I Swearbarry Mac

Fiftysomething women who were little girls in the early 1960s will probably remember Sara and Hoppity (1962-63), a 50-episode television series about a little girl and her mischievous doll with one leg shorter than the other. Men of a similar vintage will recall Space Patrol (1963, Planet Patrol in America), a 39-episode science fiction series incorporating elements of Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation techniques. It sold around the world, achieving the highest ratings of any children’s show up to that time, and even featured on the cover of Variety magazine.

Planet Patrol, as it was called in the U.S., was — still is — a trip.

  • Table of Contents I. The Good Samaritans pg 4 II. Out of Character pg 20 III The Roof, the Roof, the Roof etc. Pg 34 IV Quiet Pond on Still Night pg 46 V Otus & Ottus in East St. Louis Nighttown.
  • The eyes were very dark brown, and so close together that if one could stand to look directly into them for more than two seconds, one would swear Barry was cross-eyed.

When I saw it as a kid, I thought it was a Gerry Anderson production and was disappointed by the poor design. Seeing it as an adult, I marvel at how much more adult the stories were and how they tried to adhere to actual science. And the music itself, not at all like the orchestral Barry Gray, was arguably ahead of its time and had to have been influenced by Delia Derbyshire (who orchestrated the original theme for Doctor Who).

She was basically the “mother” of Gerry Anderson. He produced for TV her puppet shows well before he did his own. He’d probably argue that working for her “typecast” him. But it launched him on his legendary career and led him to create immortal TV series.

Chargers new head coach Brandon Staley says he has been preparing for this job since he was a kid, always thinking about the day he and the NFL would meet. I swear, Barry, you are so naive. It’s like that thing where coyotes will pretend to play with puppies to lure them away from their mother and some other coyotes are waiting to attack the puppy when it’s far enough away, except it’s worse because Barry is literally being tricked by himself. 'I Need You (Me Haces Falta)' by Marc Anthony, with lyrics.

After the break, the first episode of Planet Patrol.

Bonus: Roberta Leigh with a color pilot and more advanced puppets, Paul Starr:

(I would swear Barry Gray did the music for that, uncredited!)


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Same-day update: Thanks to the Internet Archive, the very detailed fan site that used to exist for Space Patrol.

Second same-day update: It’s been bugging me that I wrote this post without reading the entire obituary first. If you didn’t click through to read it, do it. Read all of it. She was one hell of a talented woman with a career that puts many men to shame. She broke ground in many different fields and it seemed she had her fingers on the pulse of things and had success after success. If she was alive and young today, you’d be reading glowing profiles of her genius as someone with success after success in the field of tech startups. I’ve read the obit more than once and I sit here still amazed. Read it. Be amazed too.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004–2009) is an American animated television series created and produced by animator Craig McCracken, who also created The Powerpuff Girls.

Blooregard 'Bloo' Q. Kazoo[edit]

  • Turkey Coma...
  • It is hot in Topeka!
  • I'm a hot toe picker.
  • Showers in Spokane...Shpo-kaannn...
  • Now we all know that none of us are a match for this perfect specimen of manliness, especially not Mac.
  • My hiccups are invincible!
  • People don't care about endings! As long as everything else is awesome, you don't need an en... [Episode ends with title card reading 'THE END']
  • [In response to Mac wondering why there are no friends in the annual photo besides Frankie and Madame Foster] Galactic overlord.
  • The movie is supposed to be about friendship. I like that, but what about instead of everybody being friends, we make everybody enemies?
  • [Addressing hundreds of Bloo clones] I am Bloo, and you are my minions! Alone, you are all just knockoffs of a really cool guy, but together, we are stronger than any army! [Clones cheer] I think you know what we must do. [Clones stare at Bloo] That is right! We must all sing the theme song from the Ice Charades in 100 part harmony!!!
  • Adoption? Lock the doors. Seal the windows. Batten down the hatches. Stop, drop and roll!
  • [When Mac won't give him any of his Coco trading cards] C'mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-[gurgles]
  • But, Mac, I LOOOOVVVEEEE celery!
  • AW! Worst road trip ever!
  • [after coming home from stealing the Foster bus] Best. Road Trip. Ever.
  • Don't you get it? I'm in a tu-tu and tu-tu's are for GIRLS!
  • You have an answer for everything don't you? Whats the capitol of Pittsburgh?!
  • [when Frankie sees his clones and asks if he has been playing with Mac's chemistry set again] Yes, Frankie, yes I have. But that's not where these handsome devils came from.
  • Unfathomable secrets are the best kind!!
  • (After Frankie explains the news-crew story) 'Boring.'
  • [dazed with hunger] Oh, look, it's the pizza man! Hiii, pizza man! We're really high up, and you look like an ant!
  • [while admiring his cookie empire and sending everyone else back to work] And stay away from the jet, the moat of pudding, and the Bottomless Toy Chest of Wonder! Those are mine!
  • [when Mac points out that he has no toenails] Well, whose fault is that?
  • 'Goofball' is just another name for John, Frankie. You know, like 'Jack'... or... 'Melanie.'
  • [complaining about the upcoming Christmas because he discovered that Santa isn't real] It means I'm only get ONE CRUMMY GIFT this year! And you know it's going to be lame, 'cause it's from HERRIMAN!! He's probably gonna get me socks. Socks, Mac! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!
  • Hey, Mac. Potato chip? It fell on the floor, but, 2-second rule... ... Okay, 14-second rule.
  • My curtains - [stifles laughter] they're gonna match everything.
  • [getting everyone to chase Cheese] LET'S GET HIIIIIIIM!!!!
  • So, the spirits have to come all the way back from the dead AND FIND YOUR ROOM!?!? Cut 'em some slack, Mac.
  • My curtians. [giggles] They're for the walls, I mean, windows!
  • [In response to Mac describing himself as Rex Carsalot and his hi-tech racecar] ARRGH! AND I RIDE SHOTGUN!
  • [To Goo after Mac beats her in their imagination battle] YAR! That ye can't missy! Ye hath been owned!
  • (After Frankie explains him about static electricity)Static whozits?
  • This GAME is a FAKE!!!
  • AHH, BORING! When did things get boring again?
  • [While in his 'Orlando Bloo' disguise, sarcastically to Mac, beneath him] Don't mind if I do pick up a fork and eat some of the food that is on the plate on the table in front of me?!
  • [While in his 'Orlando Bloo' disguise] So, did Frankie ever tell you how we met? Well, I was busy studying at millionaire school, learning how to be a millionaire - which was silly really, because I already made a gazillion dollars in the paddle ball business - I just wanted to get my degree. Anyway, Frankie was working at the local roller derby and I just happened to be attending the roller derby regionals, and I couldn't help but notice her. So, after the game, I went up to her and said, 'Hey, baby! I'm a gazillionaire!'
  • [in his 'Orlando Bloo' disguise] Oh, silly me. A spoon can't pick up a steak!
  • [Talking to the mirror after drawing eyebrows and a moustache on his face] I am Pierre! [French laugh] I put ze ducks in Crystal Pond! [draws a goatee on his face] I am Pierre’s evil brother! I steal ze ducks from Crystal Pond! [draws an ear on the side of his face] I am Pierre’s third cousin! I have ze ear on the side of my face! [French laugh, puts on lipstick] I am Pierre’s girlfriend! [starts kissing the mirror] Muah, muah, muah, muah, muah! [see 'Dialogue' section for following conversation between Mac and Bloo]
  • Rip off artist! [kicks person in the shin and runs off]
  • Et Tu, Coote?
  • [As Frankie reaches in to kiss Orlando Bloo] Orlando Bloo: Eww, gross, you kiss your babies with that mouth!

