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Feeling bored at work? Looking for some game to kill time? I have perfect suggestion for you – Gun Mayhem 2. This is second version of the game and it is highly rated flash game, even previous one was popular, but this one beats all records in terms of rating.

Generally speaking it is fighting/shooting game where two opponents face each other; your priority is to win the duel and to be victorious. When it comes to fast-paced, side-view shooting games it ranks #1 and there are good reasons for it:
decent graphics, awesome engine where movements are smooth and realistic, possibility to select different weapons, possibility to pick up different power-ups, different game modes (like campaign, solo play, custom games, etc.) and my favorite one – challenges.

As you can see game has a lot of benefits, you might even consider playing it at home after the work since it is so addicting and enjoyable. Oh and you can play it in multiplayer mode with four different players, I will share list of buttons below in screenshot.

Game is quite challenging in multiplayer mode, you can enjoy it with your friends and when you will win you can boast about it all day long, gonna be fun thing to do 😀

With that being said what are you waiting for? Start the actions and enjoy awesome battle.

It can be a certain style or just a loadout you really enjoy using. Mine is a mix of weapons from old battlefield games. Gaming Potatoes is a site made in Galveston TX, to help support potatoes while giving quality gaming AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

[Total: 95 Average: 4.3/5]
Gun Mayhem is a unique mixture of a readlly funny flash game and an addictive shooter where you have discover a lot of different items and weapons and enjoy several game modes. The game is pretty simple but rather tricky at the same moment. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your character, adjust its look and primary weapon and only then choose game mode. You can play the campaign mode and complete different quests, or you can just play a custom game with your friend. Yes, Gun Mayhem offers an awesome multiplayer mode and this is the main reason why people love playing it so much. The main mission of the player is to kill enemy by throwing it down from the platform. The best way to do this is to make the right shot when your enemy makes a jump and use a powerful gun. Even though that there are a lot of different weapons in this game, most of them are locked at the beginning and you must complete campaign mode to unlock them. You should also use special perks, like armor boxes and hidden presents that you may diccover on the stage. There are new versions of the game available, but I am sure that the original Gun Mayhem is much better. Enjoy the game at our website for free.
Game Controls

Gun Mayhem Gaming Potatoes

Gun Mayhem Gaming Potatoes

***Please note that the controls can be edited***

Try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. New version is here - Gun Mayhem 2, play it online with us, acquire all the different weapons and upgrades, defeat your opponents in epic battle and have fun.

Gun mayhem gaming potatoes
Arrow Keys – Movement

Gun Mayhem Gaming Potatoes

Left Square Bracket ( [ ) – Shoot

Gun Mayhem 2 Gaming Potatoes

Right Square Bracket ( ] ) – Use Bomb

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