Happy Hacking Mac

Call it a glitch, but if you’re missing the horizontal Reviewing Pane option in MS Word on your Mac, you can turn this glitch into a happy hack!

Create a macro for adding a comment and assign a shortcut to it. That’s it. You don’t have to add anything else to the macro. Using the macro will automatically open each new comment in a Reviewing Pane along the bottom of the screen (see figure).

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Happy Hacking Mac

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You can even assign the existing New Comment shortcut, so this macro overrides the in-built action: cmd + opt + A.


Happy hacking mechanical keyboard

To reply to a comment, place the cursor in the “parent” comment then use the button on the Review ribbon to add a New Comment. Do not use the new macro you created; that results only in an error message.

To close the horizontal Reviewing Pane, click the Remove Split button on the View ribbon.

For Windows Users

Select your preference for the Reviewing Pane in the Tracking group on the Review ribbon (shown below).

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Happy Room , your work is to put many kinds of traps and weapons within a restricted room to ensure it may create the most damage potential to the test dummy that’s set in the middle of this room.

When starting up the sport, you’ll be given a tutorial and will Have 3 traps unlocked at the beginning. You can find a number of 11 types of firearms and traps along with a few different things, and whenever you cause a certain amount of harm to this dummy, a certain trap/weapon is going to soon be unlocked. Do not forget you could drop the dummy as many times as you need but each time you drop it, the damage counter will reset and perhaps not mount up.

Yet Another intriguing feature is that you are consistently awarded 3 Objectives to complete each time you drop the dummy, and according to the target, it is possible to either receive green money(use to get traps/weapons) or purple money(utilize to upgrade traps/weapons). In this manner you have every trap/weapon in your disposal and you’re not restricted to how much money you’ve got.

The most attractive thing about Happy Room which is also what makes the Hard for players is that each trap/weapon will have a unique specific applications, characteristics, activation range and price. You will have to try and create the best mixes of traps/weapons you’re able to find with in order to manage probably the maximum amount of damage potential to the dummy. You’re able to take a trap/weapon straight back or area it elsewhere in case you believe that the positioning of this really isn’t proper, when you take a trap/weapon back, you are given back the amount of money which use to get said trap/weapon.

How To Play:

  • This game only uses the mouse to play, you just click on the trap/weapon that you want to place from the game screen and place it where you want it to be.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When the dummy doesn’t receive any more damage, it stops moving.
  • Always have a trap underneath the dummy and try to place as many bouncers as you can to bounce the dummy up so that it can continue receiving damage from other traps/weapons.
  • The dummy will always move a certain way every time you drop it if you leave the traps/weapons as they are so that you can calculate where to put the next trap/weapon.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Macbook