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There's a new type of justice in town -- Cyborg Justice! It's lean and mean metal all the way. If you can imagine your favorite street fighting game encased in titanium, then you have a pretty good idea what it's all about.

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Man or Machine?

Cyborg Justice is a one- or two-player, side-scrolling beat-em-up with a unique twist in its armor. You are Galactic Unity Agent 127... at least, you were. While on a routine patrol through the cosmos, you got whacked by an asteroid shower. The last thing that you can remember is going down in flames.

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Cyborg Ninjaunblocked GamesCyborg Ninjaunblocked Games

Cyborg Ninja Unblocked Games Bullet Force

When you regained consciousness you found your 'self' encased in a robo body, pulling slave duty with a bunch of other cyborgs in a Cydrek munitions factory. The Cydreks want to destroy the Galactic Unity, and you realize that the only way to save the universe is to destroy the factory. Only six million tons of angry, awesome, Cydrek Cyborgs stand between you and your goal.

Don't Get Your 'Bot Kicked

Cyborg Justice combines metal-fist-in-your-faceplate fighting action with a creative variety of game-customizing features. You and a bud can fight across desolate landscapes side by side, or you can pound each other into scrap metal. If you decide to go the arcade way, you travel across 1 E side-view levels to your ultimate destiny.


  • By pressing up or down, you can dodge the missiles that fly at you from the sides of the screen.
  • In the Relaxed mode, only one enemy shows up at a time.
  • To practice your moves, begin the game in two-player Duel mode and leave the second player inactive. Beat him up for practice before you battle the 'Borgs.
  • After you knock an enemy out, but before he self destructs, you have your choice of his spare parts. Press Down and C, then press toward the scrap smorgasbord.

You can choose five difficulty settings from Relaxed to Brutal -- and they're not kidding about the 'brutal' part, either. Cyborg gangs assault you in waves, tearing at your metal shell to get to the soft, chewy stuff inside. They also pull combination moves on you by kicking, stomping, and just plain running you over. First-time fighters should be prepared to get their cans crushed... often!

Don't worry, you can do the same to the Cydrek 'Borgs, and it's fun. Although they're hard to learn and even harder to execute, you can unleash 20 attack combos from four basic moves -- Crouches, Punches, Kicks, and Jumps -- as well as four devastating Body Attacks. Body Attacks include ripping arms off and using them as weapons, latching onto a 'Borg's torso and sapping his strength while replenishing yours, throwing an enemy 'bot, and using discarded body parts after you destroy an enemy. Get all these techniques down and you can perform the combination attacks. On defense, you can Block and bust a mean backflip.

To jump across a chasm, leap and then press B at the arc of your jump. Your 'Borg (and a little practice) should get you across safely.

An Earnest 'Borg?... Nein!

Cyborg Justice features a great Cyborg- building feature. In the Cyborg Assembly Room, you can customize your 'Borg with a 18 types of Hands, Bodies, and Legs (more than 200 possible variations). Your weapon hand can be a spiked Crusher, a slicing Saw, a Laser, a Fire Sprayer, and more. Your body can be customized for a variety of strengths and skills, from the Lobster (with armor spiked shoulders) to the Insect (close-fitting for high speed). For leg wear, you have Tanks, Pneumatics, Spikes, or several other options. The Assembly Room also stars a slick feature that allows you to shadow box with your selections before you make your choice.

  • For your first battle, equip your ‘Borg with the Tank Legs. One hit takes out a Cydek.
  • Although special Hand weapons inflict heavy damage, there's a lag time when you activate them. Even in Easy mode you'll rarely get off a shot, so pick a fast weapon, such as the Fire Spray.
Cyborg ninja unblocked games bullet force

A Handsome Hunk of Metal


The graphics in Cyborg Justice have luster. Each Cyborg moves with ease, and they move fast! The animation is realistic and natural, not jerky and limited as you might expect from cyborgs. Some ‘Borgs look alike, but a little, yellow, easy-to-see square always appears underneath your 'droid so you know in a fight which 'Borg you're controlling. The backgrounds are nicely painted but aren't spectacular.

The sounds in Cyborg Justice are decent metal plinks and plunks. Every hit is sounded out, making the game the earful equivalent of a car with a bad engine.

Cyborg Ninja Unblocked Games Ninja

Half Man, Half Machine, All Fun

Cyborg Justice makes you pay for your fun, but it's worth the effort. Learning the moves is frustrating. Once you get 'em down, though, the far-out fighting is all that's left. Although the arcade mode is great, it may be too challenging for novice players. However, Cyborg Justice is a great way to put a hardware hurt on someone. The two-player Duel mode is this game's strength. Is there no justice in this game? Only for Cyborgs.

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Overall rating: 7.5

Cyborg Ninja is a stylish Ninja Gaiden inspired 2D action platforming metroidvania adventure with challenging retro gameplay, unlockable abilities, lots of secrets and boss fights.

In Cyborg Ninja you control a lone Super Ninja Cyborg called Katana as he slices his way through a large open game world. As you explore you’ll discover secrets, fight a variety of deadly enemies, battle bosses and unlock new skills. The narrative is pretty weird and doesn’t make much sense at the moment, but the game is nowhere near finished yet and that will most likely be addressed in future builds, it doesn’t really matter anyway – the classic action platformers that Cyborg Ninja draws inspiration were all about the gameplay, not the story.

The current build of Cyborg Ninja does have some rough edges, but it’s an impressive game that offers a grand scale adventure with a great visual style, authentic feeling retro gameplay and lots of interesting things to discover. A fun slice of old school ninja metroidvania action well worth checking out.

UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that this game used a lot of assets stolen from other indie developer’s games. We’ve removed the game from the site to respect the original asset owners wishes.