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The reason Watermelon gaming is a partnership is because it would be hard work to create gaming software and run a store at the same time. Watermelon gaming is a partnership. I will benefit from this because I will not need to do as much work as i would if i was a sole trader. Spider mites are all too familiar to growers and gardeners across the United States. With the ability to attack and kill dozens of different commercial crops, spider mites present a serious threat to the livelihood of those growers who depend on their harvests for profits. Shop watermelon varieties, including diploid, triploid, and mini- watermelons with superior flavor and early yield. Our watermelon seeds are 100% guaranteed. Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch.

Spider mites are all too familiar to growers and gardeners across the United States. With the ability to attack and kill dozens of different commercial crops, spider mites present a serious threat to the livelihood of those growers who depend on their harvests for profits. As summer begins to approach, the changes in weather are projected to severely affect crops across the country. Those who are not prepared to counter the effects of hot, dry weather, which attracts spider mite outbreaks, will see significant losses in their productivity.

Spider mites on watermelons are amongst the most common crops attacked today. The two-spotted spider mite has been known to infiltrate watermelon plants during these months as the weather conditions become favorable for the mites. Being aware of the early signs of spider mite infestations is imperative to protecting your watermelon plants from attack. While there are a variety of ways to treat spider mite attacks, preventing them from occurring altogether is certainly the most desired approach.

The following are some of the common signs of spider mites on watermelons:

  • Yellowing between veins on the top of crown leaves
  • Underside of leaves appears tan
  • Sand is stuck to the bottom of the leaves (spider mite webbing holds onto sand with its fibers)
  • Ozone damage as displayed by necrotic areas

Addressing spider mites on watermelons from the beginning is important. However, when an issue is recognized, it is important to purchase a spider mite killer as soon as possible. Spider mites have the ability to rapidly reproduce, indicating the need for a quick response. Using a product such as Growers Trust Spider Mite Killer is an incredible way to counter any type of spider mite infestation. Not only does Spider Mite Killer kills current spider mites and spider mite eggs, but it also protects the watermelons from future infestations.

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Watermelon scientifically known as Citrullus lanatus and belonging to the family Cucurbitaceae, is a fruit ranked high on the charts of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, since it is very low in calories, and yet contains the best antioxidants, potassium and vitamins like A, B6, and C. Above all, it is very delicious and juicy fruit that quenches thirst easily.

The heavy fruit contains 92% water and hence it is highly sought after in summer; also luckily summer is the season when watermelons are at their best. Watermelon is grown as a vegetable crop; therefore some consider it to be a vegetable. In China, watermelons, especially their white rinds are used as vegetables in stews, pickles and other dishes.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Though 92% of watermelon is just water, the other 8% is has so much of nutrition with great health benefits, that it is considered to be super food which can energize the body and restore balance to it. One of the major benefits of watermelon is Vitamin C, which not only boosts immune system but also fights against free radicals and ageing process.

The potassium content in watermelon regulates water retention of the body, whereas the alkaline-forming property of the fruit fights acidity. It is also rich in Lycopene, which is a good antioxidant which successfully neutralizes free radicals. There have been claims that the citrulline present in watermelon relaxes the blood vessels, giving out effects similar to Viagra.

Regular consumption of watermelon is known to make the skin more elastic and appear youthful. The light colored flesh near the rind, which is often discarded along with the rind, is also very rich in nutrients though bland in taste.

Research has shown that regular consumption of watermelons can help people fight health conditions like:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Kidney stones
  • Prostrate, Breast, Colon and Endometrial cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity
  • Candida
  • Digestive problems

Weight Loss

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Watermelon makes ones feel full, therefore preventing people eating more of the unhealthy food. The sweet taste of the food satisfies the craving for sweets, while the low calorie and high fiber content of the fruit works towards reducing weight.

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Blend smoothly 1 cup seedless watermelon flesh and strain it. Add ½ cup of water and 1tb of lime extract to the watermelon. Add sweetener if required. The juice is excellent thirst quencher in summer and also good for weight loss. Fruits like Kiwi and cantaloupe can also be added along with watermelon for flavor, taste and more benefits.

Healthy Skin

Watermelon is good for flawless, healthy, glowing and youthful skin.

Ground peanuts to a coarse paste and mix it with watermelon extract. Use this as a facial scrub to remove grime and dead cells and have a glowing skin.

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Rub a cube of watermelon all over the face and wash it off after sometime for beautiful refreshed skin, especially in summer.

Good Memory

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Remove the outer black skin from dried watermelon seeds. Eat them first thing in the morning for good memory.

Fever, Cough and Cold

Cut watermelon into small pieces and remove the seeds. Sprinkle black salt over it. Eating this will help in getting rid of fever, dry cough and cold.