at what points in the buying process they will be most beneficial and introduce them accordingly.

It is also advisable to shout about these advantages by running appropriate advertisements, which are precisely targeted towards your particular market. Such advertisements should be placed in the appropriate media so as to achieve the maximum positive effect.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Website Without

All in all, CRO is a relatively complex aspect of internet marketing, which is a very fluid and dynamic field that is quite different for each and every business. The above mentioned tips are not a one size fits all solution for each and every conversion rate optimization campaign; though they can, and should be customized so as to fit the unique needs of each and every business. It should also be noted that the results of a CRO campaign are mostly as good as the analytics tools and methodologies adopted by the marketing team. So make sure you do your research to find the best CRO analytics tools and methodologies, which should if applied effectively, lead to increased leads and sales conversions for your business website.