Fairy Tale Summariesmac Drama

This comical play (moderate or large cast depending on your needs) is suitable whether studying fantasy and fairy tales, the German culture or in a drama class. Students strengthen their reading (fluency), speaking (diction) and listening skills (restating) while learning to work cooperatively. With Shelley Duvall, John Achorn, Patrick DeSantis, David McCharen. A miscellany of numerous classic fairy tales' adaptations. 3(R): 'How might creating these images help us prepare for our drama writing exercise? For your writing center time today, you will get to write one of the dramatic stories that you saw today. You can choose to write a story from the fairy tale that your group had or you can write a story from another tale. Each unit wrote a script, created a backdrop, and created/used costumes and props (from the thrift store) to create their own story, loosely based on a fairy tale/nursery rhyme. We had Rapunzle has a bad hair day, The case of Who pushed Humpty Dumpty, The lost puppies and the ginger bread house, The three little pigs have a party.

Fairy Tale Lesson Plan
Six session outline for a mixed-up fairy tales lesson!

Fairy Tale Lesson Plan 2
17 page lesson created by a Drama Notebook member that covers two nine-week sessions!

Bag of Fairy Tale Titles
Here are sixteen original fairy tale titles, plus instructions for using them as prompts and two story outlines to help younger students structure their stories.

Mixed-up Fairy Tales Drama Activity
Fun, printable lists of suggestions that may be picked out of a hat, inspiring students to create their own mixed-up fairy tales!

Fairy Tale Summariesmac Drama List

Fairy Tale Mix-Up
Students can create their own mixed-up fairy tales using grab-bag elements borrowed from a variety of stories!

Fairy Tale Summariesmac Drama Series

Fairy Tale Character Role Play Cards
For all ages! 48 fairy tale characters that are ready to be printed out and laminated as cards to use over and over with your students.

Fairytale List
Printable list of 18 fairy tales and four ways to use the list in drama class.

Fairy Tale Pairs
Sixteen fairy tale pairs are ready to print out, cut apart and put in a hat to use for pantomime activities, team-building, or as inspiration for skits or short plays!

Hansel and Gretel Drama Lesson
Five pages of facts, discussion questions and extension activities for the story ‘Hansel and Gretel.’

Fairy Tale Candidates Drama Lesson
5 pages.For ages 12 and up. Great drama integration lesson that utilizes fairy tale characters to study different types of government and to learn about debating important issues.

Somewhat Gruesome Grimms
Nine original Grimm’s fairy tales that have not been Disney-ized! Four of the stories include detailed analyses and discussion questions to share with your class.

Fairy Tale Character Worksheet
Custom worksheet for students who are working with fairy tale characters. Includes simple and advanced versions!

Fairy Tale Subtext Scenes
Over 60 games designed to help students become better storytellers.

Fairy tale summariesmac drama list

Forbidden Room Story Outline
Fill-in-the-blank story outline that students use to create a compelling, original fairy tale skit.

Little Red Riding Hood-
Objectives, Obstacles, Tactics

Six pages. For ages 8 and up. Easy-to-follow lesson that helps students understand objectives, obstacles and tactics using a well-known fairy tale.

The Fisherman and His Wife-
Objectives, Obstacles, Tactics

Six pages. For ages 8 and up. Easy-to-follow lesson that helps students understand objectives, obstacles and tactics using a well-known fairy tale.

Fairy Tale Tableaus
Ready-to-play activity in which students act out fairy tales in three frozen pictures.

Fairy Tale Summariesmac Drama Cool

Fairy Tale Mock Trials
Delight your students with this mock trial unit featuring complete instructions for ‘Goldilocks on Trial’ and much more! 12 pages in all.