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Don’t Escape 1 Walkthrough

Don't Escape 2, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. When the undead attacked we weren't ready. Thinking back, we were never fully ready for this. The whole outbreak started over two weeks ago and it's been getting worse ever since. This time we've barely made it. We got away, but Bill got bitten. We both knew what that meant. We decided to stay in this abandoned. Best games from last 2 months. PART OF A SERIES: Don't Escape Don't Escape 2. 84% 76,656 plays Don't Escape 3. 89% 33,581 plays Hi there! Did you know there is a.

Short and sweet. The one that started it all.

You woke up in a cabin. You’re a werewolf. You’ll turn tonight. People will die… unless you DON’T ESCAPE.

  • -Exit the house by clicking on the door.
  • -Pick up the axe and the logs.
  • -It’s a little dark, but on the lower right of the screen is a mushroom. It’s at the base of one of the sticks in the ground.
  • -If you look at the house, where the hay meets the wood, you’ll eventually spot a chain. Look for a silver rope like object. Pick that up as well.
  • -Enter the house and close the door.
  • -Pick up the rope.
  • -Head left to a new screen.
  • -Pick up the herb in the middle of the screen.
  • -Use your new axe and chop the table to planks. Pick the planks up.
  • -Head left to a new screen.
  • -Click on the coat to get a silver key.
  • -Click under the bed to get a gold key.
  • -Close the window and lock it by clicking on the tiny latch.
  • -Place the planks in front of the window by using them on the window.
  • -On the left side of the screen, open the third drawer down to find a tinderbox. Pick it up.
  • -Go left to a new screen.
  • -Place the logs in the fireplace. Light the fireplace with the tinderbox.
  • -There’s a note on the table. While reading the note, you can click on the sheet of paper behind it to read another note.
  • -Stop reading the note and pick up the glass bottle.
  • -Click near the bottom of the screen to look at a trapdoor.
  • -Open the trapdoor. Pick up the spice and the meat and then leave the trapdoor screen.
  • -Place the herb, spice, and mushroom into the pot in the fireplace.
  • -Use the glass bottle on the pot to get a potion.
  • -Turn left.
  • -Lock the door with the silver key.
  • -Push the cabinet in front of the door by clicking the far left side of the cabinet.
  • -Turn left again.
  • -Pour the potion on the meat.
  • -Hang the meat on the hook.
  • -Use the gold key on the chest and open it.
  • -Clicking the chest will give you a hammer and nails.
  • -Turn left again.
  • -Use the hammer and nails on the planks by the window.
  • -Use the rope and chain on yourself. They should both have check marks.
  • -Finally, click the clock to end the day.

If all went well, you should have the best ending, ‘A Calm Night’.

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Contrary to most games on the internet, this is a game about NOT escaping a room that you're in.
Story: You're a werewolf, and you must lock yourself inside a hut and prevent yourself from escaping and killing people in a nearby village at night.

Don't Escape 2clout Games Catching Fire

It's too complicated to list all the endings since all of them save one means you've failed. The following steps are for getting the werewolf to lose 100% of his stamina.
1. Take the Rope left of the cupboard, which is next to the open door.
2. Go out.
3. Take the Axe, the Chopped Logs, the Mushroom near the bottom right of the screen and the Chain from under the roof of the hut.
4. Go back into the hut.
5. Close the door and turn left.

Don't Escape 2clout Games Free Online Games

Don't Escape 2clout Games Friv

6. Take the Herb off the hook.
7. Use the Axe on the table. Pick up the Planks.
8. Turn left again.
9. Close the windows and lock them.
10. Open the 2nd most bottom drawer and take the Tinderbox.
11. Take the Silver Key from the green jacket.
12. Take the Gold Key from under the bed.
13. Turn right, and use the Gold Key on the locked chest. Open it, and take the Hammer and Nails.
14. Turn left. Use the Planks on the window, then the Hammer and Nails on the Planks.
15. Turn left. Use the Chopped Logs on the fireplace, then the Tinderbox on the fireplace.
16. Click on the darker panel near the bottom of the screen. It should lead you to a trapdoor.
17. Open the trapdoor, and take the Meat and the Spice.
18. Click outside the trapdoor to go back.
19. Put the Mushroom, Spice and Herb into the pot.
20. Pick up the Glass Bottle and use it on the pot.
21. Combine the Glass Bottle with the Meat.
22. Turn left, use the Silver Key on the door and click the cupboard to make it block the door.
23. Turn left, and use the Meat on the hook.
24. Use the Rope and the Chain on yourself (i.e. click your face).
25. Click the Hourglass (The End).
The Rope takes 10% stamina.
The Chain takes 15% stamina.
The Meat takes 5% stamina.
The Potion in the Meat takes an additional 20% stamina.
The Door takes 30% stamina.
The Lock on the Door takes the remaining 20% stamina.
Ironically, the werewolf still escapes, but is completely exhausted and has no energy to go frolicking in the nearby village, so he runs off into the woods...for that night.
If you want to get all the outcomes possible, then just leave out some of the abovementioned steps and the werewolf will have some stamina left. For every 10% stamina he has remaining, 1 more villager will die, changing the outcome of the game.Online
If this guide is incomplete, please leave a comment saying what was not included. I will add it in ASAP. Thanks.
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Don't Escape 2clout Games To Play

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