ok..i'm really bored and i don't really wish to talk about my emotional status right now.In no order of preference...
1.Jet-look what you've done
2.maroon 5-she'll be loved
3.avril lavinge-my happy ending
4.counting crows-accidentally in love
6.yellow card-ocean avenue
7.lifehouse-hanging by a moment
8.creed-one last breath
9.goo goo dolls-broadway
10.goo goo dolls-big machine
11.something about you-five for fighting
12.staind-so far away
13.keane-somewhere only we know
14.jay chou-qing tian(one of the few chinese songs that i like)
15.semi-charmed life-third eye blind
16.save tonight-eagle eye cherry
17.jars of clay-the eleventh hour
18.mercy me-i can only imagine
19.let's get it started-black eyed peas
20.where is the love-black eyed peas
some other songs too..but it sort of slipped my mind...basically,all songs frm planet shakers and switchfoot are nice...but i don't know the title for most of their songs.anyway,the list consists of all the secular songs dat i like lar...i like all christian songs so i can't possibly list them all ,right?(say 'Nooooooo')heh.i know i'm lame lar..the list will keep changing anyway..but yar..for now this is it.k peeps..keep ur fingers crossed dat tml i'll be in a better mood to give you a proper entry...
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