Holiday Seller's Guide

  1. enables you to sell your pre owned holiday memberships through its website to get a trusted buyer.
  2. Register yourself with and fill the form to publish details of your membership.
  3. After filling up the form details you will be directed to the payment gate page and you will be requested to pay the registration fees to publish your details.
  4. After making payment our team will verify the details you had provided and ask for more details if needed before publishing.
  5. Transfer fees charged by respective holiday company at time of transfer will be paid by buyer.
  6. Transfer procedure will be as per the respective holiday company T&C.
  7. All pending emis needs to be Paid by the seller.
  8. Pending maintenance amount has to be paid by seller of the weeks which are
  9. Pending maintenance amount of the weeks which a buyer will use will be paid by the buyer.
  10. If a seller has already paid the maintenance but not used the week & same week is not lapsed then the same amount has to be paid by the buyer to the seller.
  11. Our dedicated call centre in will help you in every step.
  12. No negotiations on price since it been already fixed by
  13. Buyer will not bargain with you since the price had been fixed by the
  14. Once buyer shows interest in your membership then he is bound to buy yours as the registration fees paid by him give him only one seller contact detail.
  15. Buyer needs to pay again & register with us if he do not purchase your membership.
  16. Only genuine buyers can approach you as the access is not free
  17. Buyer will have complete details about your product & even knows how much he needs to pay you.
  18. Once your membership is blocked you will gets alert via sms & email.

Welcome to The AMI Holiday Selling Guide. We’re launching new features and step-by-step guides over the next few weeks to help you use AMI to power your holiday sales. After a roller-coaster year. An eCommerce seller’s guide to preparing for the 2020 holiday season This is a guest post by Jimmy Rodriguez. Jimmy is the COO and co-founder of 3dcart, an ecommerce software to build SEO-friendly online stores.

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Set Holiday Sales and Promotions Strategy. The lead-up to the Holiday season – especially “Back to School” and Halloween provides ample opportunity to A/B test your messaging and find out what resonates with holiday shoppers. The lure of bargains and discounts is the strongest driving force for shoppers to try a new online retailer. Printed copies may not be the most current version. For the most current version, go to the online version at. The truth about selling a house during the holidays When we talk about winter, we’re talking about roughly December 1 to February 28, which includes all the major winter holidays, plus Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents Day.