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Do you have DVR service so you can record and then download completed recordings? I am not a Comcast Employee. I am a Customer Expert volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums. Re: How to Transfer Recordings from Cox DVR Posted by crazycubes on 12/19/16 at 7:27 pm to TigerMoose Find the USB port on your box and hook your computer up to it. Your recorded videos will automatically transfer. Use a USB drive or record the same Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna. Options also exist to use the available online software to record your favorites. Let’s take a look below and get in detail over each method with a step-by-step guide on how to record TV shows without a DVR. Best Way to Record TV Shows for Windows and Mac Recommended; Part 2.

  1. If you can store it, you can download it via slingbox while at home & watch it without connecting to cell or wi-fi. Yeah, I think Slingbox only allows streaming. If someone had the tech 'know-how' and the patience, they could probably play a show through their computer, saving it onto their computer's hard drive and then either burning it to.
  2. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has replaced the VCR as the de facto standard for most households that want to record television programming. The range of options include stand alone systems, such as the TiVo, to DVRs that are built into cable and satellite tuner boxes that can record exponentially more programming than our old 6 hour VCR tapes.

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Today, technology has advanced and provided us with so many choices to make a consideration over our entertainment ways. Television is a choice of all, but with the changing work schedules and due to some uncertain events, we do miss out on our favorite shows. So, what to do? How to still watch it within our schedules? Well, we do have an answer to your query. Simply record shows and watch them when you want. But then again, a question which arises here is how to record it? We have so many choices to do so, but here in this article, we are about to discuss how to record TV shows without a DVR. There are so many options available around. Use a USB drive or record the same Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna. Options also exist to use the available online software to record your favorites. Let’s take a look below and get in detail over each method with a step-by-step guide on how to record TV shows without a DVR.

Part 1. Best Way to Record TV Shows for Windows and Mac Recommended

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is a groundbreaking tool that helps you record shows. It is one of the well-known video converters which provide you with a choice to convert into the varied configurations. This tool is straightforward, and the use of it is quite easy and quick. It underpins you to create amazing changes in the recordings chosen. The efficiency of it is high, and you can have a fantastic experience of screen recording activity together with audio and then quickly transfer the same over your iOS or Android device. It comes with the in-built screen recorder, which helps us to record our choice of streaming videos or make some video tutorials or record even the skype or FaceTime video calls. The best part of this tool, which is unique, is you can use the same while you are doing any other activity simultaneously on your desktop or laptop. Just get a look over the steps, and you will know how to record TV shows without cable DVR.

Wondershare UniConverter - Screen Recorder for TV Videos

  • A screen recording feature makes it stand out
  • It allows you to trim your video, crop it, and apply additional effects.
  • Add subtitles and watermarks to your video as needed.
  • It allows users to save videos from over 10,000 different websites with just one click.
  • It can help you in downloading or recording your favorite 4K videos in HD format and high- quality.
  • It provides an option to download videos from any UGC online sites, MP3 videos from websites, entire video playlist from any website or TV, and recording them from various streaming websites.
Security Verified, 5,942,222 people have downloaded it.

Step-by-step Guide for Recording Shows Using UniConverter:

Step 1 Launch screen recorder

Run the tool after it’s installed on the device. On the Wondershare UniConverter window, click on the Screen Recorder section, and select there the Screen Recorder option.

Step 2 Capture area settings

Create a recording preference as per your choice and requirements. With the end of the first step, you will see a screen recorder window where you can easily set a recording preference as you need.

Just in case you are looking for an alternative to this method to make a start, in the capturing area, click the drop-down icon. It will ensure you to have a custom-drag just as you wish for recording the particular area or use the same to have a full-screen record mode, recoding the desktop screen.

Click on the drop-down button to view the settings for the complete recording of the screen. You will be able to set the record timer here or get to know information like the quality and the frame rate, etc.

Step 3 Start to record

Click on the round REC button, and it will start the recording of desired on the screen.

The tool provides a countdown of 5 seconds for you to prepare.

Step 4 Stop to record

Once you know how to record a show and use it, do end the recording on time. See the right side of the recording taskbar and click on the Stop button. One can also stop the recording using the Esc button or Ctrl+F6, which is a shortcut you can set while you cover the Step-2. A folder appears named Recorded as a pop-up once you are done. It displays the captured video.

Part 2. Record TV Shows via USB Stick

Here are the other 4 simple ways on how to record TV shows without a DVR:

USB Stick

Most of the TVs come with the PVR software (built-in). Using these features, one can easily convert and get themselves a DVR recorder for TV. Just follow these simple steps and get to know how a USB stick works to record shows:

1. Look for the USB slot on your TV back and know if you can record videos without the use of DVR.

2. Check the TV manual for the PVR settings (if they are in TV set menu functions).

3. Once done, you can check by adding a USB stick or a USB device (larger) if the PVR works.

How To Download Dvr Recordings To Computer


● You can convert your TV into a PVR and learn to record shows.