Old Man Rivers: Babies?! You have children?
Orlando Bloo: 64.

  • Wait, stop! I just wanna punch you!
  • [[after Mac suggests the séance should be upstairs] So, you're saying the dead people have to come up to Earth and find your bedroom?
  • I didn't forget it...you forgot it...forgetter!
  • Frankie! There's a potato chip on the floor!
  • It's 106 blocks to Mac, I've gotta full bladder, half an idea where I'm going, it's Tuesday and I'm wearing sunglasses
  • I'M NOT HIS (Mac's) SIDEKICK!!!!
  • 'Coconuts are falling from the sky'?! THAT'S THE DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD!!! [a coconut falls out of nowhere onto his head]
  • (Responding to Eduardo) Burrito? I'm not a Burrito!
  • Mac and Frankie sitting in a tree! C-I-S... [looking unsure] S... Y... M... T..
  • 'It's a Christmas Miracle!'
  • Excuse Me Do You Know How Get To Fosters Fosters Can You Tell How To Get To Fosters Fosters Fosters Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS FOOOSTEEERRS HOOOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIEENDS!! FOSTERS! HOME! FOR! IMAGINARY! FRIENDS! AAAAAAH!


  • 'Ed, you're not naked, you're... just bald.'
  • 'Shut up! At least the bunnies are on fire.'
  • [when surprised or shocked] 'Holy haberdashery!'
  • 'Bloo, I'm pretty sure those people weren't abducted by a galactic overlord.'
  • [To Goo, yelling] 'I don't like you! Don't you get it? Nobody likes you! You're annoying and weird and you talk too much, and Bloo's name is not Chester, Mr. Herriman is not a badger, that's not how you play checkers, and protein doesn't come from bananas, it comes from nuts, which you don't need to eat more of because you are nuts! You're chock full of nuts! You're so nuts, you drive me nuts! [jumps in Goo's face] Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it?! Everybody thinks you're a nuisance and they all want you to just GO HOME!'
  • [Angry at Bloo, while on a sugar rush] 'That two-timing no-good times-twoer! I know what I'm gonna do! I'll confront him! Yeah, yeah! I'll totally be all 'Hey, Bloo, you stink!' And then Bloo will be all 'Oh yeah?! Well, tough beans - Barry doesn't think I stink, he thinks I smell awesome!' 'How could you do this to me?! We were supposed to be best friends!' 'Best friends come and go! And I'm tired of you, Barry's my best friend now!' 'Oh yeah?! Well maybe I should just go over to that blankety-blankety Barry's house and show him a thing or two!' 'Nah, don't bother! We're having too much fun with all the gazillions of super-awesome state-of-the-art toys! Plus, you probably couldn't find him in his ginormous mansion of expensive humongousness!' 'But I trusted you!' 'A leopard can't count its spots!' 'A leopard can't change its spots, Bloo! [losing steam] A leopard can't change its spots...' 'Yes, that's what I said...'
  • 'Its last but not YEAST!'
  • 'Hi. I'm Mac.'
  • [commenting to Bloo as to why he knows Santa Claus is real] The REAL Santa Claus would never give someone as naughty as you anything but coal! It's undeniable proof!!
  • 'Fleas need fur, Duh!'
  • 'Let's Bloo this.'
  • 'Don't want you, what are you, CRAZY?!'
  • 'Ed! STRANGER!'
  • 'I've been running around trying to find a way to save the scribbles, and you're here making them do manual labor! Everyone is getting really lazy, its so stupid!'
  • 'Bloo, What did you do?'
  • 'Why didn't you slide down?'
  • [after Coco smashes something with a pot] 'Coco, no! That's not for smashing!'
  • 'You did 'Orlando Bloo' without me?!'
  • 'Frankie, I...I...I just wanted to say...I like-- I mean love...you.'


  • 'I like potatoes.'
  • 'I am no scaredy-baby!'
  • 'Eduardo es un Bad Boy!'
  • 'Bad Perrito!'
  • 'Oh no! Coco es loco!'
  • 'Scary men? AAAAAAAHHHH!!!'
  • 'Azul? You no el perrito!' (Bloo? You're not the puppy!)
  • [after a trap backfired and Eduardo is hanging upside down by a tree]
    'Senor Mac, the sky - it is on the ground!'
  • [avoiding Mac and Bloo who are trying to interview him with a camcorder]
    'AAAAAAHHH!!! What is that!? Get away - get away! IT STEAL MY SOUL!'
  • 'The cannonball eat Azul.'
  • 'Si. I just go wherever they tell me to.'
  • '(On the Ice Charades) I liked them before they were cool.'
  • 'I just stand where they tell me.'
  • '(Balloons pops) AAH! THERE IS A BOMB! A BOMB!'
  • 'Oh, Nina! I have no idea what you just said but it sounded so smart!
  • (Dazed from the anesthesia) 'Shhhhhhhh...I'm hiding from the aardvarks!'
  • 'WAH! Me no monstro!'
  • 'Mmmm, feet. I love their footy goodness.'
  • 'I'm Mac....'
  • (Reading his status on the Eduardo Card) 'Big fat baby?, why everyone think that?'


  • 'I'm sorry, is that okay?'
  • 'On the list of things that are not okay, that is REALLY not okay!'
  • [upset about Mac losing tickets to Europe] 'Usually, I can forgive anything, but... [sobs] I'm sorry - this is gonna take me a while! ...is that okay?'
  • [Doing an adoption interview] 'Ah, I'm not so great. You should adopt one of the other awesome friends here!'
  • 'You better hurry up! I mean, if thats okay with you.'
  • 'Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the annual county Imaginary Fwiend (he meant friend) Talent Show Pa - Oops. I said 'Fwiend' instead of 'Friends'. [nervous laughter] Heh, is it getting a little warm up here? [wipes his card across his mouth and completely smears all the words] ...Welcome, Oops! I'm Sorry, that's 'welCOME'. Welcome lardies! Sorry, I mean, 'ladies'. Ladies and jestermen. I mean 'gentlemen'! Sorwry. I mean, 'sorzi'! Wait, that's not right! 'Swawry'? 'Suki'? 'Sarzi'? 'Soory'... 'Sary'?! 'So-'
  • [in the woods with no food] 'If it helps, I'll starve first'
  • [to Mac after ruining Artie's birthday party] 'Maybe next time, you could talk about your problems, instead of taking them out on a little imaginary friend.'


