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Codemasters' F1 2010 is based directly on the 61st season of the FIA Formula One Championship, featuring the drivers, teams, racecars, and courses of the real-life Grand Prix series. Created for dedicated fans of the motorsport, the game focuses on presenting a sophisticated simulation of the power and handling of an F1 car, under a variety of realistic conditions. Developers incorporated real-world racing data and feedback from teams and parts manufacturers. The game's physics account for the whole car, part by overpowered part, to create an authentically 'twitchy' feel in steering and acceleration, demanding precision from virtual drivers. In a sport of control, skill in managing the uncontrollable separates winners from the pack, and the game's dynamic weather system affects the courses in extensive detail. As rain begins to fall, for example, areas of the track sheltered by foliage or overhanging structures remain dry and safe, and after a shower, slick puddles remain in low spots as moisture evaporates from the rest of the track. Other fleeting details can change conditions in significant way, such as whether the track is still clean and 'green' or has been broken in over a weekend of racing. Quick-race options are available, as well as a Career Mode campaign of three, five, or seven seasons, in which players must manage their F1 careers off as well as on the track. Multiplayer racing is supported over an Internet connection.

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Everyone crammed into the nightclub Codies were using to showcase their new Formula 1 game said the same thing: 'I haven't played an FI game for years, but I really liked those Geoff Crammond ones from way back.'

If those games are still the nostalgic benchmark for FI racing simulators, it's a sad state of affairs. Someone needs to take the dusty crown, give it a real good polish and bring FI gaming into the here and now.

Codies, using the EGO engine that makes other games like Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID look so delicious, are hoping they can finish in pole position with this one.

Formula F1 2010 Crack! Fremtes Subscribe Unsubscribe 0. 7 Oct 2010 2 053. Tweet Share on Facebook. HTML-code: Copy. F1 2010 is a video game based on the 2010 season of the Formula One world championship. The game was released in September 2010 on the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, becoming the first F1 game released on the Xbox 360. It has sold 2.3 million units worldwide. F1 2010 is the official game of the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship and includes all of the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2010 season. Franchises: F1 - FIA Formula One.

F1 2010 certainly looks pretty and from experience we can also say that it's incredibly difficult when played with a wheel and with the in-game driving aids all disabled.At least, the sum total of PC efforts failed to make it round a single lap without all the wheels coming off.

The Bigger Picture

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Friends And Enemies

It's all well and good busting the chops of AI drivers all the time, but real drivers take their skills online, competing against people who clock incredible, mind-boggling times after months of practice. F1 2010 is going to have a whole raft of online options, although we don't yet know if there's going to anything out of the ordinary. Expect the usual slew of challenges, time trials and that sort of thing for now, until we hear more.

Licence Fee

As you'd expect from an official product, this'll have all the bumph, paraphernalia and gubbins from a licensed title. Meticulously detailed and accurate cars, the proper drivers, teams and circuits. That means you can fulfil the wish of Formula 1 fans everywhere and drive Michael Schumacher's car straight into a wall, crushing his bones into paste and leaving him in a pile of twisted metal and wreckage. Or just win races easily, your call.

The Long Haul

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Codies are promising an 'extensive and challenging' career mode, which will allow you to create a new driver (we assume) and rise from the bottom of the ranks, joining and switching teams and eventually becoming the guy who can't lose because his car's miles better than everyone else's. And what could be closer to the true spirit of F1 than that?

F1 2010

Weather Report

Rain plays a big part in the Formula 1 season, so it'll be important to simulate the effects of liquid on tarmac accurately, otherwise Codies will be sure to feel the wrath of many an aggrieved F1 nutcase. The most advanced weather system in any driving game is what's promised and who are we to argue with a press release.

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Pole Position

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You don't want to make the pit stop, but in F1 2010 perhaps it'll be more fun than usual. Codies say they are working to make the whole pit lane experience 'tense and exciting' as your shiny motor is polished and worked over by a gang of faceless nobodies in overalls. We'd love a 'realism' mode where a grease-stained mechanic comes over to Schumacher, looks his car up and down, sucks in air through his teeth, and then tells him the parts won't be in for two weeks and that he'll have to wait. That would be amazing.