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In this downloads section you will find all the available tools to make your CMS Made Simple Website.

Lucky for us now, we don’t need to use dirt or stones anymore. With the advent of technological advancement, board game templates are even available online. For instance you are in to bingo, all you have to do is surf the Internet and find the one that suits your board game preferences, such as our blank bingo templates.

You’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for all of these models: The diagrams in this book are incredibly detailed and very easy to follow. You won’t find any intimidating instructions like “repeat steps 20 to 30 on the other side” without any visual guides. Shopping Made Fun. Join over 500 million others that have made their shopping more smart, fun, and rewarding. Signature995 uses native PDF encryption, offering a high level of protection for all your Internet communications, including legal documents and financial transactions. Signature995 employs Microsoft digital certificate technologies to create and validate digital signatures. It is both powerful and easy to use. Enkord - Fun Games Made Simple! Looking for web HTML5 games playable in your mobile or desktop browser to play online for free? Here are the top free browser-based games for you - no download, no install required. Play on your mobile phone, iphone or android, tablet, windows, mac, or linux, desktop or laptop computer. One click play - fast.

Here you will find the latest release of the core project files needed to install and run a CMSMSTM website. You will also find access to the file release system where you can see and download all previous versions of the core.

Here you’ll find the library of modules created further extend functionality of the core. Modules often have additional features that considerably expand the power of the system. Examples of modules include calendars, member systems, galleries and more. Many modules can also be installed directly through the core Module Manager.

Smarty plugins can be added to the plugins folder of an installed copy of CMSMS to add extra functions to the core. Read through the library entries to see what each plugin does.

The library of contributed themes allow you to add an entirely new look to an existing site. You can use these themes ‘as is’ or as a starting point to develop further into your own custom themes. Themes can be installed through the Design Manager. Because of the simplicity in creating or adapting your own themes, premade themes are not a large focus compared to some other content management systems.

The CMSMSTM logo is available here, for you to use in your own sites to show your support for your favourite content management system.


A game design document template is the blue print from which a game is to be built and it is a highly graphic living design document for a video game. It is usually abbreviated as GDDT (game design document template) and basically used in a video game industry to systematize efforts within a development team. Generally the document serves as a network and hub to connect as well as list all aspect of a video game. It is created and edited by the development team and every single detail which is essential to build the game is addressed. Normally the document is produced by the development team as result of teamwork between their programmers, artists and designers.

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Importance of Game Design Document

A game design document is an important document which has its own importance it serves as the skeleton of the game and contains all the required details of the newly formed game. If you are a solo developer than you need to open this document various times in order to make everything accurately. But if you are not a solo developer and have a team to develop a game the importance of such document even increases because it is your responsibility to make every team member aware of any change occurs. These document is one of the basic tool to avoid any kind of mess.

Details of Game Design Document Template

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Generally the game developers may create the game design document template in the planning stage of game development. Once the project has been affirmed the document is amplified by the developer to the level where it can effectively guide the development team and the developer has to strict to the game design document format during a game development process. A game design document sample is consist of images, graphs, charts, list of information relevant to each segment of development as well as clearly outline how they will all fit together and organized by the features will be in the game.