  • [A camera is in front of Coco with her getting very angry]
    Coco coco coco coco coco coco co! (Get that Camera out of my face, you crazy camera thing!)
    [Kicks camera]
  • [Coco is at a door wearing shades not letting Mac in blocking him with her leg]
    Coco coco coco!
  • [Dressed up as Santa Claus] Coco? Co co co co co! Co co co co. (Coco? I'm not Coco! I'm Santa Claus.)
  • [angrily to Bloo] Coco Coco! (Ripoff Artist!)

Mr. Herriman[edit]

  • 'No running in the halls!'
  • 'I'll be back.' Hmpf! If I had a carrot for each time I'd heard that, I'd be such a very fat rabbit!' [waddles off]
  • [On the intercom]
    'Ms. Frances! Toothpaste disaster in the foyer!'
  • [in a debate for house president, asked what he would change] Absolutely nothing! This house is fine as it is! (someone in the crowd sneeze-coughs 'Loser')'
  • 'A vote for me is a vote for absolutely more of the same!'
  • [glaring at Bloo] 'I dislike you with great intensity.'
  • [to Mac, who wants to go camping] 'Master Mac, we've already won the war against nature. Why, pray tell, would you ever want to go back?'

Frances 'Frankie' Foster[edit]

  • 'Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a wonderful, funderful imagination habitation. We provide food, shelter and a warm heart for imaginary friends looking for a place to call HOME. So if you know of or have an imaginary friend that desperately needs a home, then come on down to Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, where good ideas are not forgotten.'
  • 'What's up?'
  • 'I sowwy (sorry) Mr. Hewwiman. I've been a bad girl.'
  • Rules, schmules. I'm gonna clean YOU up, you crazy rabbit! COME BACK HERE AND I'LL CLEAN YOUR CLOCK!!!
  • [to Bloo; threateningly] Listen, Blob boy, if the rabbit finds out about this, he's going to make my life miserable. And if he makes my life miserable, I'm going to make your life miserable! Capisce?! (Bloo: Capi- Capi- Yes.)
  • What he means is, sometimes kids blame their imaginary friends for things they've done themselves. You know, 'cause they don't wanna get in trouble. It's very common really.
  • [to Cheese; lividly]YOU! If you would only listen to one of a thousand times I've told you, YOU...DON'T...LIVE...HERE!!! GO HOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [throwing a streamer to Mr. Herriman]
    'Here's your streamer, Bugs.'
  • [as Mr Herriman is throwing away her computer]
    'My baby! MY BABY!!!' [jumps in the trashcan after it]
  • [after Mac offers to do her filing for her]
    'Mac, you're the best! [kisses him on the cheek] Why can't more men be like you?!'
  • 'Mac! I'm so glad I found eyou first! You are the voice of reason, among RAVING LUNATICS!'
  • 'You're all banned from the beach, NOT ME!! That's what the governor said!!'
  • 'Bugs 'Dummy' here screwed up the code.'
  • [Cheese knocks over cereal and milk all over her] 'Bloo! This is yours. You watch him!'
  • 'Hey Peter Cotton Butt!'
  • 'Surrender to the triple-chocolate goodness!'
  • 'I'm Punk Rock...'
  • 'CHEESE!!! GO HOME!!!'
  • [smiling after Mac telling her he has a crush on her] 'Aww, Mac, that's so sweet...'
  • Let's try SHUT UP!
  • [sighs disappointingly to Mac after sabatoging Artie's birthday party] Like I didn't have enough to clean.

Madame Foster[edit]

  • [After Bloo is exclaims 'You're alive'] 'Oh, it just takes me a long time to get down the stairs and I'm old!'
  • 'Hello there, dearie!'
  • (Madame Foster) 'She stole my marbles!' (Mac) 'Clearly.'
  • [while counselling Mac on bowling]
    'Mac, let me give you some advice. You see this ball? I want you to take it...and HIT SOME BLOOMING PINS!'
  • [Mac and Bloo have asked her about the weird picture. She throws the album back at Mac]
    Some doors are better left closed, boys.
  • Why you tyrannical saurus sandwich-loving gun of a son!
  • Don't you tempt me, LAW BOY!
  • [as Mac tries to steal her prized golden dentures] Thief! You'd better drop that grill, bucko!

Her Royal Duchess Diamond Persnickety, The First, Last, and Only/Duchess[edit]

  • 'I should not have to open my eyelids myself! I am royal!'
  • 'I am a work of art!'
  • 'CHEW FOR ME!'
  • 'These flakes were not frosted individually!'

Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga (Goo)[edit]

  • 'Chill out, Mr. Librarian (referring to Mac). It's talking to dead people. How loud can that be?'
  • 'Look, look, look at my pretty face! My makeup and my hair and my eyes are like eyeball candy! But you can't eat them because they are my candy eyes!'
  • 'Are you still here? And you? And you? And you? And you? And you? And you? And you? And you?'
  • (After complaining boys and girls should be treated equal) Excuse me, haven't you heard of ladies first?'
  • 'Hmm, You consider a Galactic Overlord?'
  • 'No, silly! A séance is where we conjure up spirits from the Great Beyond and talk to them like normal people, except they're not normal because they're DEAD. [when asked by Eduardo why they are dead] Who knows? Could be old age-- OORRRRR they could have put a jet engine in their car-- OORRRRR they were attacked by POOOOSUUUUUUUUMMMMS!!!! Or, or maybe, or maybe they got a piece of popcorn stuck in their throat, and they were like...' [falls over pretending to choke and gag]
  • [when Mac observes that a séance 'was supposed to be quiet'] 'How do you think we wake them from their eternal slumber, huh?'
  • [angrily to Mac after ruining Artie's birthday party] You stink!


