Game 64: August 28, 2015the Initials Game

Game 64: August 28, 2015the Initials Game
  1. Game 64: August 28 2015 The Initials Game On
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Game 64: August 28 2015 The Initials Game On

Initials: A.H.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Ben Leber

Game 64: August 28 2015 The Initials Games

1Aaron HernandezBen Leber3
2Anfernee HardawayBen Leber5Paul Lambert*
3Animal HouseChris Hawkey3Paul Lambert*
4Audrey HepburnAJ Mansour6Paul Lambert
Ben Leber
5Anthony HopkinsChris Hawkey1
6American HustlePaul Lambert6
7Arsenio HallPaul Lambert3
8Adolph HitlerPaul Lambert5
9Anne HathawayPaul Lambert1
10Alfred HitchcockPaul Lambert6
11Air HockeyBen Leber5Paul Lambert
12Aaron HicksAJ Mansour4
1Paul Lambert5411
2Ben Leber311
3Chris Hawkey211
3AJ Mansour2
Notes & Quotes
Hawkey had “bubble guts” (and “chicken skin”) going into the game.
Supposedly in in honor of Ben’s last game for a while, the show debuted a new “bit,” which recapped the previous week’s game and previewed today’s game. The bit featured “Big Voice Guy” and was done in the style of the Vikings pregame intros.

“This week, will AJ even ring in? Will Leber win before his Initials hiatus? Will Meatsauce get win number 30 or pout until his daddy buys him new shoes? Will Hawkey continue to gain ground on the all-time wins list? Will this bit ever end? Is this game ever going to start? Will there be a pregame preach? Initials starts now.”

After Cory read off the standings…
Meatsauce: “Lurking in the grass, Hogsly!”
Hawk: “I’m like a bunny rabbit.”
Meatsauce: “Yeah, and I’m going to run you over in a minute.”
Leber, after getting the first item: “My mic works!”
*Meatsauce incorrectly guessed “Anthony Hardaway” for Item 2 (Hawk: “I didn’t know Penny wasn’t his real name!”) and “Animal Hospital” for Item 3. Afterward, Cory said, “You’re on fire,” and Meatsauce responded, “So are your crabs.”
Cory: “Everyone’s pissed. What a buzzkill.”
Hawk: “What a bummer.”
Cory: “Sorry, Ben. The last game that you played just sucked. Everyone’s pissed. Sauce dominated after being a total moron for like the first five clues.”
Hawk: “The worst case scenario.”
Meatsauce: “Hey, remember when, uh, Tiger Woods was really good at golf, and you could take him or the field?”
AJ: “Shut his mic off.”
Meatsauce: “That’s what this is.”
Hawk: “I beat you two weeks in a row!”
Meatsauce: “You’re good. You’re the only competition. The rest are like playing with, like, Playskool golf clubs.”

[Stats legend]

Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphiaIntYdsAvgLgTDSoloAstTotSackYdsL
Connor BarwinC. Barwin000.00004150.00.0
Jerome CouplinJ. Couplin000.00005050.00.0
Eric RoweE. Rowe000.00004040.00.0
Edjuan BiggersE. Biggers000.00004040.00.0
Ed ReynoldsE. Reynolds000.00004040.00.0
Najee GoodeN. Goode000.00004040.00.0
Deontae SkinnerD. Skinner000.00003030.00.0
Byron MaxwellB. Maxwell000.00003030.00.0
Taylor HartT. Hart000.00003030.00.0
Jaylen WatkinsJ. Watkins000.00002020.00.0
Marc AnthonyM. Anthony000.00002020.00.0
Cedric ThorntonC. Thornton000.00002021.03.0
Chris ProsinskiC. Prosinski000.00002020.00.0
Brad JonesB. Jones000.00001120.00.0
Jordan HicksJ. Hicks000.00001120.00.0
Brandon GrahamB. Graham000.00001120.00.0
Kenjon BarnerK. Barner000.00002020.00.0
Nolan CarrollN. Carroll000.00002020.00.0
Randall EvansR. Evans100.00001010.00.0
Raheem MostertR. Mostert000.00001010.00.0
Brandon BairB. Bair000.00000110.00.0
DeMeco RyansD. Ryans000.00001010.00.0
Denzel RiceD. Rice000.00001010.00.0
Vinny CurryV. Curry000.00001010.00.0
Bryan BramanB. Braman000.00001010.00.0
Chris MaragosC. Maragos000.00001010.00.0
Fletcher CoxF. Cox000.00001010.00.0
Walter ThurmondW. Thurmond12828.0028t10000.00.0