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The need for a Customizable Dashboard can quickly be overcome by designing different Dashboards for different types of users. The Broader Picture. A well-designed Dashboard can really add a lot of value to the users of your web application. It will give them a way to quickly see the important business metrics and take actions to improve those.

Store your app’s data in iCloud and keep everything up to date across apps and on the web with CloudKit JS. With up to 1PB of free storage for each app, it’s never been easier to build and grow your apps using CloudKit.

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  1. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Dashboard.
  2. This token will be used to create a card and allow it to retrieve information from the source system. There are two primary kinds of integrations: direct or enterprise messaging app (Appspace App bot). Appspace Cards often use a direct integration while enterprise messaging apps often require the use of an app created for that app.
  3. Shiny.semantic::grid The main job of a data scientist is to provide meaningful insights, mostly through data visualizations and dashboards. More often than not, data science professionals struggle with HTML and CSS, which makes building an aesthetically-pleasing layout near to impossible.
  4. Introducing Edgescan’s New Dashboard January 21, 2021 / blog, general, news / Comments (0) We are delighted to announce that the new Edgescan user front-end interface will be released next week, and we’re really excited to get it in front of our customers.

With CloudKit, you can focus on your client-side app development and let iCloud take care of server-side storage and scale. CloudKit provides authentication as well as private, shared, and public databases.

Automatic syncing

CloudKit is built to work seamlessly with your apps on all Apple platforms and web services. In-app authentication or permission is not required on Apple devices. Users automatically have access to your app’s data in CloudKit so they can access their latest content and subscribe to push notifications to learn about changes.

Simple sharing

Users can securely share data, files, and more right from your app. Quickly customize the interface to match your app’s design and add permissions so users can control what’s being shared.

CloudKit Dashboard

With the CloudKit Dashboard, you’ll have a detailed view of your app’s server activity. Inspect data, maintain your database schema, measure user activity, bandwidth usage, and monitor trends over time so you can test and develop new features with confidence.

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Hundreds of millions of users rely on CloudKit to power Apple apps such as Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, News, and Safari. Your apps are powered by the same back-end and can reliably scale to the same level.

CloudKit Framework


Leverage the full power of iCloud and build apps for all Apple platforms with CloudKit. Easily and securely store and efficiently retrieve your app data in a database or assets right from iCloud.


CloudKit JS and Web Services

This JavaScript library and web services API makes it easy to build web apps that work with CloudKit. Learn how to create web interfaces that let your users access the same data as your apps with CloudKit JS.

Reach more users for free.

CloudKit provides a generous amount of free data transfer and storage, making it easy to build, test, and grow your app. Since user data and documents stored in iCloud are not counted toward your app’s CloudKit usage, you’ll have plenty of space to acquire more users without worrying about costs.*

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Public database capacity scales with your users.

Introducing App Dashboard Cards

Your free data transfer and storage limits increase with every new active user. Calculate the free limits as your number of active users grows.**

Mobile app dashboard design is a small interface but its complex than designing a desktop dashboard as designers have to fit the best options in less space but with perfect way. App dashboard designs are rapidly evolving with every new Android or ISO version release.


We have collected some very nice mobile application dashboard design for our designer community for their inspirations.

Mobile app dashboards are usually designed for the business intelligence to present the business information in the most efficient and convenient way. Mobile dashboard allows users to monitor the activities of you business, progress and productivity. Mobile app dashboard uses real time updates that show all your data in visual graphic in the time manner. It is not just used by them, it is widely used when a project under process to monitor the tasks and its progress. It works as a best tool to achieve the goals and track the productivity of your business. Business owners need a view of their business to make some important decisions.

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For designers, it is a crucial task to design a mobile dashboard in a way that shows the key value of a business visually. Dashboard is the best way to visually interact with your entire business statics and progress easily. We share a list of the best mobile app dashboard design templates to present your system in a clear and concise manner. These dashboard designs layouts are perfect fit for every type of business for the real time presentation of your business tasks. You can find these mobile app dashboard designs in different color schemes, designs and layouts which makes your design visually attractive and monitor the changing easily. In our collection you’ll find the best mobile app dashboard design with the following features that make a dashboard successful. These are as follows:

  • Efficiently understand the structure of a business
  • Diagnosis the problems easily and quickly
  • Representation of the date visually
  • Access data easily

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