  • I like chocolate milk.
  • I pooted.
  • I like cereal.
  • Do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again...
  • (To Eduardo) I. Like. (sinister) Ceeeereeeeeeaeal.
  • (To Mac) Daaaaaaaaaaaaaddyyyyyyyyy.
  • (To Bloo) Broooooootherrrrrrrrrr.
  • I like games!
  • (raspy inhale) Duhhh, I'm a cowboy. (Later...) Here's my horse!
  • Now I'm a horsey!! Baaaaaaa! (naying sounds) Baaaa, now you're a horsey! Giddy-up! (crashes into Bloo.) ...This floor tastes funny.
  • Cheese (smiling to reveal that his teeth are wrapped in tin-foil): I got braces!
    Mac: You found it on the ground, didn't you?
    Cheese: Garbage can.
  • 'I'm a lady.' (kisses Bloo) 'Now we're brother ladies!'
  • Cococococococococococo!
  • My commercial!
  • (Giving an interview to Erin Peterson in 'The Big Cheese' through the credits) I have scurvy!… I have dandruff!… I have athlete’s foot!…I have a tapeworm!… I have mange!… I have dermatitis!… I have acne!… I have anitimitus!… I have tonsillitis!
  • (To Mac's older brother, Terrence) Quiet, doggy! Shhhhh!
  • I...FOUND...A...CARROT!!!
  • Television tastes funny...
  • Candy is broken.
  • I LIKE the fair!
  • (To Mr. Herriman) Hi kitty!
  • (Getting interviewed by Erin Peterson) Sprinkle, sprinkle, little bar, what I wonder is a cat! (Smiles stupidly)
  • (To Xsaviar) Hi, birdy!
  • (To mice) Hi, doggies!
  • I like Potatoes.
  • I like potatoes... Potatoes smell... Like flowers...
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Okay!
  • Beep bop boop boop booop beep boop boop bop boop boop beeep boo boop boop bee beep boooooopah!
  • I LIKE RICKROLLING! (2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade)
  • [last lines of the series] 'Okay, bye doggies.'

Sweetums (with her bratty little girl)[edit]

  • Shut up! I like you, you're cute, I'm gonna adopt you. I'm going to call you Tiffany, you got that, TIFFANY!?!
  • No Fair!

Terrence (Mac's 13-year-old Brother)[edit]

  • Oh, Breaky!
  • Bloo-fus!
  • [whining] Mama! Mommy!
  • We got to go to Zingapore... I mean, Singapore.
  • Ooh, that's right, Singapore.
  • 'Um... as they say in Wisconsin... SAYONARA!'
  • Wait, stop, I just want to punch you!


[Mac and Bloo run away from his older brother, Terrence]
Terrence: Wait, stop! I just wanna punch you!
Bloo: Watch your back, Mac, he's gaining on u-
Mac and Bloo: Whoa! [Mac and Bloo duck from Terence's punch, then punches through the wall]
Terence: Ohhhh, I'm telling Mooooom!
[Mac, Bloo, and Terence run around the couch while being chased]
Bloo: Mac.
Mac: Yeah?
Bloo: Your brother...
Mac: Yeah?
Bloo: Is a...
Mac: Uh-huh.
Bloo: Big...
Mac: Right.
Bloo: Fat...
Mac: Yeah?
Bloo: Doofus!
[ Mac laughs]
Terrence: Shut up, you...
Bloo: Yeah?
Terence: You...
Bloo: Come on.
Terence: You Bloo-fus!
[Terrence laughs but Bloo stops]
Bloo: Bloo-fus? Bloo-fus?
Mac: His name is Blooregard Q. Kazoo and you know it, Terrence!
Bloo: Right, right, or Blooie, Bloo the blue dude, el Bloonarino, or, hey, how about just Bloo? Oh, but come on, man, Bloo-fus? How stupid can you get?
Terrence: Look, no stupid imaginary friend of my stupid little brother is gonna tell me how stupid I am, cuz I know just how stupid I- [Both Mac and Bloo grin, not laughing, at Terrence] SHUT UP!
[Terrence goes at both and Mac and Bloo behind the couch and gets them both]
Terrence: Well, well, well, lookie what I got here, it's Mr. Destructo [To Mac] and his evil pal Breaky [To Bloo]! Mom is gonna be soo mad when she sees what you two have done!
Bloo: We haven't done anything!
Terrence: Ohhh, nooo? [pushes Bloo to a lamp that breaks when it hit the floor] Breaky, how could you?! Nooo, Mr. Destructo, don't do it! [shoves Mac to a shelf full of CD records that made a mess all over]
Mac: Stop it, Terrence!
Terrence: But I'm not doing it, it's Mr. Destructo and Breaky! They've gone CRAZY!
[spins both Mac and Bloo around until Bloo notices a vase on top of the cabinet]
Bloo: This rules break loves breaking! Break more! Break more!
Bloo: [To Mac] QUIET YOU! [To Terrence] Terrence! The cabinet!
[Terrence throw Bloo to the cabinet]
Terrence: [To Mac] SHUT UP! [To Bloo] Do it! Do it!
Bloo: Sorry mac. I hate to break it to you but.....

[The vase breaks on Terrence]

Bloo:.... Your brother is a big fat doofus!
Mac's Mom: You know I'm getting tired of you three fighting.
Mac: But it was Terrence, he always picks on me and treats me like a baby.
Mac's Mom: And why do you think he does that?
Mac: Cause he's a jerk!
Mac's Mom: 'Why, yes, but are there any other reasons? [Mac thinks] Maybe it's Bloo.
Mac: Bloo? Yes.
Mac's Mom: Because you're 8 years old and you still have your imaginary friend.
Mac: So what? Lots of kids have imaginary friends. You see them every day on the streets, even in stores, you even had one when you were little.
Mac's Mom: Yes, when I was little, but by the time I was your age I did need my imaginary friend.
Mac: What are you saying?
Mac's Mom: [Bloo hears what they're saying through the door] I think it's time you get Bloo.
Mac: Wow.
Mac's Mom: I know Mac, I just think it's time, you need to grow up now and be a big boy, and say be nice to Bloo.
Mac: But Mom, it's fair, we'll be good, I mean it, I'll keep you locked in my room! MOM, PLEASE.
Mac's Mom: Mac, no, stop it. This is not about you being good or keeping Bloo locked up, the fact is you're a big boy now and you're very good for him!
Mac: But whay?
Mac's Mom: Because my decision is, you have got to get Bloo back. [Comes out of the door and accidently knocks Bloo over] Oh, sorry about that, Bloo.

  • Bloo: [Talking to the mirror after drawing eyebrows and a moustache on his face]
    'I am Pierre Schezuan!' (French laugh) 'I put ze ducks in Crystal Pond!'
    [draws a goatie on his face]
    'I am Pierre’s evil brother! I steal ze ducks from Crystal Pond!'
    [draws an ear on the side of his face]
    'I am Pierre’s third cousin! I have ze ear on ze side of my face!' (French laugh)
    [puts on lipstick]
    'I am Pierre’s girlfriend!' [starts kissing the mirror] 'Muah, muah, muah, muah, muah!'
    Mac: [Walks in on Bloo] 'What are you doing? '
    Bloo: 'Nothing, nothing! What are you doing?'
    Mac: You got something... [Bloo wipes face with his hands, attempting to hide what he was doing, smears lipstick and black makeup a little]
    Mac: You still...
    Bloo: [Wipes face again, smears makeup substantially]
    Mac: '....You got it.'

