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El Presidente Vicente Fox of Mexico may hit the trifecta, owing to the Bush administration's (and administrations before it) patent indifference to illegal immigration, as well as the legions of open border apologists and liberal do-gooders who aid and abet the human invasion of our country from the south.

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The trifecta in the making? Imagine this: Mexican textbooks in American classrooms; illegal alien students in American classrooms; and, incredibly, illegal alien teachers in American classrooms.
Mexican textbooks
Last December, I published this post and wrote the following:
What American taxpayers need to understand, and especially those with school-age children attending public schools, is that the government of Mexico is striving to imbue American school children and the offspring of illegal aliens sharing classrooms with them with Mexico's culture and its nation's history. That's right ... you read that correctly. Fox News reported yesterday that a public school student in the Santa Ana School District in southern California is not only studying American history, but is receiving textbooks from Mexico via its Los Angeles-based consulate on Mexico's history. American school children in possession of Mexican textbooks!
Mexico has absolutely no business doing this -- interfering in American public education -- and the Bush Administration, which champions its No Child Left Behind educational initiative, is altogether disingenuous in not sharing this fact with American voters. Fact is, the U.S. Department of Education is a co-conspirator!

I went on to recommend to my readers an important, must-read column by Heather MacDonald, published in the prestigious, widely-read 'City Journal.' I heartily recommend once again that you read it in its entirety.
Illegal Alien Students
The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington D.C. estimates, according to Frosty Wooldridge, that 1.1 million illegal aliens currently occupy seats in America's classrooms and that number can only grow. And the cost to American taxpayers of educating other than American citizens? A staggering $12.0 billion annually, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (and $24 billion when you account for children born here in this country to illegal aliens).
As Mr. Wooldridge challenges parents of schoolchildren in this alarming column:
American parents must ask what kind of an education their kids receive from parents’ hard earned tax dollars. Short answer: severely degraded. No teacher can administer the educational curriculum with the chaos of 40 languages. They can’t teach with the fear of weapons and drugs in classrooms. As shown in Denver and in much of the USA, one in five teachers quit out of complete frustration.

His prescription?
What can be done? We must insist that our publicly elected leaders, first of all, stop the illegal alien invasion. We cannot survive it much longer. It creates a non-viable underclass, which in time will create hopelessness for millions. It will also create violence as their numbers grow. Second, we must insist that all people speak English in America as their first language. We cannot have foreign language television and radio stations that enhance non-assimilation. We must not allow multiple languages to be offered in any official public documents. We fracture our society and separate it into multiple language factions and an uneasy tension if we continue on this path with over 40 to 100 languages. Third, we must insist on 90 percent graduation rates from high school by ensuring that all students are here in this country legally and that they and their parents want to invest in the American Dream. Without the horrific confusion and costs of illegal alien students, we have a greater chance of realizing that kind of success.

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Illegal Alien Teachers
In California alone, illegal and legal immigration have led to state agencies and California's public school districts having to grapple with adults and schoolchildren who speak over 100 different languages. The California Department of Education (CDE) 'recognizes 54 languages in data from its annual census.'
The upshot? Would you believe in Los Angeles County alone 3.8 million adults (53% of L.A. County's adult workforce) are effectively illiterate? And the numbers only get worse, as VDARE reports.
But some school districts in the United States intend to get creative in coming up with innovative solutions for educating their large, non-English speaking student populations. Enter the Dallas School District. They're considering hiring illegal alien school teachers to overcome the hurdle of bilingual education!
Some Dallas Independent School District trustees said they look forward to discussing the issue while others are treading cautiously. The district's attorneys will also participate in the discussion at today's meeting.
'I'm open to listening to the legal points they might make,' trustee Hollis Brashear said. 'But I don't know if we can discuss something that involves not complying with U.S. law.'
'We as trustees can no longer solve problems like we did 10 years ago,' Mr. Garza said. 'We have to be innovative.'
For Mr. May, no idea is too far-fetched. Last year, he successfully pushed a proposal, initially greeted with considerable skepticism, that requires some principals to become bilingual. The issue divided blacks and Hispanics and received nationwide attention.

This is precisely why America must secure its porous borders and stop the invasion. And this is why what Rep. Tom Tancredo refers to as 'Amnesty-Lite' -- namely, President Bush's proposed, Ted Kennedy-endorsed,Guest Worker Program -- must be defeated.Get creative with stripes and big slant tall
Maybe, just maybe, the issue of what's happening in America's classrooms will get American parents off their collective hindquarters to join the fight for border security and immigration reform sans amnesty. If they won't fight the political fight for themselves, let's hope they'll do it for their children. The K-12 public school classroom has become a microcosm of illegal immigration's deleterious effects on this country -- a veritable petri dish for the insidious Bush-Fox alliance, determined as it is to forge an 'integrated North America with open borders and a common labor market.' The children, of course, get lost in the politics and are compelled to learn Spanish, read Mexican textbooks, and, perhaps not in the too distant future, receive their education from teachers here illegally.
And do remember: quality educations are not just a function of quality teachers. Students also benefit from the quality of the students around them. If you accept that premise, this and this should give you pause.
What say you? Had enough?

Get Creative With Stripes And Big Slanted

FOLLOW-UP (02/11/06): James Fulford adds to the immigrant teachers' controversy that I point to in my post and provides some important links. Do read it.