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Below are some of the resources that were discussed during the CUE Rockstar Lake Tahoe session about the flipped classroom. Feel free to peruse. If you would like to add resources, simply fill out the form below. CUE Rock Star Solana Beach Reflection, Day One July 24, 2013 July 24, 2013 nancy Awesomeness, Education, Professional Development Since I had such a great time and learned so much at CUE Rock Star Tahoe, I decided to sign up for another three day session of learning and networking a little closer to home at CUE Rock Star Solana Beach, and I.

Below are some of the resources that were discussed during the CUE Rockstar Lake Tahoe session about the flipped classroom. Feel free to peruse. If you would like to add resources, simply fill out the form below.



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Rockstar Lake Tahoe - June 22, 2014
On this page are all of the resources that will be used for today's workshop. Please know that my resources for Smartphone Photography are regularly updated HERE(I'd bookmark this page).
Launching Our Journey
  1. Find Your Phone
  2. Get iTunes/Google Play Account Ready
Camera Apps
Great apps for taking pictures with your smartphone and perhaps even adding a filter or two.
Name Description Platform Cost
Native Camera AppToday most modern smartphones contain powerful built-in camera apps that can be used to easily take pictures. iOS
InstagramInstagram is an Android and iOS, along with social network used to take, edit, and share photos.iOS
Flickr AppFlickr is a photo-hosting and sharing site, but they also have a pretty handy app that allows you to apply filters, edit images, and directly upload to your Flickr account.iOS
Windows 7
SnapseedSnapseed is a mobile device app (Android and iOS) that allows you to add filters and do some basic editing (crop, straighten) images.iOS
ProHDRWhile the iPhone comes with built-in HDR capabilities, sometimes the results are just average. ProHDR is a handy app for snapping HDR images and allows you to have some control over the processing.iOS
Camera+Camera+ is an iOS app (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) that allows users to snap pictures and do some basic editing. It helps you take better pictures by having an exposure lock and image stabilization features.iOS $0.99

Photo-Editing Apps
Name Description Platform Cost
Color SplashTake a black-and-white photo and add a dash of color to just one or more objects.iOS $0.99
Photoshop ExpressPhotoshop Express is a mobile device application that will allow you to add effects and do some basic photo editing (red-eye removal).iOS
Photoshop TouchPhotoshop Touch is a more advanced version of Adobe's mobile device editing apps. Similar to Express users can add effects, but this application has more advanced tools including layering.iOS
Online Photo Storage
Name Description Cost
FlickrFlickr is a photo-hosting site owned by Yahoo where users can upload photos to view privately or share with others. Free
PicasaPicasa is a photo-hosting and editing resource owned by Google that allows users to upload photos to view privately or share with others.

InstagramWhile not necessarily a storage place it is a great place to showcase your photography talent.Free

iPhoneography Resources
Check out the resources below to learn more about iPhoneography - taking pictures with your iPhone.
  • iPhoneography by Nicole Dalesio - Nicole is an elementary teacher in the Bay Area who has developed a handy site of resources for improving your iPhone photography skills.
  • iPhonePhotography School - A blog and online portal for tips, tricks, and resources for making the most of your iPhone's camera.
  • The Beginners' Lens - A handy site for improving your own photography skills. Check out their Instagram guide and iPhoneography section.
  • iPhone Photography Essentials - A great online course and video series through Udemy for learning more about iPhone Photography. The course is normally $49, but this blog post provides information for a discount code making the class only $25.
  • Instagram Scavenger Hunt - Catlin Tucker used an Instagram scavenger hunt as part of her kid's field trip to San Francisco's China Town.
  • Document Your Learning - Using a class device (iPod Touch, iPad, donated old iPhone) have your students document their learning each day using Instagram. Mrs. Luhrsen's class does this daily.
  • Photo Lab Report - Have lab groups demonstrate their understanding of a concept by snapping a photo and emailing it to your class Flickr account.
  • Photography Genre Study- What makes for a great or horrible photographs? Have your students study the genre, develop some essential characteristics and begin shooting their own.
  • Copyright Concerns?- For an upcoming multimedia project have students snap all of their own photos. This way you can completely avoid copyright problems.
  • #100HappyDays - Create a hashtag for your class or an event and have students post photos documenting their learning or experiences around this topic. #100HappyDays is just one idea.