I Swearbarry Macbook Air

    Frankie: 'Oooh, a little sour under all that sweetness!'
    Eduardo: 'And a little loco!'
    Bloo: 'Whoa, whoa! Who said anything about love, Heather?'
    Bloo: 'Really? 'Cause you look like a Heather to me.'
I Swearbarry Mac

  • (Uncle Pockets arrives and everyone likes him, all except Bloo)
    Frankie: 'Sounds to me like someone's jealous!'
    Bloo: 'Not jealous, journalis...t.'

  • Mac: Why didn't you go to the bathroom at the gas station?
    Bloo: (Wearing plungers on feet) Ew! Grody! Gas station bathrooms are disgusting!
    Mac : But it's not disgusting to wear... never mind.

  • Eduardo: (gulping after Goo talks about a seiance) Why es they dead?
    Goo: Who knows? Old age, or they put a jet engine in their car, or they were attacked by Possoms! (Eduardo gets scared by this.) Oooooh! Maybe they had a piece of Popcorn stuck in their throat, and they were like... (She acts as if gagging. Eduardo, attempting to eat some popcorn, puts a piece back into the bowl.)

  • (Mac and Bloo are stranded on the roof of Foster's and don't know how to get downstairs. Bloo ordered pizza [without realizing he had to be downstairs to get them], but he and Mac fall down a chute and somehow get back upstairs.)
    Mac: (confused, frustrated) But... it's just not natural! We went down! Not up - down!
    Bloo: (dazed with hunger) This place is craaaazy, it's craaaazy. I'm so hungry, I'm craaaazy! Ooooooohhhh, look, it's the pizza man! Hiiii, pizza man! We're really high up, and you look like an ant!
    Mac : Wait! What did you just say?
    Bloo: Ant.
    Mac : No, before that.
    Bloo: Uh, an.
    Mac : Before that.
    Bloo: Um... like.
    Mac : Before that.
    Bloo: Look.
    Mac : No, uh... 9 words before that.
    Bloo: Um, hi.
    Mac : And after that?
    Bloo: Pizza.
    Mac : And then?
    Bloo: Man!
    Mac : 'Hi, pizza man?'
    Bloo: (still dazed) Helllooooooooo!

  • Eduardo: Azul? You no el perrito!
    Bloo: I most certainly am not a burrito!

  • Mac: Bloo, ever since you've been here, you broke a statue of Madame Foster, opened a secret door reeking havoc on everyone, uploaded a video to make an international fool out of Mr. Herriman, flooded the house, threw a party against house rules, sabatoged a date Frankie had, destroyed a beloved toy elephant, completely ruined my reputation at school, blew the roof off the house...
    Bloo: Your point?

  • Bloo: 'Here. I found these in the basement. This will help make you look cool.
    Mac: (looking at some magazines from 1987) I don't know, Bloo.
    Bloo: Less talking and more ripping off your sleeves.

  • (about the Applebees)
    Mac: It's like they're immune
    Bloo: Well we'll just have to make them mune, then, by any means necessary.

  • Weather Forecaster: As a cold front sweeps in, you can expect showers in Spokane.
    Bloo: Showers in Spokane. Spooo-Caaaahhhnn.
    Weather Forcaster: Temperatures are up there, and its hot in Topeka.
    Bloo: Its hoooooooot in Toooooo-Peeeee-Kaaaaaaahhhh. Its hot. Hot-hot. Hot-hot-hot. Hot. (breathes out) Haawwwwt. Hawwwwwt. Hot-hot-hottot! It's hot in Topeka! Toe-peker. I'm a toe-pick. I'm a hot toe-picker! Pick my toe - IT'S HOT! Pick my hot toe, PICK IT! Topeka's hot, my toe is hot--pick it! It's hot in Topeka. It's hot. It's hot. It's hot. IT'S HOT IN, IT'S HOT IN, IT'S HOT IN TOPEKA! ... Topeka.

  • (when Bloo, Herriman, and Frankie are having their presidential debate)
    Eduardo: Ooh, I have a question. Okay, okay, uh... d-d-d-d-d-d-- oh, okay. This question is for Frankie. Okay, what is... 2 plus 3?'
    Frankie: Um... five?

Edaurdo: Señor Herriman?
Herriman: Well, of course it's five, you numbskull!
Eduardo: Bloo?
Bloo: You know, Ed, my opponents say five, but I say that's not good enough! I say SIX! Or SEVEN!! Or even FORTY-TWO!!!!!!
Crowd: WHOO-HOO! (cheering)

  • Bloo: Wait a minute. I know what's happenend! Somehow, I've entered a bizarro, backward world. Quick, which way is up?
    Eduardo:I don't know.
    Bloo: And yet Eduardo remaines completely unchanged. Interesting.

  • Mac: (to Bloo) Where is everyone?
    Bloo: Everyone who?
    Mac: Everyone who lives at Foster's? Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, Wilt...
    Bloo: Oh, they're gone.
    Mac: (In surprise) Gone?? They couldn't have just disappeared! What if they're in trouble?
    Bloo: Calm down, I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation... (for everyone being gone).
    Mac: 'Oh, yeah? Like what?
    Bloo: Meteor.
    Mac: (Giving Bloo an unimpressed look)
    Bloo: You know the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs? Well, this was that meteor's son and it was looking for revenge, so it crashed into the earth wiping out every living thing except YOU and ME!
    Mac: Give me a break...
    Bloo: Think about it! Did you see anyone on your way over here?
    Mac: Yeah, I saw tons of people!
    Bloo: Zombies. (Again, Mac gives Bloo an unimpressed look) Everyone knows that when a meteor hits there's a nuclear explosion and everyone knows that when there's a nuclear explosion, zombies come out! (Imitates a zombie) Warrrggh! And you and me, Mac, we've got to fight 'em! (In sing-song fashion) Zombie fighters, nah nah nah nah, nahnah NAH NAH!!! Hi-yah!

  • Mac: Hi, Bloo. Ready to go to the Ice Charades?
    Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo: Who are you?
    Mac: (Screams and starts attacking Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo) Who are you and what have you done with my friend?!
    Bloo: Oh, I see you've met Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo.

  • Terrence: Hey, where have you been? You are soooo busted. If you haven't gotten rid of that friend, you are soooo busted. What are those? [Coco's Eggs] They better not be naughty, because if they are, you are soooo busted.

Mac: [Furious] I was nowhere and these are nothing and I took care of it!HAPPY!? [Storms off]

  • Kid: (After seeing the 'cool' Mac) Hey, where'd you get the clothes, the 1987 store?
    Mac: I got it from my friend, but maybe he got it there.

  • Bloo: So, do we get our super awesome jet cars now?
    Mr. Herriman: (Sarcastically, stretching out his head to Bloo) Oh, yes... they're in the mail.
    Bloo: Yes!!!
    Mac: Um, Bloo. I think he was being sarcastic.
    Bloo: Oh. But who cares?? We're getting jet cars!! Jet cars, dude!!!

