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Discovery of gold in Australia

There had been multiple gold finds in New South Wales (Bathurst and Monaro), Tasmania and what would become Victoria prior to the ‘official’ discovery of the precious metal by Edward Hargraves near Orange in 1851.

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After a disappointing bedrock test, Parker and team weigh out their gold total for the week. Stream Full Episodes of Gold Rush: Workers specifications explained Salary: $70.00/day - Each worker has a set salary that they will be paid at the end of each day. Ratio: 17% - Each worker will have a ratio in percentage(%). The higher the ratio the more this worker will be paid and the better the perks will be. Main Skill: Hog Pan Container - Each worker will be specific to one bit of equipment or vehicle, there is also a. Gold Rush is a new game full of surprises and adventures which I invite you to participate starting today. Build a mine and extract all the gold you can. In general, the players in Gold Rush can choose between two different game modes choose. Download the gold in the shop where you can buy explosives and materials that will aid your task.

One former cast member said that at least 90 percent of the good things he did on the set were cut, never to be shown to the public, just to make him 'a character.' Not that this is surprising for reality television shows, but still, attempting to turn miners working together into bad guys and good guys, like they're pro wrestlers, is a bit strange. Gold Rush: The Game General Discussions Topic Details. Oct 16, 2017 @ 5:17am not working i just got this game and every time i open the game up.

In 1841 Reverend William Branwhite Clarke, one of the earliest geologists in the colony, came across particles of gold near Hartley in the Blue Mountains.

In 1844 he mentioned it to Governor Gipps who reportedly said: ‘Put it away Mr Clarke or we shall all have our throats cut’.

Gipps feared that mutiny would result if the people of New South Wales, the majority of whom were convicts or ex-convicts, found that gold was within easy reach.


The government’s attitude to gold discoveries changed in 1848 with news of the California gold rush. The promise of fortunes to be had across the Pacific led thousands of men to leave the colony, creating labour shortages and economic depression.

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Governor Charles FitzRoy had heard rumours of the gold to be found in New South Wales and believed a mineral discovery in the colony could reverse the economic downturn.

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He convinced the British Government in 1849 to appoint a government geologist, Samuel Stutchbury, and offered a reward to anyone who found a commercially viable amount of gold.