Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac

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  1. Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Macbook Pro
  2. Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac Windows 7

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Note: These steps are valid only if you are running FileWave version 8.5.0.


* FileWave 8.5.0

* Installed and Configured MDM

* iOS 7 and higher devices that are enrolled in FileWave (DOES NOT WORK ON iOS 6)

Note: The Enterprise FileWave App Portal is required on iOS 8 devices

Creating the Enterprise FileWave App Portal Fileset

In FileWave Admin -> Filesets -> New Mobile Fileset -> Enterprise select 'Use a remote .ipa file' and enter the Enterprise FileWave 8.5.0 App Portal URL:

(see the current download page for your appropriate Enterprise App URL)

You may choose to host the file locally on your FileWave server or remotely on the FileWave CDN based on the needs of your environment.



* You have a fair amount of iOS devices ( >1,000 ) and you need to keep the external traffic to a minimum

* No downstream internet connection usage, potentially upstream usage if your FileWave MDM server is exposed to the internet, and devices are outside your network.


* You have a lot of devices (1,000+) and don't want to saturate your FileWave server with requests for this IPA.

* It it not a concern that each device will make it's own connection to the download location.

* Light on your server, load and speed of distribution relies on your downstream internet connection to devices.

Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Macbook Pro

Deploying the Enterprise FileWave App Portal Fileset

Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac Windows 7

Once the iOS Enterprise - App Portal 8.5.0 Fileset is created you will associate to, at a minimum, your iOS 8 devices. You can easily accomplish this by creating an iOS 8 Smart Group. In FileWave Admin -> Clients -> New Smart Group. Give your Smart Group a name, click the + sign in the bottom left hand corner to add criteria, and select “Inventory Query”.

Select the box to the right to define the Inventory Query in the Query Builder. Name the Query at the top and set the Main Component to “iOS Device”. In the Criteria tab, drag the Operating System / version component from the left pane, select the “begins with” operand, and type “8.” in the textbox. Next drag the Operating System / type component from the left pane, select the “is” operand, and select “iOS” from the drop down. In the Fields tab, drag the “FileWave Client Name” component and then click save.

Now an association between the iOS 8 Smart Group and the iOS Enterprise - App Portal 8.5.0 Fileset can be made. The Enterprise App Portal will install and then remove the old App Portal from the device. The App Portal will needed to be trusted on the device.