  • Mac: (explaining to Bloo about sarcasm) No, he was using sarcasm. He said the opposite to make it funny! Ha ha!

Bloo: That wasn't funny. Knock-knock jokes. Knock-knock jokes are funny.
Mac: (sarcastically) Yeaaaah. Knock-knock jokes are hilarious.
Bloo: That's what I'm saying!
Mac: No, I was being sarcastic.
Bloo: Stop it!

I swearbarry macbook pro
  • Later:
    Mac: Frankie, explain sarcasm to Bloo.

Frankie: What? You don't understand sarcasm?'
Bloo: No.
Frankie: But you use it all the time!
Bloo: (sarcastically) 'Riiiiiiight. I use it all the time.'
Frankie: See? You just used it!
Bloo: (delighted) I did?!(pause) (sarcastically) Surrrre I did, Frankie.
Mac: 'You're... totally messing with us, aren't you?

  • Bloo: Mac, we've got the jet-car, let's just drive away; they can't catch us!

Mac: (heroically) No. This isn't just about a jet car anymore. This is about pride. And honor, and showing the world who the best charity is once and for all!
Bloo: Dude, what are you talking about?
Mac: (heroically) I don't know.

  • Bloo: What's the capital of Pittsburgh?

Eduardo: Potatoes?

  • Wilt: Have you lost your marbles?!
    Eduardo: I no have no marbles!
    [Later that day...]
    Eduardo: Have you lost your marbles?!
    Wilt: No, they're right here!
    [hands Eduardo a jar of marbles]
    Eduardo: Ooooh!
  • Eduardo: 'Señor Mac, which is the right answer to win the sticker?'
    Mac: 'There's no right answer, Ed. Just punch who you want to win.'
    Eduardo: 'I don't wanna punch no one.'
    Mac: 'Punch the hole on the paper next to your choice for president.'
    Eduardo: 'Oh, okay. (Slight pause) Which one is that?'
    Mac: 'Whoever you want.' (Walks away)
    Bloo: 'I'll help you out, Ed.'
    Eduardo: 'You will? Gracias, gracias, Senor Bloo.' (Hands Bloo ballot)
    Bloo: 'No problem. Just punch here next to Mr. Herriman.'
    Eduardo: 'But I think I want to pick Señorita Frankie.'
    Bloo: 'Yes, but on this, you punch who you don't want to win.'
    Eduardo: 'Oh. [Punches Bloo and claps his hands] I like voting.'
  • [On a camping trip, Wilt is stuck in quicksand. A bear has just shown up.]
    Madame Foster: Run for your lives, boys! I'll stave him off!
    Mac: What about Wilt?
    Wilt: Don't worry Mac. I'll probably sink before the bear gets me.
  • Bloo: Madame Foster, you're alive!
    Madame Foster: Huh? Well, of course I'm alive. Whaddya think?
    Bloo: Well, I've just been here a few days & I never saw you so I just figured...
    Madame Foster: Well, it just takes me a while to get down the steps, okaY? I AM OLD!
    Jackie Khones: [to Mr. Harriman] See?
  • Madame Foster: Oh, okay.
    Mac: What?
    Madame Foster: Okay.
    Bloo: 'Okay' what?
    Madame Foster: It's okay.
    Mac: You mean?
    Madame Foster: Yeah.
    Bloo: Really?
    Madame Foster: Sure.
    Mac: You're kidding?
    Madame Foster: Nope.
    Mac: He can?
    Madame Foster: Yeah.
    Bloo: And I won't be?
    Madame Foster: Nope.
    Frankie: Really?
    Madame Foster: YES! How many times do I have to say it? Bloo can live here and he won't ever, ever, ever be adopted but only if Mac promises to visit him everyday. Is that okay, dear?
    Mac: Of course!
    Madame Foster: You sure?
    Mac: Totally!
    Madame Foster: Promise?
    Mac: Promise.
    Madame Foster: Okay.
    Mac: Thank you.
    Madame Foster: Sure.
    Bloo: Yeah, thanks!
    Madame Foster: Forget about it.
  • [The friends are deciding what to do about Peanut Butter. Coco has a menacing glare]
    Coco: Coco co...
    Mac: Coco... I think if we did that, we'd go to jail.
    [Coco continues to glare evilly]
  • [Bloo meets Coco for the first time]
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: Yes.
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: Yes.
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: Yes.
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: Yes.
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: [Getting annoyed] Yes.
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: Yes!
    Coco: Coco?
    Bloo: Yes, yes! With marshmallows!
    Wilt: No no, Bloo, this is Coco. She wasn't asking if you wanted any cocoa...all she says is Coco. [Notice that Wilt said 'no', remember Where There's a Wilt There's a Way proved that Wilt can't say 'no', but he says it here anyway]
    Bloo: Oh. Well, what was she saying?
    Wilt: 'Do you want any juice?'
  • Mr. Herriman: (Lecturing Mac and Bloo about Goo, stretching out his head to them) 'And whenever she comes to Foster's she comes completely overstimulated and thinks and creates and imagines... willy nilly!'
    (Imaginary friend Willy Nilly rolls into the room)
    Willy Nilly: 'No, see, my creator's name was Kevin...'
    Mr. Herriman: 'No one asked you, Master Willy!'
  • Wilt: Who you gonna call?'
    Coco:(To the tune of Ghostbusters) Co co-co!'
    Nah, they've been out of business for years.
  • Frankie: [sings to Cheese to stop him from screaming] Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall--
    Cheese: Fall?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Frankie: Oh, geez! Okay, um... Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his--
    Cheese: Broke?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Eduardo: I got one! The itsy-bitsy spider--
    Cheese: Spiders?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Frankie: Baa, baa, black sheep, have you--
    Cheese: Sheep?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Mac: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake--
    Cheese: Cake?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Coco: [to 'Three Blind Mice'] Co-co-co, co-co-co--
    Cheese: Coco?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Frankie: Quick, someone think of another song! Something that's not scary!
    Bloo: I got one! Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, chopped-up baby birdies' feet. Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts floating in my ice creaaaaaam... and I don't got a spoooooooon.
    Cheese: No spoon?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Bloo: This is fun!
  • Beagle-Puss Imaginary Friend: (After seeing the man in a cell phone suit go by) I've heard of a mobile phone, but this is ridiculous.
    Bloo: Hey, did you see a...
    Beagle-Puss Imaginary Friend: I already made the joke, son.
  • (Cheese can't reach the cereal)
    Wilt: Here buddy, let me help you.
    Cheese: Lemme do it!
    Wilt: (starts to move the cereal towards Cheese)
    Cheese: NO, LET ME!
    (Cheese bites Wilt)
    Wilt: OW!!

