How A Business Email Address Can Attract More Customers

Sep 23, 2011 Only flag an email as high priority if your buyer has asked you to do that (so, basically never). Take time to write respectful, friendly, and relevant emails, and you’ll get the best responses possible from customers and prospects. The Best Email Marketing Strategy for For Your Business Ask any reputable digital marketing agency what the most important tool available to businesses is and they will almost always rank email marketing as one of the top strategies a local business can use to increase profits. Why eMail Marketing? Well, for starters, email marketing has. May 16, 2016 As the research shows, repeat customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. So retaining customers is a form of customer acquisition. And customer referrals may be one of the most cost-effective and optimal sources for attracting new customers. What strategies do you use to attract customers? Read more articles on finding new customers.

Collecting customer emails on your website is one of the simplest and most automated ways of increasing your restaurants sales and creating loyal customers. By sending out targeted newsletters to your customers you’ll be giving those people an incentive to come in to your restaurant and keeping your restaurant on their minds for when they decide to dine out.

Once you have your optin setup and your newsletter designed, 10 minutes a month is all it takes to see more sales.

Step 1 – Choose An Email Marketing Provider

The first thing you will have to do is decide on which email service you would like to use for your newsletter campaigns. A few options include:

Mailchimp – Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

AWeber – Free for 30 days and then $19/month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails

See full list on

Campaign Monitor – Starting at $9/month for 2,500 emails to 500 subscribers or pay-as-you-go

Constant Contact – Free for 60 days and then $20/month for up to 500 subscribers

Step 2 – Add An Email Optin To Your Website

Now that you have chosen an email provider to store and send emails you will need to create an optin to start collecting emails. The best way to add an email optin to your website is by using a software made just for that purpose. We recommend the following options:

SumoMe – Use ‘List Builder’ by SumoMe for free to create an optin on your website that collects customer email addresses. List Builder includes a completely customizable design and is mobile optimized so that you aren’t missing customers on their phones and tablets.

OptinMonster – Using OptinMonster is an easy yet powerful way to create and A/B test lead capture forms on your website.

Hello Bar – Hello Bar is a quick way to add an email optin bar to the top of your website for customer to enter in their email.

There are literally hundreds of options to choose from so choose what works best for you and if you’re not a developer, what’s easiest to use. Also make sure that this service integrates with the email marketing provider that you have chosen in step 1.

Step 3 – Create The Incentive

Once you have added the email optin to your website and connected it to your email marketing provider you will need to create an incentive for customers to actually give you their email.

If you simply write “Sign up for our newsletter” you are not going to get very many email signups. People want something, anything, and they want it for free.

Here are a couple options:

$5 Off Coupon – Using your email marketing provider, send each new signup a coupon for $5 off their next meal at your restaurant. Not only does this offer the customer an incentive to give you their email, but they’ll also now have to come into your restaurant to redeem the coupon.

Contest – Create a contest as an incentive to collect emails. For example, add each new signup into a draw for a free appetizer or dessert each month.

Choose one of the above options or create your own idea and give customers something in exchange for their email address and you’ll see your conversion rate go up.

Step 4 – Use Your List To Grow Your Sales

Now that you have started to grow your email list it’s time to get some value out of it instead of just letting it sit there and grow.

Start sending a monthly (or no more often than weekly) newsletter to your subscribers. In this email you can include upcoming events, news menu items, current specials, coupons, contests or anything else that will inform customers of what’s happening at your restaurant and convince them to dine at your establishment in the near future.

It’s easier than you think to set this up and start growing your own email list for your restaurant. Get started on it this week and let us know how it goes.

Too busy to setup your own campaign? We can help you start collecting customer email addresses to grow your sales, contact us today!

These email templates have made an impact on our bottom line, and now they’re yours.

Our earliest customers.

The first influencers who would help us successfully launch our blog.

Our biggest integration partners.

Nearly every single big win we’ve achieved that relied on getting somebody else to do something…

…they all started with an email.

How A Business Email Address Can Attract More Customers

Of course, there’s more to getting what you want than simply sending emails. There’s plenty of background work.

But the fact remains that asking for right things, the right way, can take you very, very far.

In preparing this post, I—and a couple of teammates—searched our “Sent” folders for dozens of keywords that would suggest we were emailing to make a request of someone, and we came up with thousands of results.

