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Ford Racing
  • Elite Systems
    Gotham Games
    Toolbox Design
    Visual Impact Productions
  • 2K Games
    Eidos Interactive
    Empire Interactive
    Feral Interactive
    Take-Two Interactive
  • Arcade
    Game Boy Advance
    Mac OS X
    Nintendo DS
    Personal computer
    PlayStation 2
    PlayStation Portable
First releaseFord Racing
November 2, 2000 (PC)
January 29, 2001 (PlayStation)
Latest releaseOff Road
March–September 2008 (various platforms)
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The short track portion of the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season continues this weekend at Richmond International Raceway, where Ford will be looking to get back in victory lane for the first time since Team Penske drivers Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski swept both events in 2014. Developed internally, Ford Racing focuses on 12 cars from Ford Motor Company’s US and European road car models. Ford’s Taurus is one of the featured vehicles, along with the Mustang, Focus, F-Series, Explorer, GT90, and several more. With real cars featured you would expect a genuine physics engine, but no.

Ford Racing is a racing video game series consisting of seven titles released for various platforms, including the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, personal computer (PC) and Xbox. The games in the Ford Racing series center around racing modern and vintage Ford cars and trucks through specifically designed tracks, while competing against computer-driven (and sometimes player-driven) opponents. The series began with the release of Ford Racing in 2000. The latest game, titled Ford Racing Off Road, was released in 2008; the game featured the addition of vehicles from Land Rover, which was owned by Ford at the time.

Video games[edit]

Ford Racing (2000)[edit]

Ford Racing was released for the PC in November 2000, followed by a PlayStation version released in January 2001. Elite Systems developed the PC version, while Toolbox Design developed the PlayStation version. Both versions were published by Empire Interactive. The game features 12 Ford cars from both the United States and Europe lines and 9 tracks on which to race. The game features a career mode with several different types of races and the ability to upgrade the cars with various upgrades.[1]

On Metacritic, the PlayStation version has a score of 53, while the PC version has a score of 51, both indicating 'Mixed or average reviews.'[2][3]

Ford Racing 2 (2003)[edit]

Ford Racing 2 was released on October 28, 2003 for the PlayStation 2 (PS2), followed by releases for the PC and Xbox later that year. Gotham Games and Razorworks developed the game, which was published by Empire Interactive and Take-Two Interactive. It was released for the Mac OS X in October 2004 by Feral Interactive.[4] The sequel includes 30 Ford cars, 16 racing tracks, the ability to race head-to-head, over 30 challenges and other features.[5]

On Metacritic, the PS2 version has a score of 51, while the Xbox version has a score of 62, both indicating 'Mixed or average reviews.'[6][7]

Ford Racing 3 (2004)[edit]

Ford Racing 3 was released in Europe on October 29, 2004, followed by a U.S. release the following year. The game was released for PC, PS2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance (GBA), and Nintendo DS. Visual Impact Productions developed the GBA and DS versions, while Razorworks developed the other versions. Empire Interactive and Global Star Software published the game, which includes 55 different types of Ford vehicles and 14 different tracks.[8]

On Metacritic, the PS2 and Xbox versions have a score of 50 and 58 respectively, each indicating 'Mixed or average reviews,'[9][10] while the DS version has a score of 49, indicating 'Generally unfavorable reviews.'[11]

Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives (2005)[edit]

Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives, featuring only Ford Mustangs, was the next game in the series.[12][13] It was developed by Eutechnyx and published by 2K Games, and released for the PS2 and Xbox in April 2005. The game features 40 Mustang vehicles dating to 1964. The game features three single-player game modes, and includes 22 race tracks set in seven U.S. cities.


On Metacritic, the PS2 version has a score of 58, while the Xbox version has a score of 55, both indicating 'Mixed or average reviews.'[14][15]

Ford Racing Full Blown (2006)[edit]

In January 2006, Empire Interactive announced that it had partnered with Sega Amusements Europe to develop an arcade game based on the series, titled Ford Racing Full Blown. The game was released in Europe in March 2006.[16][17]

Ford Street Racing (2006)[edit]

Ford Street Racing, developed by Razorworks, was released in 2006, for PC, PS2, PlayStation Portable (PSP), and Xbox. The PSP version was published by Eidos Interactive, while the other versions were published by Empire Interactive.[18]

Ford Racing Off Road (2008)[edit]

Ford Racing Off Road, released outside of the U.S. as Off Road, is the latest game in the series, released in 2008 for the PC, PS2, PSP and Wii. Off Road was developed by Razorworks and published by Empire Interactive. The game features 18 officially licensed Land Rover and Ford vehicles, 12 detailed tracks and 3 different off-road environments (Desert, Water and Ice).[19]

Ford Racing Gamefaqs

According to Metacritic, the game received 'Generally unfavorable reviews.'[20][21][22][23]


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Ford Racing Game Android

Do you remember the original Ford Racing? Of course you don't. Nobody does, except perhaps a few people who worked on it. Lost amid the monthly morass of driving games, its route to the bargain bins was swift and undignified. So what has Empire decided to do? Forget about it and move on? Of course not. They’ve drafted in a different developer (Razorworks of Total ImmersionRacing fame) to knock out a sequel. And from our extensive playtest there wouldn't appear to be a great deal of work left to do. as Ford Racing 2 looks as good as done.So what are you going to get this time round? From what we've seen, a great deal more bang for your buck, particularly as the game is set to retail for less than a tenner. That’s nothing. In fact you could probably have earned it by now if you weren’t sitting on your arse reading magazines all day. (Quality mags aside.)

Mustang Sally

Thanks to the exclusive deal with Ford, the game will feature 32 of their vehicles from 1949 onwards, including Mustangs, Thunderbirds, F-series pickup trucks, exotic concept cars and 200mph stock cars. There's even a category called Movie Stars, offering a range of cars made famous by films and TV shows. So if you’ve ever wanted to have a spin in the Mustang that Steve McQueen drove for the famous 1968 car chase in Bullitt, this is probably as close as you're going to get. The cars on offer stretch to the present day and beyond, with the inclusion of so-called 'future classics' such as the beefed-up Ford GT.There will also be a great deal of track variety on offer, taking in race circuits, city-based tracks, off-road jungle action and even oval speedways for some pseudo-Nascar action.

As for game modes, Ford Racing 2 keeps on giving, offering a generous octet of driving challenges. Standard Race is self-explanatory; Elimination involvesthe last two cars dropping out each lap; Duel sees you take on a different challenger each lap; Drafting requires you to drive in your opponent's slipstream; Driving Skills has you steering through a series of gates; Seconds Out (our current favourite) sees you collecting time bonuses to keep your lap time down; Racing Line requires you to stick to it like shit to a blanket; and, finally, Time Attack is simply you against the track.

Something of a bumper package then, and one that is already looking like a vast improvement on the original, which had to go out and actually buy before we could review it. This time around, preview code has been readily available, and Empire's confidence appears to be well-placed, despite the reduced price tag. Bargain hunters will be able judge for themselves soon.