I Swearbarry Macbook Pro

  • Bloo: See!? He's screwing everything up!
    Cheese: Nuh-uh! I'm only screwing the wheel!
  • Cheese: Cuh...I like chocolate milk!
    Wilt: Let me go get you some.
    (Wilt brings Cheese a glass of chocolate milk, but Cheese spits it out in the others' faces.)
    Cheese: Nooo! Chocolate milk!
    Wilt: I'm sorry, but that's what I gave you! Maybe it needs more chocolate...?
    (points to Coco's smoothie) Chocolate milk!!
  • When Mac is asked about Cheese's name:
    Mac: Cheese! His name is Cheese! I didn't name him; he came with the name. Argh!
    Bloo: (disbelief) CHEEEEEEEEEESE?!
    Cheese: Yesss-suh.
    Mac: No, not you, Cheese. (to Bloo) Yes. Cheese.
    Cheese: Yesss-suh.
    Mac: Not you.
  • Bloo dumps Cheese off on an unsuspecting Eduardo:
    Cheese: I like cereal.
    Eduardo: Oh. I like potatoes!
    Cheese: (breaths in) I like cereal.
    Eduardo: Si, and I like potatoes.
    Cheese: I... like... (sinister) ceeeeeeereeeeaaal.
    Eduardo: (nervous) Si. And... I... like...potatoes?
    Cheese: I LIKE CEREAL!!
    Eduardo: (scared) I...like...potatoes?
    Cheese: (threateningly) I LIKE CEREAL!!!
  • Cheese pretends his toy horse is galloping up Bloo.
Bloo: Get outta here!
[Cheese walks away, and then sneaks up behind them, using his horse to listen in on Mac and Bloo]
Mac: Come on, I brought Mom's drill...
Bloo: So?
Mac: We can paint flames on the sides.
Bloo: So?
Mac: We can ride down that huge hill on Mulberry Lane...
[Bloo's face lights up]
Bloo: [ecstatic] Oh, Mac, you mean it?
Mac: Of course. Just like I promised.
Bloo: Oh, Mac, you're the best kid an imaginary friend could ever ha...
[He sees that Cheese has been putting his horse between them]
  • (Coco at school)
    Coco: Coco?

Students: Who's there?
Coco: Coco?
Students: Coco Who?
Coco: Coco coco coco coco COCO!
(All the children laugh)
Girl: Man, I never saw that coming!

  • (Coco tells Eduardo to stop running and to put Mac down in her own words.)
    Eduardo: Uh, sí. Gracias, Coco. Usted tiene una manera con palabras.
    (Eduardo puts Mac down.)
    Wilt: (patting Coco on the head) Good job, Coco. You sure have a way with words.
  • Family: If we adopt you, will you promise to behave?
    Duchess: If you adopt me, will you promise to be less ugly?
  • Bloo: So what are we watching?

Wilt:(with mouth full) A cweacha feature.
Bloo: A 'kweecha feecha'??
Wilt: Sowwy. (swallows popcorn) A creature feature.
Eduardo: (worried) A creature feature?
Wilt: It's okay Eduardo, don't worry.
Bloo: Yeah Ed, it's probably just some silly old movie about a silly old ghost and some silly old house on some silly old hill.
Commentator on TV: The Curse of the Cannibal Ghost of the Haunted House on Horror Hill!
Wilt: Good call!

Bloo: I thought steam was supposed to unstuff me. I gotta get some air in here. [groans as he pulls at the chains on the window]
Eduardo: The rattling! The terrible rattling!
[Bloo bursts out of the bathroom, trying to get the chains off him]
Eduardo: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
Wilt: It's the Cannibal Ghost!
Wilt and Eduardo: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!![Wilt jumps in fright and gets his head stuck in the ceiling. Eduardo runs. Coco comes down the hall still dressed like a ghost]
Bloo: AAAAAHHH!!!!!
Coco: Coco! Coco! COCO!
Bloo: Coco?[Eduardo runs and screams, bursting through the walls. He bumps into a wall-like imaginary friend and gets sent flying back]
Wall Friend: Watch where you're goin', pal! [Eduardo screams]
Wilt: Sorry. Really. Won't happen again. Go on back to bed. Don't you worry about a thing. Everything little thing is gonna be alright, there's definitely not a- [Eduardo grabs him and pulls him down] Cannibal Ghost...[Wilt and Eduardo fall. They get scared when they see Bloo draped in Coco's sheet]
Bloo: Coco? Coco? Coco?
Wilt: Coco? It's been you this whole time, hasn't it!? Why, of all the rotten tricks to-[Wilt removes the sheet, revealing Bloo underneath]
Bloo: Oh...[Eduardo screams and runs. Wilt says 'Humuna' in fright many times. Eduardo comes back, grabs Wilt and runs]
Bloo: Hey, guys... [sneezes] Wait up a sec...

  • Bloo: (frantic) Where are you, little buddy? Speak to me! Tell me you're alright! Cheese!!

Cheese: (offscene) Yeah, I like potatoes.
Frankie: He was eating soap when I found him.
Cheese: Potatoes smell. ...Like flowers.

  • Wilt: How did Mac get permission to go to Europe with just us anyway?
I Swearbarry Mac

Coco: Co cocococococo co co coco co-co-co cocococococo co-co cococo co!
Wilt: that's right! what a crazy story.

  • Mac: (About Frankie) She's so awesome...

Bloo: And HOT!
Mac: She's so nice...
Bloo: And HOT!
Mac: She's so cool...
Bloo: And HOT!

  • Mac: Okay, time for paint!

Bloo: Awesome! Super duper red hot rod flames!
Cheese: No, bunnies!
Bloo: Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Bloo: Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Bloo: Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Cheese: BUNNIES!
Bloo: HOT... ROD... FLAMES!
Cheese: (Whispers) BUNNIES!
Mac: QUIET!!!
(Scene goes to the hill, where the go kart is painted with flaming bunnies)
Bloo: (While pushing go-kart up the hill) I don't even know you anymore!
Mac: Shut up. At least the bunnies are on fire.

  • Berry: Hi there! I'm Berry...
    Bloo: Hey, you're that girl.
    Berry: How sweet of you to notice.
  • (Bloo and Mac are standing on the roof of Foster's. Mac is staring intensely into the distance while Bloo is looking confident.)

Mac: (Hopeless) I... I can't...
Bloo: (Sounding confident) You can.
Mac: But...
Bloo: (Still confident) Try.
Mac: The red?
Bloo: (STILL confident) No, the brown.
Mac: (Starting to see something) You mean...?
Bloo: (A little excited) Yes!
Mac: (Now dawning) Oh, I...
Bloo: Good!
Mac: (Trying hard to see something) I think...
Bloo: (Getting more excited) Yes!
Mac: (Doubtful) With the chips?
Bloo: Left!
Mac: Left?
Bloo: Right!
Mac: (Confused) Right?
Bloo: No, left is right!
Mac: Uhh, next to the...
Bloo: (Now totally excited) Yes, yes, yes, you did it! That brown corner, left of the chips sign, next to the phone-pole, is the corner of the roof of your apartment! How cool is that?
Mac: (Not the least impressed) Wow...That's...eh...real cool.
Bloo: Don't you get it? THAT is your house and you can see it from HERE!
Mac: Mhhhm
Bloo: (In a condescending tone) You're stupid. You just can't appreciate the little things in life.
Mac: (Sarcastically) Like the corners of appartments?
Bloo: (With all the seriousness in the world) Yes you are a stupid and terrible person because you have no appreciation for the corners of appartments.