We’ve always tried to share as many of our successful emails as possible, not only for transparency’s sake, but because our content is that much more valuable when anyone reading it can simply take the email we used, drop it into their own email composer, do a bit of personalization, hit send, and achieve results.

Today, I’m going to share our best scripts that have helped us with everything from marketing to partnerships to product development and more.

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17 Email Templates That Have Helped Us Grow Our Business

Check out the screenshots of the scripts below or grab the word-for-word scripts (that you can copy and paste) using the form at the top of this page.

Content Marketing Email Scripts

How A Business Email Address Can Attract More Customers Service

1) Topic Development Script

Not sure what to write about? The most effective topics are those that are pulled out of your readers (i.e., what they already want and need), versus those that are pushed on them (i.e. what you think they should read about). Use this script to pull great topics from your audience, whether they’re existing customers or not.

2) Influencer Outreach Script – Initial Email

It’s no secret that influencer outreach has been key to the growth of this blog. Use this script to reach out to influencers to get help with your content (and set yourself apart from the 99% of marketers who simply email with an ask “for a quick share”).

3) Influencer Outreach Script — The Ask


After getting feedback on your content, come back with an ask.

4) Guest Post Pitch Script

Guest posting gives you access to large new audiences that others have spent years building. Use this script to build those relationships.

5) Email Subscriber Onboarding — Welcome Email Script

When a reader subscribes to your email list, your email autoresponder becomes responsible for nurturing them into customers. The first email should set their expectations for what they’ll be receiving from you, include a few personal touches, and show them how to unsubscribe.

6) Email Subscriber Onboarding — Email 2 Script

The next day, send an email with a link to your most popular posts. This makes it easier for someone new to your blog to dive in and start with the content that others have found most valuable.

7) Email Subscriber Onboarding — Email 3 Script

A few days later, follow up with links to some of the guest posts you’ve published elsewhere around the web.

8) Email Subscriber Onboarding — “Sell” Email Script

Finally comes the ask. Reiterate the value that you’ve delivered over the past couple of weeks, explain what your business is and does, and invite the subscriber to engage.

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Customer Feedback and Product Development Scripts

9) Customer Development Script (For Potential Customers)

When you’re first starting to build your business, use this script to validate your idea, collect feedback and better understand how to build the right solution for your market.

10) Customer Development Script (For Existing Customers)

If you already have a customer base, then use this script to set up calls with your customers to ensure that you’re keeping their real needs—and not just your assumptions—front and center.

11) Customer Welcome Email Script

This email goes out to every single person that signs up for Groove. The insights we’ve gotten early on from the responses have been game-changing. We’ve been able to transform our messaging based on what we learned is most important to new customers, and we’ve been able to build deeper relationships with those customers by helping them with whatever unique goals or challenges drove them to sign up.

12) Customer Exit Survey Email Script

Customers that are on their way out the door can offer incredibly valuable insight into what you can do better. Use this simple email to collect useful feedback.

How a business email address can attract more customers service

You might also find useful:

Customer Testimonial Email Scripts

13) Customer Testimonial Pitch Script (Open-Ended)

Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool that give you credibility and help your prospects determine if your product or service is right for them. This script is useful when you’re looking to collect general testimonials.

14) Customer Testimonial Pitch Script (Pre-Written)

This script, on the other hand, is designed for when you need a testimonial to speak to a specific feature. If you feel that your customer doesn’t have much time or isn’t too comfortable writing, consider this approach instead.

Crisis Communication Email Scripts

15) Product Outage Email Script — Initial

Gmail Business Email

Extended downtime is one of the toughest and most nail-biting experiences for any tech business. It hurts, but how you come out on the other side comes down to how well you communicate with your customers during the ordeal. Here’s how we first reported on one bad experience two years ago to our customers:

16) Product Outage Email Script — Update


Send constant updates until the issue is resolved.

How A Business Email Address Can Attract More Customers Effectively

17) Product Outage Email Script — Final

And be sure to follow up once you’re back up with a deep, heartfelt apology and clear plan forward.

How to Apply This to Your Business

Business Email Address Examples

Sending effective emails is a critical part of doing business online. I hope that by pulling back the curtain on some of the emails that have worked best for us, this post helps you save time and get better results in your own email efforts.

How A Business Email Address Can Attract More Customers

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