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Divine Intervention: Reconstruct Your Reality By Margaret Ann Lembo Call on the Angel of Divine Intervention when a situation looks so dismal that you can’t see a way out. This angel can advocate on your behalf to divinely change the likely outcome of a situation. This angel is your messenger when you just don’t know what to do, what to say, or how to unravel an old reality and reconstruct. Answer: Divine intervention is, simply put, God intervening in the affairs of the world. Divine intervention can be God causing something to happen or God preventing something from happening. Atheists, agnostics, and deists can find alternate explanations for even the most clearly miraculous events. DIVINE supports females ages 12 through 17. Although all girls are welcome to participate in the program, DIVINE’s staff possesses expertise in serving African American and Bi-racial girls with a traumatized past. Since its opening, the Ramsey County Crisis Unit began sending the more difficult to place African American girls.

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It is possible to treat and arrest the disease of addiction and lead healthy, prosperous and productive lives. We offer the most comprehensive consultation, assessment, treatment placement and case management services for individuals, families and businesses in the nation. We specialize in quality, affordable treatment services that includes the proper placement in the right treatment program based on insurance and individual needs. We remain involved throughout the recovery process and actively follow and direct the case management of each client for a minimum of 24 months post treatment. It is imperative that those seeking help for their loved ones are afforded the complete spectrum of services in order to make the most appropriate decision for care and recovery. It is possible to make the wrong decision which costs you time, money, energy ,precious recovery and sobriety for your loved one. There are over 25,000 programs that offer treatment of some kind in the United States alone. All programs, however, do not provide all of the necessary services for everyone. Divine Intervention assists you or your loved one to identify the program that will provide you with the highest level of care for your circumstances. Call us today to start your recovery.