  • [Setting a President]
I swearbarry macros

Mac: If you're just joining us, Frankie, Mr. Herriman and Bloo are all running for House President. And now, we're gonna watch the big candidate's debate.
Frankie: Well, I've been caring for imaginary friends for a long time, and over the years I've learned a few things. I've spent the time to ask you what you want. You told me you wanted bedtime to be a half-hour later - YOU GOT IT! [crowd of imaginary friends cheers] You told me you want bigger dinner portions with vegetarian options - YOU GOT IT! [crowd cheers again] You told me you want the doorbell to play Camptown Ladies - YOU GOT IT! [crowd cheers again] I'm the candidate of the people! I care about this house! I care about your needs! Whatever you need to be happy, YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT!!! [the crowd cheers again]
Mac: Okay, Mr. Herriman. Same question. What would you change?
Mr. Herriman: Not a thing! Everything is perfectly fine around here. [crowd is silent; someone coughs 'Loser!']
Mac: Aaaall righty. Bloo, how about you? If you were president, what would you change?
Bloo: [after a long silence] Herriman smells like pooh! [the crowd cheers again]
Mr. Herriman: But he's just mudslinging! [Bloo literally throws mud in his face] I should have seen that coming.

  • [Room With A Feud]

[Bloos and the friends are each seen with a few objects: A Banana, a Bucket, a Pinwheel, a Bicycle Tire. Coco is seen with an egg-shaped stopwatch with time set for '00:25'.]
Coco:[On your marks] Cococo? [Get set] Coco. [Go] CO!

I Swearbarry Macros

[Coco's suggestion is revealed to be a race to make an object the fastest. Coco is then seen putting her banana and pinwheel inside of the bucket and proceeds to bang on them with Tire. Eduardo and Wilt are seen still looking puzzled while Bloo is frantically see running around his items.]

Bloo: I don't get it! What'd we do?![Wilt is now seen sticking his Pinwheel in the middle of his Tire.]
Wilt: Is this okay?[Coco is then seen peeling her banana open.]
Bloo: Eat?! Ar' we suppose t'eat it?!

[Bloo then quickly peels open and eats his banana whole. Coco meanwhile is seen taking her banana and smearing it all over the metal contents of her tire, sticking her Pinwheel in the center of the tire, and then covering them all with her bucket. In doing so, the alarm on her stopwatch goes off and Coco gets up and runs around clucking in victory. Besides her on the opposite side is Peanut Butter, who took his items and placed them with the Bucket on the bottom, followed by the tire and smeared banana, and with the Pinwheel on top.]Peanut Butter: Oh, so the bucket goes on top.

[Bloo frustratedly shoves Peanut Butter away from the group as Coco hopes around everyone taunting them.]

Coco: ♪Cocococo-cococo! Cocococo-cococo! Cocococo-cococo! Cocococo-cocococo!♪Eduardo: That is no fair! You know the answer because you make up the game!
Wilt: Yeah, if we're gonna compete against each other, it should be a game with rules that we all know.

[Per Wilt's suggestion. Everyone is seen on the basketball court watching Wilt score eight consecutive baskets with ease, revealing that Wilt suggested they play Basketball.]

Wilt: Your turn.[Bloo, Coco, and Eduardo scowl at Wilt.]
Wilt:What?Bloo: No way. If we play a game, it should be something where we're all evenly matched.

I Swearbarry Machine

  • [Bloo Tube]

Mac: Bloo Wait!
Mac: [Laughs after seeing this on YouTube] Hahaha. Works every time.
Frankie: Come on, Mac, let's go.
Mac: See you later, Bloo. Light off, right?
Bloo: Ow.
All of Foster's: Water Park! WOOOOOO!
Bloo: [Crying]

  • (Challenge of Super Friends)

Imaginaryman: What is it, young man?

Mac: Got it.
Imaginaryman: Nemesis, you've defiled greatness with your grody girly cooties for the last time!

Imaginaryman: That's not a form to threaten your sister!
Nemesis: Or your brother!
Boy:[confused] But we're cousins.
Imaginaryman: That's not important!
Nemesis: Yeah, big dwerp! [Blast the boy away with an energy rainbow]
Girl: YEAH! [hugs Nemesis]
Imaginaryman: [saves the boy from falling into a mud pool] Take that, girly girls! [blast Nemesis and the girl with spitballs]
Nemesis and Girl: Ouch, my hair! [they retreat]
Bloo: And so, once again, the day is saved. Right, sidekick?
Mac: Sidekick? I'm not your sidekick. You're my sidekick!
Bloo: [scoffs] You wish.
Eduardo:[shrugs] Eh, I wonder what else is on.

[Frankie watches Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco play together in the yard while Mr. Herriman deals with paperwork.]
Frankie: I think this one is different. I don't think he's gonna abandon his friend!
Mr. Herriman: Don't be so naive, Miss Francis. It's unbecoming. You know as well as I that it is just a matter of time before young Master Mac tires of his beloved Bloo, at which time his visits will cease, and Master Bloo will be placed in the care of a new child... who will eventually tire of him, as well.
Frankie: Ugh, why do you always have to be so negative? I mean, come on! Look at that. They're absolutely inseparable! Plus, the guys have really taken to him, too.
Mr. Herriman: It's just a cruel fact of life, Miss Francis. Every child tires of their imaginary friend eventually...
[Frankie leans over his shoulder.]
Frankie: (slyly) Yours didn't.
[Mr. Herriman stops writing. Frankie walks out as the camera zooms out to include a portrait of Madame Foster.]

Zombie Herriman: Brains! [Madame Foster screams and Zombie Herriman bites her head]
Bloo: Zombases?
Zombie Foster: No! Zombies.
Eduardo: Here you go. [Eduardo gives the picture to Zombie Wilt]
Zombie Wilt: Thanks. [Zombie Wilt bites the picture]
[All screams]
Zombie Wilt, Zombie Herriman, Zombie Foster: Brains!
Zombie Imaginary Friends: Brains!
Zombie Herriman: Get them!
[Zombies groaning]
Coco: Coco!
[Chomping and Banging]
Zombie Coco: Coco!
Zombie Foster: Eduardo, come here and safe me. I am not a Zombie yet.
Eduardo: Paco?
Bloo: Oh, come on, he's not that--
[Eduardo disapears and Zombie Foster bites Eduardo's arm]


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