Game 50: May 15, 2015the Initials Game

Initials: B.W.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Patrick (Rube)

50:Game 50: may 15 2015 the initials game on
1Ben WallaceAJ Mansour1
2Blair WalshPaul Lambert2
3Bill WaltonPaul Lambert1
4Black WidowChris Hawkey1
5Betty WhitePaul Lambert5AJ Mansour
6Best WesternChris Hawkey5
7Barbra WaltersChris Hawkey4
8Barry WhiteAJ Mansour6Paul Lambert
9Bill WalshPatrick (Rube)4
10Bruce WillisPaul Lambert4Chris Hawkey
AJ Mansour
11Blue WhalePatrick (Rube)4AJ Mansour
12Blair WitchChris Hawkey4AJ Mansour
TBBoy WonderChris HawkeyPaul Lambert

List of all the previous INITIALS winners, date of game played, winning point total of the game, initials used in the game, when the winner got their first point and number of players in the game. Once again a Game of Thrones-game disappoints, because the last Game of Thrones-game by Cyanide was also average at best. This role playing game lacks any polish, looks amateurish and lacks a good enough story arc to remain interesting. Even for diehard fans of Game of Thrones we can't recommend this.

1Chris Hawkey51
2Paul Lambert4111
3AJ Mansour241
3Patrick (Rube)2

Game 50: May 15 2015 The Initials Game On

Notes & Quotes
Patrick (Rube) won the chance to play Initials via the 2015 Sludgeathon. His winning bid was $1,850.
Hawk: “Everybody think I’m joking, but I’m not kidding. If I lose this game, especially to Meatsauce, it detracts from my weekend!”
Cory, before the first item: “Chris, I’m sorry. Just buckle up. [Number one.] NBA champion—”
Hawk: “—COME ON!”
Cory: “You want to see fury? Ruin this game for Sauce and he will cut your head off.”
AJ: “I was sitting on that one.”
Meastauce: “Hawkey got a Groupon for that.”
AJ, to Hawkey: “So we get the basketball ones, and you get the sexual cannibalism ones.”
Cory: “Patrick has a real nice heart, and that is worth something. It’s not worth any points in the game, but it is worth something.”
Two tough misses: AJ guessed “Beluga Whale” for “Blue Whale,” and Meatsauce guessed “Bruce Wayne” for “Boy Wonder.”
AJ, after Meatsauce lost the tiebreaker: “Bruce Wayne?!”
Meatsauce: “I don’t know. Who cares? Good job, Hawk. Have a good weekend. At least it’s not ruined by a meaningless game.”
Meatsauce: “I know one thing: kicking ass in this game.”
Cory: “I just will never forget Sauce cheering for you when you got Blair Witch.”
Hawk: “Yeah, I don’t know what happened.”
Cory: “That backfired.”
Meatsauce: “I’m glad he won.”
Cory: “Oh yea, we all really believe that.”
Meatsauce: “No, for real though, who cares?”
AJ: “Tell that to the broken headphones you chucked at the computer.”
Meatsauce: “I can hear out of them. Obviously yours are broken. How many times did you guess, once?”
Hawk: “God, you are so mean.”
Meatsauce: “Of course I’m mean! All you guys do is pile on me!”
Meatsauce: “Ohhh, says the guy that rips every one of these guys all day long about how bad they are at this game.”
AJ: “All day? How about week!”
Hawk: “Yeah, when you win, you send me pictures of your middle finger by text, all weekend.”
Meatsauce: “That’s not my finger.”
Hawk: “It sure looks like your finger, a pinky finger.”
Cory: “A pinky toe.”
This was Meatsauce’s first ever tiebreaker loss.

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Game 50: May 15 2015 The Initials Games

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