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Hack Information: Hackmenu: Press 1 Ammo - 2 Win level (Wait until the level is completly loaded). Requested By: Kazmir Game Information Making Monkeys is a fun physics-based adventure game, your goal is to have your monkey grab the coffee by cloning your monkeys and co-operate with each other. In this game your goal is to dig a hole to China with a pick and a set of bombs. Dig to China - become a miner, collect valuable minerals and try to dig up the earth's crust to China. Over 97 users rating a average 4. Dig To China, a free online hacked game brought to you by Hack2.com. Cheats: All upgrades are free.

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Hacked By:leverage419

Hack Information:
Keyhacks: Press 3 Toggle Lives - 4 Talent Points - 5 Win Level


Game Information
UPDATE: WARNING! If new tabs are opened when right clicking, try turning off mouse gestures in your browser! This problem has been confirmed with Opera.
UPDATE: Added alternative shooting controls.
Defend a remote factory town from air raids in a fictional 20th century war.
The enemy is closing in on the Imperial Silver Army, and winter is here. Will you survive until the next year? Will you become a hero, or end up on the losing side?
Your only hope is a cutting-edge anti-aircraft turret, the Flakmeister.
Left and right mouse for shooting, or '1' and '2'
P to pause.
L to lock mouse.
Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F for abilities.
Left click to install, right click to uninstall upgrade.
Update 1.0.3: Added new model for destroyed plane type 1. Fixed death model bug.
Update 1.0.4: Game pauses when changing tabs.
Added model for destroyed plane type 2.
Update 1.0.5: Tweaked the Sonar Pulse and Cripple abilities.
Update: Reduced recoil. Further reduced for easy mode.

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