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I spent a good deal of my girlhood in the “Motherlode Country” of California. I was certainly attracted to the gold nuggets for which this area was known, but it wasn’t until I taught school years later that I discovered my love for all things rocks and crystals. And my students loved them too! When students experience test anxiety and worry, the Worry Stone served to calm them in a subtle, private way.

While learning about the rock (and crystal) cycle, my students and I loved handling the rocks, categorizing them, and noticing what they each was comprised of. Ions of time, heat and pressure come together to offer up these treasures to us, and to this day even my family loves to collect them. My grandchildren love to receive and collect them as gifts from Mother Earth and me! We are always on the look-out for heart shaped rocks too — the perfect souvenir. We live in the perfect setting too, here in Utah. There are geo-beds, as well as desert and river rocks all over our state!

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As a certified SimplyHealed energy practitioner, it’s my privilege to move and release any energy that no longer serves my clients. I also offer clients access to my collection of gems and crystals during our in-person sessions to demonstrate the great power they hold. The more I learn about the attributes each gem possesses at a subatomic and metaphysical level, the more I see them as one more piece of evidence of God’s love for this Earth and his children here. When clients are allowed to choose a gem from my collection to hold, (whichever one they are attracted to on that day) they often remark that they feel energy pulsing in their hand. I have felt this as well! Most of the time the gem gets pretty warm as it shares out it’s energy. Just having a giant Amethyst Geode in my office brings peace, healing, and forgiveness where needed. This is not at all ‘woo-woo’, as I can attest from personal experience, and from the experiences of my clients.

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I lovingly offer this booklet of ‘My Sacred Seven ‘ favorite gems and crystals. To begin your own collection, you can purchase your own set as pictured on the cover of this booklet. If you choose to a set of these, I hope you will e-mail me and share your experiences as you use them!