● You do not need to spend any more on the high-ranged digital TV recording device.

● They are portable and has good capacity if you considered the same before buying.


● This method works only if the TV is compatible with the PVR option.

● You won’t be able to record for long hours and especially if you are trying with high definition content as it takes high GBs, and your USB flash drive has much of recorded shows or data that it cannot work beyond.

● It might get costly if you try to buy a huge capacity device.

Part 3. Record TV Shows via Windows Media Center

Windows 7 primary entertainment component is Windows Media Center. It has a sleek interface for allowing one to watch and easily record their favorite shows on PC. You can do so, either you are viewing it or can even schedule (ahead of time) the recording of the show in your absence using your TV guide.

Follow the following steps to scheduling a program record in the future using Windows Media Center:

1. Click on start, go to all programs, and select the Windows Media Center. Alternatively, look out on the media center remote control a green button and press it.

2. On the media center main menu simply double-click TV.

3. Once done, choose the guide option or press the same on your media center remote.

Once done, the online TV guide will appear. Simply select the program you wish to record there. Your computer should be equipped with the TV tuner card and also to be hooked up with the local cable system or your satellite TV dish. If all is done, then the only way you will be able to watch live TV in the windows media center. After this, you should also go through the live TV setup process of Windows 7 media center and start.

1. Simply select any of the programs you wish to record.

2. Press Enter key and wait for the screen to display the program info option.

3. Once done, decide if you want to record on a scheduled time and click on the record button, or you can even press on the media center remote, the same.

4. On the program info media center screen, select the record series button and ensure all the episodes of the show to be recorded even in your absence.

5. Just in case, anytime you feel like stopping the program to record, click on do not record button and ensure the recording to finish.


How To Download Dvr Recordings To A Sd Card

It will be easy to use this option and record regularly if you add to your Windows 7 desktop, the Windows Media Center Gadget. The Windows Media Center Gadget enables one to display links to their favorite recorded show on either the computer or on the web.


● Use the Skip button (triangle-shaped pointing on to the vertical bar on the media center remote control or you can even find it on media center playback controls) to skip and get rid of the annoying commercials while watching recorded TV shows.

● You can record while you are watching a program by simply using the Record button, which is available on the displayed playback controls (check media center window, lower-right corner) or media center remote.


● The process is lengthy and can be hard to remember at times.

● Technical process. One might not find it as easy as a DVR to record TV shows.

Part 4. Record TV Shows via Media Portal

If you think it was the best to have DVR to record TV shows, guess you haven’t heard about Media Portal. It is much better than the VCR or even the DVD Recorder. It is advanced and is known as a personal video recorder, just like the TiVo. It though has a lot more than what TiVo offers as functions for the users and is easy to get started. Not much to follow like a Windows Media Center, and your whole family can use it easily.

A guide for how to record TV without DVR, using Media Portal in varied ways:

1. Check the remote and press the Record button to start recording.

2. You can even record while you are watching TV. Use the record Now option or F9 or even you can start recording by going to info or more remote button.

3. On the TV home screen, select the record now button. Once you press the button, a dialog appears for you to select if you wish to record the current program or record continuously (needs to be manually stopped).

4. In the TV guide, select any of the programs and schedule the same to record.

Check either the upcoming episodes screen or the program info. You will find many options to choose from for recording. To look for details related to all the options, check the scheduled recordings.


● It is an advanced version of a DVR or a VCR and offers many more functions.

● You can record multiple shows at once here on the numerous TV cards having different settings.

● It provides many ways to record.


● One can get confused between so many choices offered for recording.

Part 5. Record TV Shows via Movavi Screen Recorder

It is an amazing program for capturing or recording of the online video or seize the streaming video or even the screen activities. The program Activation key is light-weighted and a powerful video recorder. You can also tune this program from many websites and do a lot more.

Follow the steps to use this amazing program and download the latest version of the same:

1. Once you download this tool, extract the zip file using either WinZip or WinRAR.

2. The program gets installed on your device.

3. Run the program.

4. Do ensure yourself to always read the Readme file.

5. In the c/program files, Copy and paste the crack file.

6. Install and run the software.

7. Now enjoy the full version of this program easily.


● High-quality recordings.

How To Download Dvr Recordings Xfinity

● It offers one to take advantage of so many features within the program.


How To Download Directv Dvr Recordings To Usb

● You might have to spend additional for WinZip or WinRAR if you do not have the subscription for the same to extract the file.

● Complicated and might make you think, how to record series on a spectrum DVR, as that would have been easier.

● You cannot distribute the recorded footage from the same, as it is considered illegal.


Download Dvr To Computer

Remember, when you have a facility, you will learn to use it. If not one, use the second option or third probably. We are sure you will find one suitable for yourself, just like here, where you don’t need to worry, how to record TV without DVR, as we have provided you with 5 alternatives at large. Use either of the same and enjoy the recordings just as you want and just as when you want. Have a great watch!