Learn To Fly 2gaming Potatoes

'We've finally harnessed the limitless power of the potato.' The description for the Tater Reactor. The Tater Reactor is a boost of extreme strength and speed for its low price. But it has bad fuel as the only drawback. This stage will fire no matter what keys are pressed and will not stop till it has run out of fuel. Base Cost: $200. The Tater Reactor is obtained through a Booster Pack.

Learn to fly 2 gaming potatoes wedges

Rocket boost and diamonds

  • You are a potato a with wings who must fly the skies to hopefully get away from the worms and to freedom. Each time you play a new level will be generated with its own dangers and traps. Even though you are a flying potato you have a few tricks, such as an ability that allows you to charge and destroy every worm in your path. Each second you survive you gain score you can later use this score.
  • Kongregate free online game Flying Potato - If you loved the most memorable game Flappy Bird, than you're sure going to love this! Play Flying Potato.

Your rockets have a specific amount of fuel. Make much better use of the fuel by not using all your rocket boost at the same time, however rather, tapping the screen and gradually letting your fuel out. Do this while slanted so that you can go a long range, then use the increases and the momentum to launch yourself a definitely insane range.
Grind for coins by not purchasing any of the increases and not using diamonds to restore, however rather just by introducing and playing over and over. Use your profits to acquire much better items. Repeat as often times as you have to in order to

Earn bonus coins

Tilt your phone and you will be able to tilt your glider forwards or in reverse once you launch the penguin. You can offer up range in exchange for doing some turns and other techniques if you tilt it back all the way or forward all the way and hold it there. These will make you coins and will enable you to complete numerous missions. Or, you can manage the direction of tilt without turning, if you wish to go a really high height rather of a far away. Both will make you bonus coins.

Learn To Fly 2 Gaming Potatoes Without

Gliders and rockets

If you require to in order to make the accelerometer go all the way to max, tap with 2 fingers. After you do that, the next thing you can do, depending upon the numerous power ups that you have actually acquired currently, is to hit the red buttons that appear in the lower right corner of the screen. The different gliders and rockets will all have various properties.

Gold coins and diamonds

Gold diamonds and coins are the 2 various currencies of this game. You can get more coins within the levels themselves, or you can trade diamonds for gold coins. If you wish to get free diamonds, go to the IAP menu, then hit the 'FREE' button and a video will play. Watch the video and you will make 3 free diamonds. You'll need to await a bit prior to enjoying it once again, however do that as quickly as you can.

Learn to fly 2 gaming potatoes wedges

How to complete the game easier

Learn To Fly 2 Gaming Potatoes Wedges

  • You can get the most coins early (around 300-400 per minute) if you have Rusty Fan/Propeller gliders. So Get Rusty Fan fast.
  • Don't spend diamonds until you have 50 Diamonds. Then buy Omega Book. No other thing is required to buy for diamonds to complete the game.
  • Get 23,000 Coins (by using Rusty Fan/Propeller. Easiest way.) Buy Omega Glider.
  • After you get it, make sure that you have a Home Made Missile and some sledge (I had Bobsleigh). If you want, you may try to get better Puppet(but since you go for 1,000 height and 10,000 Length you won't hit much obstacles)
  • Now start and try to reach 1000 height by flying up and down. If you get there you can easily go to the end of the game. After that you can try to get all other achievements and items:)