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Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the ultimate fighting game released for Xbox, PlayStation and PC, featuring forty four playable characters and five new characters not found in previous release of Street Fighter: Decapre, Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento. With various fight modes for the online community it is the most enhanced fighting game to date. All of the previously released DLC costumes from Super Street Fighter 4 arcade editions are included if the game is purchased as a standalone game.
There are six new stages to fight in and some added new moves unique to this version such as Delayed Stand Up, Extra EX and Focus attacks. The single player game features an arcade mode, versus, multiplayer battle, training and challenge. If you want to play with a friend the game caters toward 2 player competitive play online featuring ranked match, endless battle, team battle and tournament modes. There are replays to check out of other players and lots of badges and bragging rights to seek out, making the online experience a lot more fun than its offline counterpart. Finding online players can be a challenge when there is few local players at a given time. This is an issue which plagues both PC and console versions but is more prominent on the PC.
Ultra Street Fighter 4 offers sharper graphics compared to the console version, but the graphics are visually smooth and stable whatever the system you are playing on. Overall, this is a solid and well established fighting game that's easy to pick up and play but deep enough to take many months even years of practice to master. IGN game score: 9.0

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Decapre is a blonde female character from Russia resembling Cammy, with same long pigtails. Her face is burned on one side, and that's why she wears a mask. She fights with a pair of retractable daggers, that are longer than Vega's. Her moveset includes Psycho Sting, Spiral Arrow, Rapid Dagger, Scramble, Break, Razor Edge Slicer, Cannon Strike, Strafe Dagger, Psycho Stream and DCM.


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Elena is a tall and cheerful, blue eyed girl from Kenya, a princess of an African nation with strong spirit, able to sense evil within people. Her attire is revealing, consisting only of a two piece bikini and colored bands. Her moveset includes Rhino Horn, Mallet Smash, Spin Scythe, Scratch Wheel, Lynx Tail, Spinning Beat, Brave Dance and Healing.


Hugo is an unbelievably tall and muscular character, standing almost 8 feet tall, making him the tallest of all Street Fighter characters. He wears brown boots, purple jeans and a thick chain around his waist. He first appeared in Final Fight, but after the defaeat at the hands of Mike Haggar, Hugo has determined to join the world street fighting championship. His moveset includes Giant Palm Bomber, Moonsault Press, Shootdown Backbreaker, Meat Squasher, Ultra Throw, Monster Lariat, Hammer Mountain, Gigas Breaker and Megaton Press.


Poison is Hugo's friend and his manager, a member of the Mad Gear Gang. She also originated from the Final Fight series, born in the USA and well trained in acrobatics. Her moveset includes Whip of Love, Kissed by a Goddess, Love Me Tender, Aeolus Edge, Thunder Whip, Love Storm, and Poison Kiss.


Rolento is a muscular and acrobatic character from the USA, standing only at 5 foot 10 inches, wearing a yellow military uniform with a red scarf and hat. Roleto is somewhat similar to Guile, both being members of special forces and war veterans. His moveset includes Patriot Circle, Stinger, Mekong Delta Attack, Mekong Delta Air Raid, Mekong Delta Escape, Steel Rain, Mine Sweeper, Patriot Sweeper, and Take No Prisoners.
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Fighting Games are action games about combat, martial arts and bloody duels. Take part in exciting tournaments where you can kick, punch or even kill your opponent. Be stickman or robot, ninja or superhero and let fire-breathing dragons competing against each other. You can play against computer or choose one of our free 2 player fighting games and play together with friends. The best and most popular online fighting games are waiting for you to play!
A bloody fighting game depicts combat between a set number of fighters. The fighters can be stickmen, robots, ninjas, pokemons or superheroes. Players compete against each other until they defeat their opponent or the timer runs out. Typical 2 player fighting games are Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Combat. A boxer or a wrestler, a sword fighter or a battle mech, here you can be whoever you want to. Our free fighting games usually feature special moves that animated fighters use to attack their opponent. Learn how to do a perfect hook and uppercut and become an ultimate fighting champion.
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