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This is the ultimate bike racing game, take challenges to new heights as you take on the best racers from around the world. Upgrade you bike and unlock different riders, while playing mini games, and pulling off the ultimate stunts. Cyclomaniacs 2 is the sequel of the popular racing game made by TurboNuke and Longanimals. Take a cycle, choose a race and compete against 20 crazy riders. Are you a coward or a real Cyclomanic? Description ´╝ÜCycloManiacs 2 by SuperVillains LongAnimals and robotJAM. Cyclo King is back, this time with a quest to save Princess Jennifer from all the original CycloManiacs who have become ninjas in a ninja theme park. 39 new tracks, 50 riders, mini games and lots of hidden stuff. Updates 1.02: Fixed preloader problem. 1000+ Free Flash Games Updates Archive Page 2 Page 3. Bookmark (CTRL-D) Andkon Arcade Racing Cyclo Maniacs 2 Flash will stop working on January 12, 2021.


The ├╝ber-popular cycle racing game is back, now with more features than ever! Pick your whacked-out racer and start racing!

And with tons of different characters to unlock, tracks to race on, upgrades to purchase, and secrets to discover, this game might as well never end. Well, what are you waiting for? Get on your cycle and ride like a bat out of hell!



Cyclomaniacs 2

Up Arrow or 'W' Key - Accelerate

Cyclomaniacs 2 Hacked

Left/Right Arrows or 'A'/'D' Keys - Lean Back/Forward
Down Arrow or 'S' Key - Brake
Space Bar or 'X' Key - Jump
CycloManiacs 2 is an online racing game developed by TurboNuke, and has been played 354816 times on

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Cyclomaniacs 2 codes

A Game Not for Longevity

While we do think CycloManiacs 2 is addictive, it does have its downsides, and one of the biggest is the fact that it is tiring to play. CycloManiacs, for all its fun, leaves you on the edge of your seat for most of the races -add that to the very mindful bike physics controls and you will find yourself a little tired after just a few races. Thankfully, this flash based browser game auto saves any progress so you can easily shut it off and come back at any time. Also the highly repetitive music also gets a little annoying after a while - despite the fun and upbeat background music, this game could have used a few extra tracks.

All in the Pitch

As complicated as stunt biking may be in real life, everything has been turned down a notch in order for us computer-players to join in on the fun. The game accepts both WASD and cursor keys for controlling the bike. Pressing Up or W accelerates, down or S for reverse and the left and right keys (or A and D) for pitching the bike nose up or down. Naturally, pitching all the way down in midair will roll you forward and pitching all the back rolls you backward.

The stunts are basically how much pitch you give. Forward pitching on the ground will allow you to do a front wheelie and a back wheelie for pitching up. Mid air, rolls are pretty much the same concept. This leaves only three other tricks: ticktack, invert and air. To get the ticktack trick, you must pitch the nose up, down, then up again. Doing so over and over will earn you consecutive ticktack trick awards. For invert, you must simply stay midair in an upside down position (do not forget to fix your position before you land or you will crash). Lastly, to get the air bonus, simply stay midair for a long period of time (and do other tricks while you are at it).

The Rider's View

Right off the bat, this game is a much recommended for anyone who wants to have a little gaming fun. Nothing too long term here, but for a casual game title, the fact that you can keep coming back, earning more and upgrading your bike is already a big plus. Not to mention all the unlockables that help keep the gameplay fresh and fun.

In terms of graphics, the game is pretty much solid, but still feels a tad bit amateurish. There is something about the game that still screams of old-school Flash from head to toe but then again, that may simply be how the developers wanted the game to feel. In any case, CycloManiacs sure could have used a bit of a graphics overhaul from the previous version.

The courses themselves are easy to understand, the tracks are easily distinguishable from the rest of the backgrounds and the strategically positioned map on the lower edge of the screen allows players to scout ahead for massive jumps, falls and other things they will need to maneuver across.

The music for the game is pretty fun to listen to -for the first 5 minutes, afterwards, everything sounds like it has been left on loop. It does make one feel a little dazed after listening for more than an hour non-stop, so we suggest clicking off the music and simply keeping the sound effects on.

In terms of presentation the game does need a bit of help. Fortunately, the gameplay does more than manage to compensate -it provides a compelling and driving factor that will get back on the pedals just after you swear you played your last course.

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To sum things up...

Cyclomaniacs 2 Characters

For a game with its humble beginnings, CycloManiacs 2 shows that it is possible for a flash game to be successful enough to warrant a sequel. It improves on all the elements that made the first game a success and at the same time, it provides plenty of new content for new and old fans alike. We particularly love the fact that it has so much hidden content sitting right under our noses the moment we started to play it, we were as eager to find out as many secrets as we could as much as we wanted to start the bike race. For its gameplay alone.

Need help completing the game? check out our walkthrough.

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