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Y8.com에서 무료 게임 Jet Velocity 3D(을)를 플레이하십시오! Jet Velocity 3D 을(를) 플레이하려면 Click now를 클릭하십시오! Jet Velocity 3D(와)과 비슷한 최고의 게임들을 즐기십시오. Free Online Games / Sports Games / Jet Velocity 3D Jet Velocity 3D Uploaded by Arcadeplay on 2013-06-25 Race your hover jet through the tracks and try to get first place! Jet Velocity 2: An awesome 3D racing game. Jet Velocity 2 is one of our selected Car Games. Play Jet Velocity 2 for Free, and Have Fun! A 3D future racing game with infinite number of levels. Fully 3D realtime rendered wipeout like racing game. Jet Velocity 3D. Race around the Wipeout-like track against AI hover cars. Hit speed boosts to ensure you stay in 1st.


Make your opponents eat your dust in this 3D future racing game! Come in first on each track to progress to the next one and unlock new race cars. On you mark...Get set...GO, GO, GO!!!


Up Arrow or 'W' Key - Accelerate
Left/Right Arrows or 'A'/'D' Keys - Steer
Esc or 'P' Key - Pause
'F' Key - Fullscreen
Jet Velocity 3D is an online sport game developed by DEVM Games, and has been played 40852 times on
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